: "The way this should be done is by making clear losers who can't even kill a unit take more damage but teams who fight back and kill, say, half of the enemy's team to take less damage per unit." You seem to be mistaken about this. The mechanic you are demanding to be implemented is already there: from: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Teamfight_Tactics#Resolution Combat Resolution The losing player takes 2 damage to their Life Point total, plus an additional amount per surviving enemy champion based on the champion's tier and level:
I see what you mean but what I meant to say is that the damage should take into account how your team performs overall. Naturally, the units that are most likely to survive are the ones of higher rank thus making it so you take loads more damage than you ought to. What I meant to say is this should be tailored around how many units survive rather than how strong the units that survived are because it just makes it so the top player will eliminate everyone before they can fight back. He is already getting more gold than most everyone else, he shouldn't be doing more damage too.
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: They want some skins and things to remain only available to small number of people. Like a legacy.
but right now it's available for purchase and it doesn't make any sense to not allow it to be gifted
: Can we like stop with this? This is the 3rd time (or maybe more) that someone posts this just because one guy successed... Don't copy paste with sweet girl/boy wants to gift something but can't. Deal with it. If you really want to get him some gift then buy him a dinner or get a real life present which is 10x more valuable than virtual thing. OR some skin that is purchasable in the game that he really wants... No offense meant just saying that this has become a stubborn thing.
It's an issue with the game though. Why wouldn't you be able to gift that ? It's just stupid if you ask me.
: Choose 3 champs that you think can go from Bronze to Diamond and I rate you
Sion top. Aurelion Sol mid. Warwick jungle. Class: Roam-heavy anything because we all know the game's not a 5 vs 5 but a 1 vs 9 and if you don't roam to win every lane you lose. (even if you win every lane, you might still lose)
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gyomor (EUNE)
: Hy The honor amount u get isnt important i think, cuz i play only supp and got 1 honor every 3. game or smtgh like that lvl 0 to 1 in 2-3 days lvl 1 to 2 in 2 month still lvl2
I got to level 4 and probably was close to 5 before and I can tell you that it matters.
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: Reduce the snowball please
Depends on how you look at it. I don't know what division you are but the higher up you go the less mistakes people make so for professionals, if one kill doesn't give you enough of an advantage, it's not worth losing the farm to try and get it so you end up with games that drag on and on because nobody does anything except farm and the LCS just gets staler and staler with tank meta and anything that scales into ultra late game. Now they wanted to rush things a little bit and make killing your opponent easier thus more worthwhile, making games a lot quicker. The problem is, when people make mistakes all the time like in solo queue it just ends up snowballing into eternity and most games can be won off the back of one player who's fed and can make good calls. Which is also something players have asked for a LOOOONG time. Now's the time for you to carry 1 vs 5. Of course, it's not as fun when your opponent's not bad enough to let you kill him and one of your teammates is, but hey! You wanted this. It's also not as bad as the old seasons, with the only difference being that things weren't so bloody complicated ... just a lot more broken. TLDR: People wanted faster games and this shitfest is what they ended up with. Welcome to season 8. Also, if you don't want to have to deal with people fighting all the time, learn about wave control and how to freeze a lane and duo with a jungler.
Yellowrsh (EUW)
: Well, you're not. It's funny how many people post this without reading/scanning the other messages first.
I don't go to the forums a lot and on the front page there were no complaints so I just made my own. :/
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: U perform better in gold cuz your skill is for plat lvl, now when u get into plat u started to making up things like elohell cuz u cant climb. Btw u are 49% winrate ur not even plat skill lvl. Your average kda is 2.50. evrything that is above 2.5 someone played on your acc. That 1 nasus game 34 kills, 6.5 kda. Yeah right
Nobody played on my account, I don't know why you'd get that idea. If you think that's bad, you should see my KDA when Aurelian Sol came out. I had a 26.0 KDA with average score of 14 1 12. Now THAT'S when you call someone a smurf.
: ***
Silver's quite easy to get out of. Try playing stuff like Udyr and learn how to split push and all the silvers will crumble from the tilt you're giving them. Also, yes I've been to silver.
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