: Kayle and Morgana (En version ) The Righteous and the Fallen Champion Ga...
I'm glad i got gold in season 4 to get Morgana's victorious skin for this rework.
Mártir (EUW)
: Rox Bans 5 Supports, agaisnt female team Vaevictis, in Competitive
Pokimane is diamond too but she's boosted as hell. She's probably low plat or so normally. Also she's a money w$$$$ that played league only for the money and not for the game. Now she's playing Fortnite and getting views teaming up with 12yos who speak lewd s****
Exoría (EUW)
: DuoQ = worse teammates/better enemies?
It's been like that since forever. When you duo you get worse team to compensate for your duo / coordination.
tobí (EUW)
: coinflip matchmaking.
I have some new data about matchmaking. So i played with somoene in botlane. We carried the game hard and next game he is against me as adc. But this time the matchmaking gives him 3 good players like himself and i get 3 bad players. How is this supposed to be balanced. I'm not in an elo i can 1 v 9 anymore and this shit is not enjoyable
: Ye, the teammates the OP talks about atr shit at farming warding and rotating, I am in Silver 3 rn and every games it feels like I am the only one buying red wards, my cs is usually the highest in the game, and I rotate mid whenever I push out the lane. I am the only person doing this in every game and whenever I play mid I will win bot and top for them, but they can't do much with a lead and just int the kills I gave them away.
to get out of silver you just need to roflstomp. No pink wards or anything. Probably for gold is the same, if you're a diamond player. Extensive Pinks / wards have meaning mostly in higher elos like plat+ were people actually pay attention to the map.
tobí (EUW)
: coinflip matchmaking.
Something changed with matchmaking this season. The range of elos in each match is %%%%%%ed. When im high gold i get silver players and they are truely silver because i see how they play. Then they happen to go vs that plat, high gold that destroys them and he proceeds to solo carry and it annoys the hell out of me
: Riots Support page is drunk
The thing that Rito and Pacman have in common. Option 1. of the poll
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
: the thing is i dont need to create an argument as long as the idea enters the brain of others. everyone knows the truth, noone really depends on an argument. and one argument on this forum is worthless.
The thing is anything can be addicting. From eating (the taste, craving the feeling of eating) which leads to obessity, to gambling, drinking cola, smoking etc. It's no surprise that league can be addicting. It's not league's fault if you get addicted and if you find yourself not being able to control the habit then its time to take harsh measures to cut down on that habit. Even tetris can be addicting. How did those grandmaster tetris players got there?
: Riot (aparently) just deleted a thread of a person suggesting the player base suffers addiction
Yeah, you leave the thread to raise awareness without actually making an argument or at least copy pasting the original poster's post... GG.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: for a platinum player to carry in low silver games is no big task. for a gold however, it becomes a much harder task. You'd have to be 2 leagues over the league you are playing in to be able to solo carry games. And that's why this it's so hard to climb out out of this elo.
If you have trouble carrying silver games then you belong in low gold or high silver. Its the truth. I got a smurf with 90% win ratio janna and made Iron 2 to Gold 4 in 2 days and skipped all the promos, even the ones to gold. If i can get that with janna and im a high gold / low plat player then you should have little trouble doing it too with a normal champion. I was carrying with freaaking Janna.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Perhaps, but that doesn't explain the issue where you are matched with people with very different skill levels (for example plats with silvers). And having a bad matchmaking system can actually cause the concept of solo carry to not be so easily achieved. Sure, you being a higher skilled player -> you have a higher chance of winning the game. But what's the probability, that for example in 100 games you don't get shit teams vs good teams every time, so that you'd need to play on a much higher skill level than the average player in your rank, to climb? This is something that should be paid attention to.
The golden rule is you can climb 1 tier lower than yourself easily, facerolling everyone with 70%+ win ratio then when you get towards your skill tier you slow down and then you achieve a 50% win ratio and every match can be described as a coin flip. Elo hell doesn't exist. It's used to describe the elo you're getting hardstuck because you can't solo carry anymore so each game has about 50/50 chance of win / loss. The matchmaking though does try to force you down no matter what if you have a very high win rate. As for your silver / plat comment i was smurfing and i was bronze 2 and i was playing with mid gold players and they flamed me cause i was appearing bronze in the stats but my win ratio was something like 80%+ so i had the right to be in mid gold. Now my smurf is gold 4 and im playing with plat mmr. Im sure the plat players will be asking themselves the same thing but still i deserve to be there because my skill level is high gold / low plat in truth
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Did the server crash? Attempting to Reconnect
All i know is that i got a loss prevented for a ranked game i legitimatetly lost... lol... well thx Rito James.
