: Well, only reason I am there is becus of a single bad season. Dont even see pont in closing season if u dont get a fresh start at the next one. Any admin that can tell me why that is not done?
You've played League of Legends for seven years and you are stuck in bronze and somehow you think it's because your teammates are holding you back and because you had one bad season? Stop, just stop. You are in bronze because you are bad at the game. Now, that's alright, you can get better. The first step is to stop being in denial and accept you are bad. You say you are a support main, but looking up your op.gg I see one support game out of the last 20 played. The 19 other games are ADC and top, basically in all of which you have sub-par csing and weird itemization. Also some questionable keystone mastery choices in there. I can also imagine you are not making the best possible choices in-game, as your most played champion in your last 20 games is Lucian and op.gg tells me you die an average of 9.4 times per games as him. That is completely unacceptable. You need to stop with excuses and take a long hard look at what you are doing in your games rather than focusing on complaining about your team mates. Also, since it's not always apparent to some people and they feel the need to grasp at straws for counterarguments; this account is a smurf account, my main account is sitting in diamond for the third season in a row now. I was placed in silver 5 after placements in my first season of playing, ended in high gold, and been in diamond every season since then.
elfinorio (EUW)
: for you a good player is a challenger player for a player in lvl 18 you talk too much without sense or experience in game
I thought it was abundantly obvious that this is just a random throwaway smurf account. My main account has been diamond for the past two seasons. Why I feel so strongly about this whole thing is that I started in silver 5. I played a lot of games of ranked and I got better. My first season I ended up climbing from silver 5 to gold 1, the two seasons after that I've been diamond. I know first hand you can climb and improve if you set your mind to it. That's why I have very low tolerance for low elo players complaining about everyone and everything other than themselves. The only reason you are constantly having bad games with bad team mates is because those are the people of your own skill level. Focus on improving your own gameplay. That is the best advice I can give you.
elfinorio (EUW)
: dont judge a player for the rank he is exist much players who dont play rank and play better than a gold
There's a reason someone is ranked bronze in League of Legends. The reason is that they are not good at this game. That's fine and all, but there seems to be plenty of very vocal low elo players mostly spending their time complaining about the quality of their teammates. If you want better games then you have to first get better yourself. Also, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and checked out your recent match history. Turns out I was right. My point stands, you need to get better. You are in no shape or form in any position to call anyone else bad. I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but sometimes a little tough love is needed. The time you are wasting complaining about other people could be used much more productively. You could tune in to some professional players stream, for example, to try to get a better understanding of the game. If you put actual effort into it, you will climb.
elfinorio (EUW)
: Noobs
Maybe you aren't winning because you aren't exactly a stellar player yourself, being bronze 1 and all. Instead of wasting your time whining about bad players on the forums you should instead look at your own gameplay, learn from your mistakes, get better and climb to a higher ranking. That should increase the overall quality of your games.
Horrseman (EUW)
: chat ban and riot matchmaking and bad players
There is a reason you are bronze 5 with 48% winrate and that reason is not your teammates. I highly suggest spending your time trying to learn the game and improving on your own play instead of whining pointlessly on the boards. That is the way to climb and have better games. Have a nice day.
: hiiiiii i dont deserve that chat restriction!!
You deserved the chat restriction. You call people noobs, pointlessly call out that you are reporting them or muting them and spam nonsense. Also, someone flaming you is no reason to flame them back. Mute them and report them, then move on. I strongly suggest changing your behavior because the path you are on now will eventually lead to harsher punishments.
: What is wrong with this game ?
The reason it took you five seasons to get into gold is that you are not very good at this game. Simple as that. Now, there's nothing wrong with that - it is just a game after all - but if you want to climb you need to stop coming up with excuses and blaming other people. When I started playing ranked I was placed in silver 5 after finishing my placements. I played a lot of ranked, bouncing between silver 5 and 3 or so, until I decided to actually take the effort to learn how the game works and own up to my own mistakes. By the end of the season I was gold 1 (and quite frankly I could've made the jump to platinum but I liked the gold borders more and was a little burned out from playing ranked games since I played so many of them during the season). Keep in mind this was my first season playing the game, you've played for five. The following season I jumped up to diamond. If you want to climb you need to stop making excuses and learn how to play the game. Be critical of your own performance instead of others' performances. Stop flaming and tilting other people. Many lower elo players have a very mechanics focused mindset when it comes to the game; they want to make flashy plays and scream "1v1 me bro" when getting ganked because they think that somehow is a deciding factor when it comes to who is good at League and who is not. Instead of that, I suggest you learn the macro side of the game. Playing smart wins you more games than flashy mechanics.

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