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: It's because Shen, was an extremely low interaction laner. He's either just sit and farm/sustain with Q under turret, or just get free harass on his opponent with Q, or just avoid damage in the early game with W. If Shen was playing average, you'd never force him out of lane. Balanced though he may have been, that kind of laner isn't particularly healthy for the game as a whole.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pink Chocolade ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EhEJTuzN,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2016-04-06T12:41:39.133+0000) > > I know that feel man, I use to main Shen before rework, never played him again after... The question is, can you at least see why he was reworked?
Because riot is bored and destroys any champion that is balanced?
: Well I do not find the new {{champion:114}} fun to play but others do, fun is a matter of perspective and the new Taric really does not interest me at all. I used to pick Taric BECAUSE he was basically a brick and had a good reliable stun, now I see no reason to pick him over Leona or Braum.
I know that feel man, I use to main Shen before rework, never played him again after...
LordSocom (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pink Chocolade ,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=JG1q3tLO,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-04T16:21:35.185+0000) > > Well, according to all religions of the world, if a person dies, he goes to a better place. So we should be happy, because that means he no longer struggle in hell on earth, lucky dog. So yes, I dont understand why people crying at funerals, instead of being happy that they will soon join him, in a better place. > > > Also, many good skin concepts were thrown away by Riot, so its kinda funny they will make an exception to this one. I mean they guy died and all, but dont overextend this. people cry because they don't believe in myths and actually know they will never see that person again ;p
Wow then you say 90% of 7 billion people are fuckin hypocrites, they believe in their gods and do good things, to get to heaven, but actually its just plain bullshit. That means, every religion of the world is just a fuckin money maker and mafia, well, thats true, but noone of believers will admit that. Then stop fuckin cryin at funerals or stop believe in bullshit that doesnt even exist, hypocirtes. Or maybe people just NEED to believe in something, so they can blame somone else for their miserable life.
: Tribunal (finally) got me
400-500 eruo since season 1? Lol i spend that much on LoL every month, dun cry baby, play.
: [World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes
Fuck legend of king poro mode, this shit reqire much better computer to run at 60 fps + those fuckin snowballs you have to look around everywhere, this mode is a fail.
: Best F2P MMORPG's?
: Having worked in direct contact with customers my entire adult life i have to say, everyone can make a mistake. You all make it seem like a walk in the park but it isnt. Its hard work. Im already seeing people writing utter garbage and generalizing how every riot employee handles tickets. For shame.
Yea excatly, by workin with customers I have learned that they dont need much to start blaming you, even tho they came for help to you, and you just explain to them it cant be done by this or that certain way, And they wil start blaming you! People are horrible!
Leptyx (EUW)
: Hello forums, I main support and my queue times are between 0 and 4 seconds
Nitrocean (EUW)
: Not all people believe in the same religion or are religious at all.
Well, but most people do, thats why I translated it to religious point of view.
: thank you for noticing. fixed
So you cry about vayne or ezrael, but Udyr is not ban worth? I rather choose play against 10x Ezrael/Vayne/Leblanc than one good TrickDyr. U seriously plat? How much on ebay?
: > [{quoted}](name=Pink Chocolade ,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=JG1q3tLO,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-04-04T15:02:28.182+0000) > > Lmao dude, every day over 150,000 people dying and nobody make braum or teemo or another skin for them, And im pretty sure every day some LoL player dies, they just didnt give a fuck about board, peace. Well aren't you an inconsiderate person. Do you go to funerals, yelling at people why the fuck they are sad?
Well, according to all religions of the world, if a person dies, he goes to a better place. So we should be happy, because that means he no longer struggle in hell on earth, lucky dog. So yes, I dont understand why people crying at funerals, instead of being happy that they will soon join him, in a better place. Also, many good skin concepts were thrown away by Riot, so its kinda funny they will make an exception to this one. I mean they guy died and all, but dont overextend this.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Why is life so harsh..
Lmao dude, every day over 150,000 people dying and nobody make braum or teemo or another skin for them, And im pretty sure every day some LoL player dies, they just didnt give a fuck about board, peace.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: iirc Turkey server only supports Turkish language, which i don't speak. And I was in EUNE before.