: Rankeds look like a real flip coin especially in P3 . Made a new account and reached p3 with a 60% win rate and few games . I feel like I was completely lucky because Im losing every game now . I literally end up doing well as a solo player , to then get one shot and so on because teams difference is too big . And it’s not the first account I have this horrible problem with . Always at p3-p2-p1 .
Plat 1-3 is where you belong then. Get better to go higher. People in silver complain about coinflip games but you had no trouble escaping silver, did you?
leyz40 (EUNE)
: Is it ok to have custom hud and loading screen and how can i get one.
Best not modify files and stuff. You might get banned for it. Riot didnt even let us know if its ok to use the japanese voices and you have to modify the files to use them with some random chance you get banned for it.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: S8 was bad.But s9 looks worst.Wait to see when new system hits eu.LEague is falling apart.But when you "whine"some kid "ex chalenger"comes and says "League is perfect". League is no more what supposed to be.Thats why is falling apart.
Nothing can look worse than season 8. Also, i keep looking at all your comments and everything you say is negative. Like, can you say 1 good thing about anything? You cry more than freaking hashinshin
: well its very easy guys. im playing league since season 1. At the good old times, your own skill meant kinda everything, you were able to carry a game 100% by your own. But ofcause LoL is supossed to be a 5v5 game, and that for riot "fixed" this issue by "balancing" champs in a way that they should not be able anymore to win solo. The problem is now that LoL has never been and will never be a 5v5 game. 5v5 games start arround dia 3 (i guess now its dia 1 dia 2 arround). Why? Because dia 5 and down the road, very much people dont belong in their respective elo with the champs they are playing. you get 24/7 people AUTOFILLEdon positions they cant play, or people that can only play 1 position in their elo right now, getting their second role where they lack experience. It also happens that i feel like 99% of the people still dont know the basics of this game. People play always in a way like " get as much gold as you can even if you feed your enemy team hard thatwhile " while it should always be, prevent the enemy team from getting gold objectives or anything that gets them an advantage. i mean why do junglers take 1 camp, when they are next tol a tower with a huge minionwave? its gold + preventing the enemy team from GLOBAL GOLD. Thats not only a jungler problem ofcause, its everyone doing so. People think its still ,"get kills get fed and solo carry" but thats stupid and not working anymore (ofcause you have sometimes games, where the enemy team and your team lacks skill and you might be able to stomp 1v5 but that happens in very little cases.) And ya, solo q is like coinflip thatfor, you cant solocarry anymore, meaning you are dependent from your team. Now people might say "if ylou play well, you have 4 people who could be feeders while the enemy team has 5, a higher chance" but that just means nothing. You getting your main position especially while playing lanes like jungle mid, will most times mean, that people are autofilled in your team. you also got to count that? And at platin elo right now, theres a very big range of skilllevels. The season has just started! This means everyone arround gold 1 to dia 5 4, can be polaying at gold 1 - dia 4. THis means you can actually have a game, full of gold 1 players (last season) while playing vs a team full of dia players. If we now even take the rule 4 in your team 5 in the enemy team, and lets say you were platin5 last season, theres a much biger chance, that you are up vs people who had much higher elo last season than your own team. And ofcause, autofilled/second position lanes and high skill differences at the begining of a new season always result in 24/7 stomping games that end minute 15. All you can do actually is, giving your best every game, trying to calm your team when they flame or tilt, and ofcause hoping to have damn much luck to get the better people in your team :P
The concept of solo carry still exists, only if you're playing at elo much lower than your true skill. If you're near your skill level you cant solo carry a game. That's how it has always been and still is. If you place a Masters+ player in any elo he will get to diamond within 1 week at most, guarantee. He might not be able to get Masters again so soon, but im 100% sure he's gonna get low diamond eazy peezy So stop crying and git gud
Joell (EUNE)
: Why is every game a coinflip dumpster
Proof that people don't read posts before they upvote. **He said:** ** "I really miss the close balanced games and comebacks from season 8"** {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Season 8 were even pro players and streamers rage quit and gave up at 12 mins cause it was a total roflstomp and we started talking about "trap" games.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Does klepto synergize with {{item:3301}} ?
