: Treating Flex Queue like Normals should be a reportable offence.
: You're all losing lp not just you and stop being a 12 year old calling people goldies. If you lose 100 lp all of the challengers lose 100 lp too. Use your brain.
Thats also not the case, since players could have stacked games prior to this but like i said, most of you dont even know how this works so im not even gonna bother arguing
duckarp (EUNE)
: If there are problems like this, it doesn't count. If you get demoted or whatever, contact support. Also, you're not the only one affected, everyone is.
i guess you have no idea how actually hard it is to get 500 lp , you also dont know how the decay system works there.Tho didnt expect any diffrent from a goldie.I didnt loose a game, Ill loose Lp cuz i cant get into a game since the decay system is diffrent here for the top 0.1% of players
: Riot realized a long time ago that compensation for server problems creates more problems than it solves. People are ungrateful and complain even if (or even ESPECIALLY if) they get something, everyone else complains even more because they didn't get something (except a fully functioning game of course) and in addition it created false expectations, resulting in everyone who has the tiniest problem demanding free stuff. I'm really glad Riot realized that nothing good comes from this and stopped to hand out compensation. Compensation sounds good, but the actual result was incredibly annoying. edit: Just to clarify...I totally understand your frustration and if i were in your place, I would probably want compensation too. I don't blame you for being angry, you have every right to be. It's just that compensation is generally a bad idea.
You really think that Riot stopped handing out compenastion is a good idea? Then awnser me this Im challenger on a sever that curretnly cant play ranked.And since its challenger i havet to play and avg of 1 game per day or i loose 100 lp daily.If i cant get to play 1 game today ill loose about 30 spots in the challenger ladder because of Riot themselves.You think i dont deserve a compensation? Of course a goldie like you wouldnt even think about how this can influence some players
: Don't like it? Door is *that* way.
I am can say whatever i feel like saying, who are you to judge? Riot Is suppose to make players happy not themselves.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Aquaday (EUW)
: Yeah it is a bug, it happends witht he other Hydra aswell. Just wait until riot fixes it, and dont use it until it is fixed again.
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