: Aatrox after 9.9
Just this :) [BUT Hashinshin: Is Aatrox even Fun to play without the ReVivE?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oij_m16Ew4) Usually i agree on most points of Hash on toplane. And aatrox is unique, he is such a drain tank... Its %%%%ing annoying. Aatrox has movement abilities, Olaf/Darius dont. Aatrox has 2 CC abilities. 3x Q and W. R gives hime so much heal that it isnt even funny... Its like darius would have his E it would be funny :D But what Hash says about top is a lot of times true. Sadly... Like about counterpicking {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Before you could somehow outplay your opponents. This game kinda becomes more and more Rock-Paper-Scissors like on top. Have fun with the aatrox. He is still fun to play and he is meta now so enjoy that while it lasts {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: Shaco and Twitch use a different kind of invsibility. It's called ~~'stealth'~~ (EDIT: 'camouflage') and can be broken by champions, and turrets, and pink wards. Invisibility of Akali is more like the one of Vayne and Kaisa (and Kha'Zix I think).
Shaco is invisible, twitch is camouflaged. stealh that can be seen through via distance from champs (twitch, rengar, evelyn) is camouflage. Invisibility is combat stealth shorter duration cannot be revealed by champs (shaco, kha etc). Just clearing that one out.
: Doesn't eliminate the fact how broken he is. For some reason he had that score and CS. I mean, just watch 4 guys even with a 40% armor shred GP with griveous wounds try to kill him and still nothing.
GP cant shred fed tanks with these items. He was the only one to aply griveous wounds in that fight, when he left he healed 1k and won the fight. Mundo had 2 item advantage, armor and ton of hp (4200+hp to be more precise). Thats what happens normally when he gets fed. Since the other team got pretty much demolished. Kindred no botrk to deal with him, and there wasnt any other guy who could deal with him(maybe swain if he had mask.
: Gangplank
My only advice is: get Captain Gangplank. It is THE skin for GP. He has nice voice and great quotes.
: Stuck in game after game finished.
Same here for the past 2 hours...{{sticker:darius-angry}} And when i got my god king darius border .... {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Werdx (EUNE)
: Game over
more than hour later
: 1. Where are your stats from ? :D 2. You can't calculate power of items just by picking their raw stats compare to gold cost. If athene grail was so op, then orianna would buy it for example.
1.Monthly winrate lolking. 2. you can, but their effectiveness will wary a lot depending on champion. Athene/ardent/mikhael/redemption etc are good only on heal/shield supps. Btw on the site u posted, highest win rate is on top/jung, not ADC. ADC can carry in Late game. In early/mid game, they get shit on by any other class in the game. Karma can solo ADC 1v1 early to mid game. Annie as well. Janna keeps adc safe, so it doesnt die. ADCs are not the kings of the game. They are kings only of late game.
: :D You guys are so funny. You can't deny stats. You simply can't.
Now tell me how is ADC going to survive w/o support the onslaught of {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:143}} W/O supp. BTW most of supp items are more efficient than others: {{item:3504}} 108.34% {{item:3174}} 114.01% {{item:3060}} 108.26% (144.17% while near turrets) {{item:3109}} 78.79% (123.9% with passive) {{item:3222}} 118.81% {{item:3107}} 97.82% {{item:3800}} 100.13% (211.92% while activated) {{item:2065}} 94.57% {{item:3190}} 76.36% {{item:3050}} 104.74% {{item:3812}} 103.69% {{item:3508}} 103.43% (119.12% with 30% additional critical strike chance) {{item:3026}} 83.33% {{item:3031}} 95.59% {{item:3036}} 67.31% {{item:3139}} 91.11% {{item:3033}} 67.31% {{item:3046}} 97.02% (107.65% while near enemy champion) {{item:3094}} 82.6% {{item:3085}} 95.25% {{item:3087}} 87.4% {{item:3072}} 95.95% Those are G efficiency of supp/adc items(a lot of passives are not calculated). The adc is strong in mid/late. Support wins the lane usually, destroying enemy adc while feeding your own. 2nd most played supp in platinum is {{champion:267}} 1st is {{champion:40}} 3rd and 4th are {{champion:412}} and {{champion:117}} respectively. There are only 2 supps in top 10 highest win rate champs this month in platinum. {{champion:267}} and {{champion:40}} . nami is number 4 and janna is number 10 while having the most popularity among the 10. There are 2 adcs. {{champion:133}} with 1% pick rate. And {{champion:222}} with 5,6% pick rate( still lower than {{champion:267}} 6,71% and {{champion:40}} with 7%. In dia {{champion:267}} is the only supp in top 10 winrates and {{champion:133}} the only "adc". In gold you can see that to our 2 supp godesses is added a 3rd. {{champion:37}} . and 3rd adc {{champion:21}} supps still have higher winrate than ADCS. As you said you cant ignore the facts. Have a nice day
: Nerf ADC again
NERF SUPPs. ADCs ARE INNOCENT!!! SUPPs are the problem. like literally, you try to kill a squishy and here comes janna blocking almost 900dmg with her shield {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Thats what makes ADCs unkillable.