Klepto synergizes with everything as it procs on auto after using an ability. I personally prefer frostfang to cause it also procs on ability hit / auto so when you try to proc klepto you end up also getting gold from frostfang. With ancient coin you can just collect the gold that drops while you try to auto i imagine. With klepto you dont have to pick up anything though. The "loot" goes in your inventory slots at once
Shosh24x7 (EUW)
: Matchmaking this Season and Toplane
The only way to climb is to learn the game's mechanics (when to push, to freeze, etc etc) Take objectives instead of chasing kills on the map. And find some champion that can solo carry or that offers a lot of value to the team. Most important part. Always review your games and think "WHAT I COULD DO BETTER" and not omg my team sucks. Watch what the winning player is doing and do it too. Good luck
SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
Please edit your post and add something like this. - Coach wants me to autofill as defender but i want to be a striker. F*ck the coach i called first to play my main role
: How does kleptomancy work on janna and soraka?
Well if you are interested, you must time well your autos with your skills to proc it. For example the moment i use Q with soraka i try to also throw an auto then run back. The heal and slow from the Q can let you do that with relative safety, it depends on the elo you're playing though. It's much more easier for me to abuse this in lower elo than plat
Tarolock (EUNE)
: klepto and barrier is still bad both on janna and soraka
Then play vs me and tell it to my face. But don't cry if you lose. Also i must inform you that i did a 20 game climb from iron 2 to gold 4 with 90% win ratio playing only Janna klepto on my alt account
: its sound like your the one trolling XD, I mean wouldn't Aery work much better on Janna and Soraka? You know for that extra shield to keep your adc alive?
By picking klepto you can be much more aggresive in lane because you have extra healing, mana, wards and money to itemize faster. Barrier gives you a lot of survivability too by and you cant support if you're dead. So being alive means more healing from your own skills. I beg to differ cause the S ranks i get even when i lose means im doing something correctly.
Rioter Comments
YushaSama (EUNE)
: A few last words.
People that flame the most are the people that also troll and do this "hostage thing" To get banned it means you crossed a very big line. I play the game 9 years (+4 more than you) and i only ever got 2 chat restrictions which were well deserved. I flame too occasionally but you apparently took to another level Also, see you in 1 week after you buy an unranked smurf account. Have fun
: how real is the promo series curse?
Play an actual support. (: As Velkoz you're just a damage dealer in botlane with delayed itemization due to the fact you're not getting any cs and you should be in fact sharing the kills with your adc. So in essnce you're playing a gimped mid laner in bot
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Thank you for bringing back early game crit items :*
I played 4 games so far and i didn't notice any big changes on crit adcs or adcs in general. Sure, they seem to hit their spike a little earlier but otherwise no big changes. Mind you all of my games were botlane cause im support main
Finally! Akali is complete trash (: Now nobody will play her and i won't be able to get free elo from my enemy akali {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Well, making her strong as tank has no reason to make her one shot squishy u know? its unbalanced like this. Vayne should be stronger than other adcs against tank, but now she is stronger than adcs with everything: Farm, kills:Assassin,supp,tank,jgler,adc. Faster, more damage dealer, even pusher.
Man don't overract. Vayne can't push faster than Sivir or ashe.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Why is deault Udyr so ugly
To make you buy Spirit Guardian. Duh.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: No no no !!! This system is........... Poetic ;))) {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
: Nice matchmaking ...xd. We need MMR hard reset. S9 rank is so %%%%ed up...
The thing is. You diamond players cause this on your own. You level accounts, sell them then you complain why diamond is as it is.
: hahahaha :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kohrim (EUW)
: Buff the Tier 3 Support Items to make them relevant
I never upgrade to tier 3. Dont even know what the items do. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Kukeeen (EUW)
: AWAKEN | League of Legends (METAL COVER)
Cool music arrangement... nice riffs but your voice doesn't seem on par for the song... Maybe you're better at growling vocals but the melodic parts sounded too shallow. Good effort nonetheless though. *high five*
: Nerf vayne thanks.
The issue is they created Kaisa which replaced vayne so to make vayne "unique" again they had to make her an even stronger anti-tank, stealth based adc. So ... yeah. And now vayne is a better vayne, if that makes sense
: Here is a screenshot from the official website (free champion rotation) : [Screenshot](https://prnt.sc/mfylgd) Source : [Free champion rotation](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/free-rotation/new-free-champion-rotation-miss-fortune-braum-vi-and-more) So as you can see, Riot designed her to be an assassin, it's official. I wonder who's laughing now...
And Brand is "Mage" but he's played as support now. But Braum says "Support" and he's played as support. Rito can't tag their champions properly. What's your point really. Irelia is not an assasin
: rate my lucian play /10
: She is an assassin meant to kill you... You're not supposed to kill her. You're just whining "I can't kill all the champs with my adc so he's weak"
That's some quality talk right here. Irelia... An assasin. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hansell (EUW)
: what bug?
