Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: Do yoyu have a feeling that Chests' loot isn't random?
Wouldn't it be a chance of (35 3)mult(1 mult 1/600 mult 1/600) to get the same skin in 3 chess out of 35 containing skins and 600 skins in game? As (35 3) I mean Newton's symbol.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Piotrzeci,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yoURjjvf,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-14T07:17:03.106+0000) > > I got I've received 2x _Dark Valkyrie Diana_ and 3x _Championship Kalista_. You are just very (un)lucky. How many chests have you used so far? Any idea?
Well hard to say. 50-ish? I've got like 12 skins (completed) out of them and rarely get champions. Basically a number that does raise suspicions.
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Noezholio (EUW)
: THe way its calculated is completely right, You just chose the wrong point of view. You calculated how much the damage is reduced and then took the difference in this reduction from the raw damage. However when you want to make a statement about how much the damage is increased by using a voidstaff you can't take the raw damage as your 100% but you'd have to take trhe actual damage as your base value. So when you deal 30% of the raw damage instead of 20% of it it is an actual increase in damage of 50%. And the last part i was hinting at is that with all thse calculations people often tend to forget that armor and magic resistance, as well as ap and ad, although having similar formulas behind the stats, behave completely different.
It does actually make sense. I should have focused on the damage after applying MR not before it. Even though Void Staff makes you deal only about 10% more damage (of the true damage value) it doesn't meant it can't even double it. It still isn't a counter, but does look more optimistic than from my calculations. I think rising the Penetration and making it apply to bonus MR only would still be a good idea.
Proppa (EUW)
: How do you deal with Kayn?
Usually a good starting point is to buy Armor. And how to deal with him besides just damage coming from Lethality? None. Kayne is quite an unfair champion. Just because he can walk into a wall with {{item:3142}} and {{item:3117}}, he's always going to get some kills. And {{item:1400}} + Ult just makes him catch anyone who gets relatively close.
Noezholio (EUW)
: Just waiting for op to realize that the amgic damage from liandrys and the bonus magic damage from abyssal mask are also lowered by mr. Also void staff is much more powerful than op suggests. He calculated the difference in absolute damage done but the damage diffference it actually makes, right in the first example of 50mr, is actually 15% not 10%. with 400mr with void staff you deal 50% more damage than without a voidstaff. So it will always be an insanely important item for fighting tanks. It won't turn a burstmage into a tankshredder but it definetly boosts the damage nicely. But doing some real math, including scalings, items and base stats you'd soon realize that adcs are actually gutted way more against a full armor tank. Its just that they can keep firing constantly and the damage adding up that gets the tank down. Thats the only real reason for their ability to kill tanks but how frequently somethign can be used or the way something can be used is not included in the calculation anyways we could actually argue ad champs have it worse. Although that is definetly not the case.
I am aware that Liandary's deals magic damage that is reduced. When it comes to Abyssal Mask I might have misunderstood and it actually just modifies the damage before any MR counting by 110%, so probably a mistake on my side. Can you explain your math behind Void Staff? Wiki clearly says it is calculated by 100/(100+MR) and I remember checking it in game.
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Ande596k (EUNE)
: New map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just the SR with different towers, inhibs and nexus. I wouldn't even call it a new map. Ground isn't even reskined in any way.
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: Is there any website who can tell me how good i am with a champion, for real...
In theory having more than 50% win rate is good. If you play a champion a lot then you should aim for more than 65%, it is impossible to win all the games. If you ask about a site then I only know Lolskill.net and it is a really poor choice.
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: Am I the only person who used old {{item:3124}} before it got mad bad buffed?