: No. No admitting. What he did was not even remotely negative. With or without context. Jesus Christ.
its not so hard to mute them and shut the F up. which is the best way to stop this from happening. Plus sometimes they stop flaming you, cause they see that you are not reactiong to them.
ˉsorry (EUW)
: So if enemy team has 1 mundo and 4 squishies I have to build entirely around him? Seems balanced. Yes kiting works, but all it takes is for him to land a single Q, which is spammable. Not to mention the speed boost from his ult. And if he has righteous glory or something... yeah you get the picture.
I remember, back in the old days, the only advice that worked against Full tank mundo was: " Ignore him and go for his team instead." He doesnt have enough dmg to threaten you all. He doesnt have CC to stop you from targeting enemies. If he goes in too deep he gets killed, no one can survive full brunt of 4-5 people for long. Griveous wounds helps a lot. Botrk, liandrys are nice. If you play something like {{champion:202}} then forget about killing him 1v1, you wont have enough dmg. I tried playing udyr top after a long time, I got crushed :D :D, I %%%%ed up and he got his jungler on me even though he could 1v1 me easily. But it took him 10-15 seconds to kill me even though i had half his farm and was 0/5. He doesnt deal THAT much dmg. He just deals ok amount of dmg for a long time, of course for a squishy that dmg was almost lethal, but he was fed AF.
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PlzenCZ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=98LzQlZi,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-11T07:02:56.313+0000) > > Well most juggernauts are like that. {{champion:122}} with his Q, {{champion:420}} with her tentacle rape, {{champion:86}} with his W, {{champion:6}} with his shitty kit (% health dmg on aa is not cool), and a lot of other chars can be played with similar results while being built squishier, for example rhast (kayn). Unlike Mundo though, all of them need to build damage to deal it. Their base damages alone aren't great and their kits outside Darius' and Garen's ult on a villain doesn't provide them enough damage to be able to survive on a pure tank build. Mundo's damage comes purely from his kit giving him free stats and basically stat checking his opponents.
all 4 of them get BC and are ready to go. + Sometimes darius doesnt even build BC and still kicks ass + has nice CC. Illaoi, well she ruins entire team instead of killing you 1 by 1 with BC and full tank. Garen BC and he is set. Urgot is on more dmg side than the rest, and the only one with that nasty execution. Mundo has most survivability of these guys thats surely true. Dont know how the last patch affected him though (gonna test that and come back). He has nice dmg from Q - E, sunfire and W, but seriously, you wont see mundo Istakilling ADC w/o titanic. He can melt squishies, same as olaf for example.
ˉsorry (EUW)
: Call him whatever you want, he is tanky to the point of borderline unkillable and puts out far too much damage to have that much durability.
Well most juggernauts are like that. {{champion:122}} with his Q, {{champion:420}} with her tentacle rape, {{champion:86}} with his W, {{champion:6}} with his shitty kit (% health dmg on aa is not cool), and a lot of other chars can be played with similar results while being built squishier, for example rhast (kayn).