Rito put capsules for 1 BE for 15 mins and some people abused that bug and got 100s of capsules for free and orange essence, skins etc. Those ppl kept the stuff they got from the bug so if you see a bug next time in the store, abuse it hard. Hope that helped
: who says you can't climb as a support?
Not many people believe you can and think that supports are the most useless role. Plus, it's a challenge to carry as support hard and skip divisions like that. You're not an assasin and in low elos you cant really rely on your team
Rioter Comments
Dainank (EUW)
: Please keep in mind that higher elo players, especially in master tier and above tend to make several accounts to climb on multiple aliases to avoid scouting from teams in the various EU divisions that they play for. This means that they will have to rank up a fresh account and as such are forced to essentially 'smurf' for a few games in lower divisions as they reach the rank they deserve. You cannot report people for this as otherwise, players would never be able to make multiple accounts. You could argue that Riot could look at the chat history and see if the smurf is saying things like 'for fun' e.t.c. but even then its sketchy and takes too much time considering the system goes through multiple bans every single day.
Riot has stated that smurfing is not a bannable offence. End of story. Boosting is, smurfing no
: Why is smurfing not a reportable offence?
Collapse27 (EUNE)
: Akali nerfs upcoming patch 9.3 ( Have mercy for all main Akali's here...)
Akali has been trash tier for more than half a year now. And just now you complain about the nerf? The nerfs will make her the absolute troll pick, for when you want to troll your team. Like evelynn used to be back in the day.
: Akali mains have been climbing for half a year, no mercy for them. This is justice!
: Boosters are unhealthy.
At least with xp boosters you have to play SOME games. If you buy an account you can be both plat / diamond w/e elo and still be a lvl 0 player in real life.
: Do you have ANY evidence to back that claim up? Gold 2 is not really the "No optimal player pool" MMR. You will only get that around high plat MAYBE. Mid diamond and up, yes, there's not really an optimal player pool anymore, but Gold 2? I've been in Gold 2 many times, and I'll probably have to go there again this season, but I've honestly never had a game where there was no optimal player pool. Not to talk down to Gold, not at all (my max has been plat 5 which is basically the same) but there's plenty of people in there. Losing and winning streaks are just (bad) luck respectively. ___ I checked your match history. op.gg gives a tier average. With Tier average of Gold 4, you were winning a lot of games, then it goes to average gold 3, since your MMR was climbing, still winning. Nice The tier average goes to Gold 2. You start losing games. Not a lot, about 50%. You had 11 games of Tier average gold 2 or 3 from your first time Gold 2 av. You lost 5 of those 11 games, 50% WR. Then your MMR starts to climb, and you hit a tier average of Gold 1 in your games. Guess what happens? You start losing more games. Your MMR starts to drop a bit, and you get to Tier averages of Gold 2 again. Then it's mostly Gold 2 and 3. I'm sure that your lose spree is almost over. You had your win spree, it got your MMR high, your skill level isn't quite there yet and you had some bad luck. MMR is slowly dropping a bit now, and soon you'll start to win about 50% of your games again. Not because Riot wants you to, but because you are currently at your peak performance level. You're already higher than your last season max of gold 5. Play more, get better and you'll see that you win more games, and then you'll get that 50% WR at Gold 1 MMR, you'll get up to plat 5 MMR, drop a bit until you can get a consistent winrate at Plat 5 MMR. That's how MMR works. ___ What's a better explanation: Actually explaining how an MMR system works, ^because that's how it works. or Riot is forcing a 50% winrate on specific players by actively rigging their games. Especially this one Gold 2 person, get him shitty teammates.
I can judge when i carry and when i get carried and when its lucky win, when i play averagely etc but when you're the only S rank and in the losing team you know that you did a lot and played well for the most part. I don't claim im diamond (or maybe i could if i play only my OTP but ill never know cause i dont have the patience to spam the same champions) and the game is holding me down. I already explained my theory though. And by now i know you've watched my match history and since i got bored of playing soraka and janna which i get a steady 70%+ win ratio at this elo, i tried to deviate and play other champions and though i didn't play bad the matchmaking thought i would be tryhard OTP
: I already posted this a year ago, when I was on a winning streak I skipped 2 promos, I got a team of 4 silver players the enemy team ? plat + gold, u know what happened later 0/10 all of them silver scrubs and it didn't happen once it kept going over and over until I lost many games in a row and I just quit playing and of course, there's that guy with a green name that appears on my post and says "that's how MMR works, there's nothing wrong here"
Thank you for saying it as it is. This is what i experience after i play my OTP and get rake up wins.
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