So you want to play, you make holla thread, people try to help you, and you dont want to play Turkish server because you dont speak it. Ehmm, since when League of Legends is a speaking game? Because as far I remember you dont chat to play, also if the whole country players are blocked, it should be easy as hell to gather at least tens of people from Egypt and make Teamspeak chanel for Turkish lol. But yea keep makin problem out of nowhere. Also I dont believe someone can block your online game, since its the same shit as going to google and downloading anything, game just needs some data to download wtf man are you on drugs
: betrayer friend
You should be happy you got RP back, dont look for further punishment, just stick with the right people
: Sure, but 3 times when I rerolled the champion twice. I already regret buying her :/
Dude, every game with Sona ARAM is a win game, you should be happy
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: So full ad team with minor magic dmg is broken? all of them are squishy and will get 3 hit by adc and instabursted by mid laners. If vayne dies to yi she sucks balls ... And you will probably come with due but they do so much dmg GET CC AND TANKYNESS WITH DECENT CARRIES! Tank/bruiser yi was stronf but full ad yi sucks
Lmao you go 100% crit + IE and 2.5 AS and in mid teamfights always go from side, press Q Alpha Strike over front line which is just demolished by Tahm Kench who just swallowed their midlaner, and Vayne is all alone not even Alistar will help, because your Alpha Strike just gave you 2 assists and you full reseted Q again and Vayne is dead in 2 shots. Crits are way more powerfull than AD. And bulding tank items is just a waste of great potential. The longer games goes the better for Yi.
: Yi is not really broken especially how buggy his kit is (Alpha Strike is a walking bug that will never get fixed). Like you Alpha Strike their ADC it performs the ALpha and tracks the adc but when you drop out of the Alpha you are back at where you started the it. Or you Alpha and get hit by every single ability ever for no reason. Also if you shut down Yi early he can't scale into late game fast enough to be relevant
You talk like its a 1 Master Yi vs 5 enemies match. Dude, you cant focus Yi, and add to this Jax top and Yasuo mid + Yi jungle, who will you focus in teamfight????? Who you wanna "Ace" ???? You will get your ass choped before even Yi comes to the teamfight. And he comes the last, to pick quadra kill, when they already dont have any hard CC, even Kindred was trying by using ult but I just choped hard thru that and killed him. Vayne is Q + 2 aa and never existed. Yi is fuckin broken.
IsoachI (EUW)
: {{champion:18}} Because I hate Facebook and you get her free via it.
: Using the Situation to gain more oil and land? I think you are confusing Russia with the US. ------------------------------- Because muslim = Terrorist obviously. Do I have to remind you that the Europeans were terrorists too? Do I have to remind you of the Holy Wars? Go be islamophobic somewhere else.
Yeah, not every muslim is a terrorist, then why every terrorist is a muslim. But I kinda understand them, if US had invaded my country and kill 1 million my people because of mass destruction weapon that never existed, because that exactly happened to Iraq, and the only way to take any revenge is to sacrifice my own life (!) and kill 30-40 people which is like 0.00001% of what they did to my country, then yeah I could be pissed off too. But that still dont explain why they come to Europe and dont obey the rules, our girls get raped, and politicial correct police tell them to be quiet, can you believe this.. this is all planned shit to invade Europe and bring war in every country, we wont stop that.
: wait wat? ppl buy champs with RP?
Whats wrong with that? I bought a lot of champions with RP, while best rune pages costs 20k IP each, and at the same time save IP for a champion that will use it? Maybe possible but I like fast effects.
: Riot never releases champions on the patch day, they haven't done that for years, so that's nothing you should hope for.
Yeah even Jhin was released 2-3 days later
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Eodin (EUW)
: why not rename fill into support?
1. Pick your main role. 2. Pick mid as secondary role. 3. ??? 4. Profit.
: Champion Diversity.
Yea, thats fucked up, from all games, I only seen one Jax that doesnt run guinsoo as first item, lmao, when I see Jax, and his first item is Guinsoo, then I already know he plays that champ only because its stupidly OP with this item.
: And riot want to take away the "suggestions" board.....
Because they dont give a crap about us, from time to time they check NA forum lookin for who to nerf next.
: Working as logistic services manager for Baltic countrys company, and i freaking love my job. It took me 2 years of extremely hard working to get to where I am now. Getting second magistrus at logistic in few months (first one at economic and country diplomatic) and nothing can stop me for going upper. After work I'm teaching kids to play piano, guitar, sax, drums (yes, I'm from musicians family) at local kids and youth center without any pay, cause I love to help kids express them self trough music, express myself trough music. Both jobs just make me enjoy life at its fullest.
AxelOxstrna (EUNE)
: Freaking 13 minute to log in?!
AxelOxstrna (EUNE)
: Freaking 13 minute to log in?!
Yeah I have waited 20 minutes, then it just simply said that server is busy, now server no respond.
IEatLouis (EUW)
: They're basically the shiny-pokémon of League of Legends xD
Nah, shiny means nothin these days without perfect IV's, eh my Shiny Groudon..
: They do it when game ends. First they just abuse in-game (usually not realizing I'm a girl yet). But I need to communicate with them. Then after game they start throwing sexist slurs around.
Never play lol for fun nor if you want to relax. Play when you angry.
Hairyloco (EUW)
: Really surprised he got champions/skins he already owned, made me lose whatever excitement I had for this system.
