: Owned skins view in new client
This has been asked a billion times already and riot refuses to do even talk about it. The only way to keep track of you skins currently is through elophant.
: [Suggestion] Add a way to only show owned skins
I had hopes with the client that they will add this cause it has been asked from riot a billion times. Teh only way checking your skins is via elophant.
WarringKing (EUNE)
: Lags and lags
Its not you, and the DNS have nothing to do with the in-game ping. I am playing for years never had ping probs and the last couple months from around 64 ping i get around 80-90 with many ping spikes, not like yours 1000, but 160 or so and rarely 200+ ....and just to prove my point even further, there are times that I ping USA servers and I get 164-176 ping and I ping the EU/EUNE and I get 140-150....and as far as I know there wasnt/isnt any major acceleration in continental drift that brought the two continents closer..... Something is wrong with riot servers lately for sure.
: Ping increased by 300% overnight?
There is something wrong with Riot EU/EUNE lately, I'm playing for years and everything in my net is set up properly to the last detail (cables, ports, firewalls the lot), never had ping/latency/packet loss problems but in the last couple months or so I am getting ping spikes, 100+ ping for hours and latency probs.... and without changing anything all the sudden the ping comes back to normal :/ ....and to add to that.... to prove that its not my network, the usuall ping that I get from the NA servers is around 160, well the ping with NA servers doesnt get any higher when i get high ping with the EU/EUNE servers. When I have 160 ping with NA servers and 140 with EU/EUNE clearly its not my network to blame + the rest of the guys in-game complain about the same high ping.
kUzi (EUW)
: 2-Step verification login
Already you cant change pass unless you have access to the mail linked to the account, cause when you ask to change pass riot mails you a 6 digit code verification code. Cause Ive changed pass recently here is the mail: >You've recently requested a change to your Riot Games account associated with: "account name" >To complete this process, enter the following special access code into the security dialog: "6 digit code" >Read this guide to learn more about account security: Protecting Your Account. >GL;HF, Riot Games Account Protection Ninjas Getting your account hacked/stolen is impossible anyway, let alone if your mail is secured.
: 20-0 on SoloQ and the LP it gives me is miserable.
>How does the MMR system work? It doesnt, never was, never will.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: We Need To Talk About Quinn 2.0
Quinn was my first champ, Ive started playing LoL around quinns release.... at start i was playing only her and now i dont play her at all. She is buggy as fk for years, and no its not only the hitbox on her Q, valor passes through enemies all the time for years now and also her passive sometimes does less damage than her AA.... also it was an utra stupid decision from riot to make her R taking soooooo fkin long.... every other champ in this game that shifts forms, does it on click, but nope, not quinn. There as some specific champs that riot doesnt gives a fk at all, and not only that they do their best to ditch em ever further down not just buff-wise. but bug wise as well... Like Quinn, Lissandra, Kassadin, Atrox etc etc... and have others like Ryze constantly OP-broken as fk.
Baib12 (EUW)
: Kassadin Needs Buff !!
Kassa can still solo kill minions right? so he still needs a nerf. Riot is obsessed on ditching/nerfing Kassa, like they are obsessed on having Ryze constantly broken, even after 1000 reworks.
: PERMA BANNED for what?
Noone is perma-banned right away, you have not been banned just for these, these are just a sample. How many times before the permaban have you been chat restricted and/or temp-banned? ....yet after getting penalties still you write a book during game.
: Riot support is slowly killing me.
Talking to Riot support is like trying to communicate with an old ape that also had multiple strokes, and I am not even exaggerating, thats a subtle way describing it..... I am confident that only if you fail in an IQ test you can be hired in riot support. Actually and this is truth, I've stopped buying RP cause of these incompetent sloths.
: ARAM isnt random at all, but that is mainly the fault of the Players. Why? Simple: The Chance to get someone only exists if you have said Champ. So some People have ARAM only accounts while just having {{champion:37}} , {{champion:63}} , {{champion:3}} or other ARAM Op Champions. Thats the main reason ARAM is filled with these Champs alot. At least in my opinion.
You have a point there with people having a few champs, good point, but still there are the free week champs right? .....and from personal expirience, I have 108 Champs and in an "all random mode" its not normal/healthy to get the same champs over, and over, and over again.... Riot has done something wrong there.
: Thinking about urf.