You were not the only one but it wasn't popular. You could buy it actually only on {{champion:24}} or {{champion:10}}, because AP and AD with AttackSpeed was an unpopular build. But Kayle was in meta as FullAP and Jax as one of those {{item:3111}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} had no really place and time to buy Guinsoo. When I think about other champs... maybe {{champion:131}}, but she is also FullAP Burst Champ. And now the fact that it gives AP doesn't mean anything, because everyone buys it for insane On-hit-damage + AS + AD.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: 1) Previously it was exactly like it is now - she lost 10% max hp on heal. Nothing new there 2) Nerf? Where? 2.1) Q has much more sense now + guaranteed slow. The dmg nerf is meaningless cuz she didn't really do dmg in the 1st place 2.2) The new passive effect is really good 2.3) Even tho the heal heals less in the first instant if you actually use your Q it heals more + gives movespeed 3) AP soraka has been really bad & troll-ish ever since the rework 3.1) HP-regen tank is the way you want to go with her, it is the best build 4) Useless supp? Far from it. She was good, she is better now
Go and play her. That's how Soraka looks on paper. In game she has some of all those things but end up doing nothing. I don't see any reason to pick Soraka over Janna now (only the thing that the Goat has silence). She was working as a second life for allies. Of course it wasn't the best mechanic and Riot've decided to change that, but they ended up with an useless support. She doesn't heal much, her fights are horrible due to no damage and easy to dodge abilities, has no CC and lacks HP. You could play her just staying on backlane healing everything like crazy. Now it doesn't work that way and you can't do anything other supports can't. As I said. Janna is way better now.
: Guinsoo has been there for ages, it SHOULD have been deleted when they said they were gonna delete it...ya know? Instead they just compensated by injecting it full of steroids so that it can never be a bad item in theory.
I knew that someone will say that -.-". NOBODY was buying Guinsoo. Wtf was Guinsoo? Of course it was in the game but _"the game was without it"_. Before the rework it actually didn't exist. Nobody was buying it, nobody was thinking about it etc. LoL wouldn't be any different if Guinsoo would one day disappear. Now it is a core item to all AS-Carries (not even hybrids).
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: soraka nurf
I've been thinking like **The Noble Poro**, that it wasn't a nerf; and even if it was, it wasn't a big one. So I queued and actually played her. And? _They completely fuucked her up_. On paper she looks only a little bit weaker than she was but in the game... she is just a derp. Walking around, droping Q's and pretending to be useful. She sux, even as a healer she doesn't do much. She needs to be buffed now.
: I disagree strongly and i think you should hone your skill and strategies more. Even if you are a Plat V player, you have alot to learn. That`s all.
I agree. It is obvious that I have a lot to learn, but something like: Learn2Play and pick only OP champs, isn't the answer. I can become the greatest {{champion:14}} player, but still I am going to lose a lot of games because Sion isn't overpowered. I can learn to play Devour Junglers but why? I don't like playing anything even similar to them. There are 203 (With Aurelian) champions in the game so why should I choose only few?
: Those winrates are not correct, at least not when it comes to higher elo. Besides, you can work around most of those champs by making Frozen HEart and Randuins Omen, or just picking Malphite or Nautilus, lock them down and kill em.
You're right, but Lolking does not publish WinRates with a certain item and only on certain ELO. I've chosen to take WinRate with {{item:3124}} instead of a WinRate for Plat, Diamond or even +. The problem is that {{item:3110}} doesn't work that well. It gives this Aura that is a great tool for countering AS-Carries (let's call them that way) but it also gives Armor (sometimes even more than half of AS-Carries's damage is a Magic one) and Mana but doesn't give any HP. It is an expensive item that isn't that good. In my opinion if Riot doesn't want to touch {{item:3124}} they should add some item to counter it.
Wohltat (EUW)
: ***
Well thats the main reason why I don't enjoy playing in season 6. I actually was in Plat2 at the end of the season 5. Now after many changes - mainly adding Devour, Keystone Masteries and nerfs to {{summoner:12}}, I can't find my place in League. I've been playing some {{champion:43}} mid and ended with a pretty good WinRate but still... I just hate playing AD-Casters, MeleeCarry and AD-Assassins so this Meta that we see in League right now is just not for me. And by going back to what did you say. I can't play jungle (I am like Silver jungler so it won't work, I would just have to practise way too much) and I don't like champions that are overpowered, so I end up with picking casual picks or having no fun at all.
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