Lets be honest, if someone really wanted this or that skin, he already bought it. Sure many people dont have any skin and now they can get some, but this way its still a lottery if you want to get a certain skin, faster way is to just buy.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: Queue up solo in league for stress relief is terrible idea. There is a lot of great singleplayer games. I do not really think this article will have any positive effect on environment in lol. Main population of lol are teenage boys, who cant really handle their emotions, so situation heats up very often. And this article wont really help because those who read it will maybe adjust their behaviour, but they will stop playing league after a while and more and more teenage boys are going to start playing lol, and will start doing the exact same things
Yea exactly, if you want to chill out and relax, never play LoL. :)) You might feel good, but once you in game, theres automatically rivalry + testosterone, What? YOU WANTED TO KILL ME?? TAKE THIS!! HAHAH!! WHAT??!! NOOOOOO!!! KILL HIM!! FOCUS VAYNE !! NOO SHE RUNS AWAY!! FUCKKK!! I WILL FUCKIN KILL YOU!! (49 seconds left)
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Mepodis (EUW)
: Its not like i picked something stupid like fizz and just spammed e lmao...
Its more like you be 30/0 and they all 5 focus on you, to get at least honor kill, and they chasin you but you still wardjump + flash over the wall + tresh lantern, like you just cant chill out for a second in the whole game and just die fast and buy items before next Penta. Or when you ready to chase the enemy by half the map and burn everything just to get that 5% hp prey, instead of just go b and buy items, just after double/triple kill (chasin for Penta is another case). Ofc you dont have to give any kills to anyone, why should you, but thats tryharding, especially when you can be matched up with low levels, givin them zero chances to play anything and like the game, thats why tryharding is toxic. You know, South Park World of Warcraft episode.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Help me name my coffee
warwiller (EUNE)
: JAX is best CHAMPION
Lantern? What lantern? My Jax Nemesis doesnt have any lantern, you talk about Tresh? oO
Mepodis (EUW)
: People who flame you for ''tryharding'' in a normal game.
And they are fuckin right, you are playin with lvl 5-30 people and by wardjumping and other shit you just abuse your shitty Lee champion with people they might not even know what happened right now. So yea, you a dickhead abusin even more dick champion. Enjoy ^^
CalmN (EUNE)
: Extremely unfair match-ups, where its impossible to win.
So you just complain about X (Xin) and Y (Yi)
Rismosch (EUW)
: I also find that "Congratulation" wierd. I mean it basicly tells you: "Congrats, you know how to pay money :D" wtf? x'D
No. Congratulations, you have succeeded with our fucked up transaction system, with no bugs this time, enjoy!
: Support Mains help me please
1. Go Support role 2. Pick {{champion:106}} 3. ??? 4. {{champion:222}} Oh what you doing? Just grab him! {{champion:53}} Yeah bitch and he rip my ass back to the spot. {{champion:412}} ^He's right you know. {{champion:222}} So what we gonna do?? {{champion:106}} GET OVER HERE!! {{champion:53}} Loading hug turret sofware. 5. Profit
kikocole (EUW)
: When Is the new kha zix skin is coming
What you talkin about, its already in the shop.
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Goodnigut (EUW)
: EuNe = Europe North East. The Scandinavian players around all are English speakers. And those players are in EuNe.. Sweden.. 70% of the country knows English, Norway.. exactly the same..Finland.. they do speak English there as well. The fact that they choose to speak their native over English does not mean that they do not know English nor that there are much more English speaking users in EuW than there are in EuNe..
Sweden - 10 mil people, Norway 5 mil, Finland 5,5 mil - thats barely 20 mil people, Poland alone is almost 40 mil, not even talkin about Ukraine or Romania, Hungary, Belarus. And theyre not champions when it comes to English language. So you cant even rate that correctly man.
: Oh I see. I didnt know that would happen. I've probably done more harm than good them by playing with him.
When I saw LoL for the first time at friend's house, I was high as shit and when I heard shit like "Triple Kill!!!" "LEGENDARY!!" I was like daaaamn I must play this. ^^ And I wasnt even lookin at the chat, who cares.. Looks like your friend just dont like games like this, and any reason, flames or not, could be good for him to stop playin. No ragrets.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: {{champion:429}} says 'hi'. I know you mentioned her, but she can still click a Thresh Lantern when Ulting someone.
Because the person she ults is "next to her" thats why she can even use TP, and with the Shen's ut, he is "In you" XD No space calculated for him because he appears exactly on you
: When an enemy goes 8-0.
Yeah best feeling enemy Draven was like 30-0 and we just focused him, won teamfight, won the game, he quit postgame screen as fast as he could without leavin a word. That was kinda sad. Well but he killed us many time, deserved by not carrying.
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