Riot separating URF as being more toxic, is just BS, they just find excuses to avoid the extra stress to the servers. All rotating modes are super toxic, period-fact. Last game we won, we had a Lee and in the post game chat an enemy said this "lee I wish your entire family gets cancer".....the thing is that our Lee havent said a single word all game, all that he did was to play good and we won the game... go figure. On "all random", I play a aram a lot and there is no "random", they have picked 20 and have given them higher pick priority and thats about it. At one point I've almost mained Kennen in Aram.... I got kenned soooo many times that it wasnt even funny anymore. Janna in aram? , almost in every game, out of 134 champs to have a champ in at least 50% of the game is at the very least pathetic. I got Cho 3 times in a row once, and I dont mean that I got Cho today, stop playing and got him the next day..... No I played 3 games in a row with Cho in "all random aram". Riot is full of sh!t.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i would take acer too, my old laptop was msi had tons of problems with it (hardware problems and stuff) but now im on acer and it works great
Yep MSI have quality issues in everything actually, from mouses, to mobos, to graphic cards to everything.... keep away from everything with MSI logo.
: Computer Specs , anyone ?
> [{quoted}](name=GearsOfWarElite,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=V9uYhZsn,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-04T22:26:04.449+0000) > > I want to get a new computer soon, since my old one is just outdated, and im not even able to play titles like Diablo3 or FarCry3 on it. LoL runs on about 50 FPS... But nevermind, I just want to ask you if there are any people willing to help me choose a new laptop. These are not really good gaming laptops , as i do not have the budget to afford these, but im sure they can meet my standards. Im just not sure which one is better. Both computers cost €899. > > 1: Acer Aspire F15 Intel Core I5, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb HDD & 128Gb SSD, 15.6in Full HD Gaming Laptop With 4Gb NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M Graphics > > 2: MSI CX62 7QL, Intel Core I5, 16GB RAM, DDR4 1TB Hard Drive, 15.6in PC Gaming Laptop With Nvidia 2GB Dedicated Graphics GTX940MX Take the Acer, replace the internal HDD with a Samsung 250GB SSD (around 100Euros), buy an external 2.5" HDD enclosure (costs around 10-15 euros) place the 1tb HDD in and store all your work and staff that you care about. Apart from speed (cause a 2.5" 5400rpm is really slow) Its a really-really bad idea to have your work and things that you want to keep in the same disk as the OS/ the disk that takes all the load/ the disk that does all the write/read when teh machine is ON.
: > [{quoted}](name=Phainon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tcHENHrX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-19T05:47:02.056+0000) > > ...and for guys like you that you want to play your champ in an all random mode (wtf is wrong with you) More like "wtf is wrong with *you*" cause obviously you cant read
>Then you give me... BRAUM? I drop. right.... me and the rest that replied to this thread also do not know how to read.... right right...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
>"why you add em to your friend list to start with? and/or if you want to chat why pick this game?" - your own words. and where I have said that they gilrs should not talk to boys in that line? Where exactly have I said that? ah yes right nowhere you just pulled it out of your bottom. >It's the only official graph we have, since Riot hasn't released any new ones after that. There aren't indicators that the playerbase got such a huge turnover that the average age lowered drastically. Even grown adult in their fourties can display behaviour that looks less shameful on a child - you can read the gist of the whole "children are toxic" debate here. So your claim comes from old, wrong and insufficient data... right, well done there.
RitoFLiqZ (EUW)
: Rotating Game Mode queue for the new client
Same +1 For me the new clients works like a charm, so I would love the RGM asap.
: One dodge aram... THIRTEEN MINUTES?
...and for guys like you that you want to play your champ in an all random mode (wtf is wrong with you), people like me that do not care what champ we'll play (and thats why we play aram) we are getting our balls busted from doges... and it takes us 30 mins to find a game. You want to play the champ that you want? fine, play normals or bots, stay out of aram. No, the penalty for dodging in ARAM it should be 24 hours minimum. period.
Amellia (EUW)
: suggestion about Mobile user
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
>So uh, you're saying that girls shouldn't talk to boys at all? > >Way to segregate, lol From my previous 2 posts thats what you figured out? No seriously now, from my posts that were replies and based on the original post, the meaning that you got is that I said that "girls shouldnt talk to boys at all", really now?? >http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/10/15/riot-games-releases-awesome-league-of-legends-infographic Did you even bother looking the date of that article? its even embeded in the link.... damn it.... sighs....
apples33 (EUW)
: Oh no, I've genuinly had that. This guy was a friend of a friend but didn't know my gender. We played 4-5 games together and after a while my friend mentioned my gender just in passing. Referred to me as a she and then the s*** hit the fan. Not ten minutes later he's telling me about how I'm not like his exgirlfriend who broke up with him because his "sausage wasn't working." Out of the blue. So I brushed it off, thought well, that was weird but okay. Then he starts telling me in excruciating detail about his sex life, no matter how many times I told him to stop. Why he thought I needed to know, idk but I had to block him then. Knowing my gender changed things in a way it really shouldnt of, that's what this post is about.
Ye OK he is a halfwit, it can all be like that c'mon... >Knowing my gender changed things in a way it really shouldnt of, that's what this post is about. Ye sadly that is inevitable, however blocking them early is the best solution, you are better of been called b!tch (after blocking them and behind your back) than going down to everyones nutcases rabbit hole. Dont sweat it, just block em from the get go. Cheerio!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qxiBmxhA,comment-id=002b0001,timestamp=2016-11-18T10:39:16.914+0000) > > Why shouldn't she? For the obvious reason that have been already said and pointed out. > Average age is 20 years old. Source?
apples33 (EUW)
: Okay, thats it. I don't understand guys.
> [{quoted}](name=apples33,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qxiBmxhA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-17T00:00:16.951+0000) > > I don't know what the deal is with some of the guys in this game but..... ye ye alirght, alirght..... so here is a question for you.... why you add em to your friend list to start with? and/or if you want to chat why pick this game? that is known to have one of the youngest fanbases? ...and ye noone tells to noone "hello my gentilman saucage isnt working" out of the blue without first getting some grounds...... -Do you like Talons rework? -I cant get my johnsson up. Just no.
: Original Client Problem
Its not only you, I het the same in both old and new client, theres seem to be an issue at the moment.
: Read here for an indepth explanation of how the placements work
Before even trying to argue if all these are correct or wrong... the most important question is: What is your sources?
Just a few moments ago I got all the rewards, border's and skin without anything poping up. Check you accounts guys! Cheerio!
: My account had been perma banned then it was stolen!
>So does any one know anything about that perma banned account can be unbanned and then stolen? No idea About support tho, here is my expirience, I didnt really remembered the exact mail that I started my account, however I've given them details on other things, like which champ I bought first, roughly when Ive registered my account, how do I buy RP, for what I used my refunds etc etc.... things that there is no way someone other than me (the original owner) could know. If you can recall any of that it will be easy to verify that you are the original owner. Good Luck!
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Phainon,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZhlLnkJx,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2016-11-12T14:35:58.885+0000) > > ....aaaand thats what I did cause I havent received any and for sure I wasnt banned or boosted cause I barelly played LOL during 2016, and I play mostly aram anyway. Seems like there is indeed a problem on EUNE for some people. Get on it Rito! ...please?
Yep there is, I mean you can check my game history, I played only 11 ranked games during S6 and no normals at all, only aram and the rotating game modes and not all of em cause for 9 - 10 months I didnt played LoL at all. I dont flame or anything, i hardly talk in games..... unless I am boosted in aram? lol thats all I am waiting to hear from riot haha
: ah nice one for the clearup homie <3
hotshataxd (EUNE)
: Account suspension
If you are 100% sure that you have the dates right, contact support.
Beban11 (EUNE)
: I can't buy rune page PLEASE HELP
Me neither :/ Even tho that I have 20 pages I could see them in the store (in the runs page if I remember correct).
: So let me get this right we just lose runes we bought?
No man you are missing something, Armor Pen runs turned to "Lethality" Runes, and the Hybrid runes turtned into "Greater XXX of Precision" and they give Lethality and Magic Penetration. Noone took anything from you, nor any runs turned into one. Sorry mate but you are looking something wrong there.
: Rewards can take up to 2 weeks from the season end date.
>In case you are sure you are legible for this season's ranked rewards but did not get them, please contact Player Support. ....aaaand thats what I did cause I havent received any and for sure I wasnt banned or boosted cause I barelly played LOL during 2016, and I play mostly aram anyway.
: I did not recieve any rewards :(
i didnt got banned or anything at all and I am in the same boat as you.
Hemisphere (EUNE)
: Ranked rewards?
> [{quoted}](name=Hemisphere,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=p0qJBONw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-10T15:14:25.812+0000) > > I reached d5 this season was previously p5 last season, i&amp;#039;ve noticed that all my friends has recived the ranked rewards even my alt account got the rewards. But I did not recive anything on my main and I lost my border aswell -.-&amp;#039;&amp;#039;. I just have to wait? right? > > FeelsBadMan{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Same here, everyone in my friend list got em apart from me lol.
: Snowdown Shop - my experience so far
I got 5 skins that I wouldnt pay 0.5 rp for them. I got skins for 4 out of 5 champs that poped up and for the one that i dont, I dont even have the champ cause I couldnt care less.
Olimental (EUW)
: Found this Ziggs skin online, please Riot it must become reality! Could lead on to a new skin group!
All the current ziggs skins suck balls, this one though makes sense and looks and can be awesome.
: I need to contact someone in riot games. Please answer me.
> I need to contact someone in riot games. No, all that you'll get is automatic replies. Riots policy is: We are always right you are always wrong, so fk off.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: What were Riot thinking in buffing ADCs AND adding better AD items....
> What were Riot thinking Riot is thinking? really now? From when?
TommyGuru (EUNE)
: I'm sorry if i offend somebody, but don't be such idiots. Remember when {{champion:245}} Ekko come, it was horror. Why? Because we didn't know how to counter him. I played couple games this patch and it is fine. We just need to realize how to counter the "OP" champs and it'll be OK. I played against {{champion:104}} Graves jungle and yes he can do some crazy **** 2v1, but i don't think we will see much of that. In bot lane we crushed him 2v2 and that's where we will see him the most. So just play some games and try to have fun :D. I would recommend trying {{champion:42}} Corki because he sееms pretty fun with the new W passive.
No its not cause we learned how to counter Ekko, its cause riot nerfed ekko.
: i just refuse to play until they balance their game
Same, I havent even bothered with the masteries yet, i've started to make 2-3 pages and I got so fking bored.. these masteries are sooooo bad and dumb.
: Dragonslayer Pantheon can't slay any dragon LOOOOL??
I dont fking believe what i am reading in this thread... **@implodexplosiva** .....yes man you are right skin do affect game play.... and If you buy any championship skin (Riven,Thresh,Shyvana,Kalista) you will win the world championship........
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Fiora's face is too ugly?
I've said that before and i'll say it again...... The new fiora is the second transvestite of the game, the first one was the new janna. The guy/s behind these spalsharts and the guy/s that approved them should be arrested and thrown into a nut-house, cause no person in their right mind see these monstrous faces and says "mmmm they look beautiful", something is really fking wrong with them.
: malphite rengar nerf!
> [{quoted}](name=Devilreaper XIII,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yeFXKU3p,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-13T20:44:24.177+0000) > > so there you have it > a high cc mobile tanky high output malphite V.V > and a instakilling kitty..... > > i was standing in the middle of the lane MIDDLE > and all of a sudden i get instakilled by a kitty > jumping from a far 919471375173095973 km away bush at me..... > > with malphite taking away 50-60% health in the smashing dash skill > he pumps himself up and kills you in the next hit -.- > while tanking.... > > so my request to riot please nerf them accordingly..... > thank you ^^ > since they are not balanced by ANY means.... You have no idea what you are talking about, no idea at all, and not only that what you are saying is utter BS and lies. This post smelled fishy cause you havent presented any data, nor you have said which champ you had, So...cause I trust only numbers and hard data here is the facts: In the last 2 months you had only 2 games against "a malph" of which in NONE of the games these guys (malphs) had the items that you claim they had a few posts down in this thread. You finished those games as Kayle 1 / 11 / 9 (58cs) and as Karthus 0 / 7 / 8 (11 cs).....in the same games malphs finished 6/9/8 & 11/4/6 accordingly_(You were lucky that a minion didnt one shot you)_. I didnt bothered pulling up the "against rengar" games cause the BS from malphs games are more than overwhelming. Like everyone's else your game history, stats and everything are public, so please spare us the BS, and stop embarrassing yourself, will you?
: World championship 2015 trolls EBAY.... $300-$700
No one can do anything about it, its 100% LEGAL get over it. Anyone can sell anything at any price as long as they are ok with the tax authorities.
IkOerman (EUW)
Hold on a minute, are we talking about riot here or not? if yes then this is the normal state of riot, there is no other company so money hungry as riot.
Riri99 (EUW)
: Who's your favourite Champion?
4 b!tches and a rock In fav order {{champion:127}} - {{champion:102}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:267}} - {{champion:89}}
TrikRisk (EUW)
: So, Riot, why does PROJECT: Yi has the same number as PROJECT: Yasuo?
I think is just a mistake, thinks like this happen.
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