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: The real and meaningful difference between tanks, vanguards, juggernauts. And why is it important. The pattern of their counterplay. Who deals damage, why and how. If you'd see it, you would not ask silly questions and ask for nerfs for thoose who have clear ways to counter.
Its the 1st time i heard about this.... Tanks/juggs/vanguards. For me there were only Tanks and bruisers :D with mundo being on the bruiser side, since he doesnt have CC.
: Got matched with a full Gold 3 team versus a full Plat 3 team.
1st thigns 1st. ist hits normal or ranked? I think its normal, because you had 6 tear which i dont expect people to do in ranked. Normals have separate MMR from Ranked. So its completely normal.
: Leblanc is too strong in the early game and needs more counterplay
I recommend gp against lb. Sheen then hexdrinker and you are set :) just dont die early, you are going to be behind a bit cause of her trying to deny you minions, but after your hex is finnished u are going to be pretty much ok.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Ad is ad. As is ad. Guinsoo gives ad and as, and stax ad and as
+ lethal tempo so you can go higher with your AS
: > [{quoted}](name=Xêm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qH7rT09F,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-20T10:34:24.415+0000) > > He jumped on you, and his jump counts as a basic attack (which it is). No matter what auto-attack ability, if it is targeted on you, it will deal damage if the animation has begun This is very unfair in relation to Nidalee. Nidalee has to press an ability for such an action, usually after she has hit a spear, and that can then be flashed. Rengar's 100km melee aa is of course perfectly legit because he's in a bush. Obviously a bad approach, as with most things. With the Assassins oneshot everything (out of the biggest tanks) again, it's not surprising that people get upset because it's unfair.
well nidalees AA gets to her target too if enemy flashes. I see no problem here. Chos R will kill you if u flash, Garens R will kill you if u flash. (ALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS) KILL you if you flash from AA. Lets take leaping rengo as ranged AA, does range AA miss once its fired? Nope. Nidalees W is aoe abylity. It would be like saying that its unfair that you can flash from alistars Q. AAs work the same for everybody.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: True that, but its a very one dimensional play pattern anyway even for malzahar. Making his ult a skillshot would make it feel more fair to play against, now the counterplay to it is mostly to buy qss or hug tower and it doesnt feel very fun or interactive to play against compared to for example how they changed warwicks ult.
Lets make everything into skillshots WEEEEEEEEE. thats whats bugging me about riots reworks nowadays. before everything was kinda point and click. And while malz is annoying AF, he can still be interupted. If you decided to play katarina against malz well. it was your choice. You could pick TF/xerath/any long range mage and farm/poke from afar. Or syndra with her W and destroy him befero he even gets ult. Then get banshees and you should be cool.
: Lets talk about Kog Lulu. How unfair this is ?
I usually ban lulu, when i play ADC, I literally hate that b*tch. otherwise something like {{champion:12}} +{{champion:119}} could work. or supps like {{champion:1}}, {{champion:63}}, {{champion:43}} etc. with their bullshit dmg. Since they wont have much sustain.
: Ty Riot for conqueror,now adcs deal 300 true DMG every AA
The main thing about Conqueror. IT IS WEAK for ADCs. Played as draven and did around 2 maybe 3k true dmg. around 1K would be otherwise mitigated. Press the attack is in my opinion much better. ADC will need to stack conqueror on creeps to have it up in fight and it will last for 3 secs, then you will need to stack it up again, because the refresh works only for melee. Draven works wonders with press/fleet/aery I would not recommend conqueror.
Shlashpro (EUW)
: Have all the good players left league and do only the toxic remain?
I usually play only with friends so lol is awesome game for me. Sometimes i play alone and then i use the godly command "/mute all" worked for me well. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Zanador (EUNE)
: Not exactly. Off meta picks are fine, in this case the meta breaking strategy was causing problems. For example "kill lanes" or "damage supports" were always a thing. Annie, Xerath, Brand in the current meta have absolutely no way to save their own ADC. They can't heal, can't shield, can't buff. In the past Support Pantheon and Xin Zhao has been used for this job from time to time too. These "supports" even take a lot of kills themselves, since their kits rarely allow them to save the last hit for their ADCs. They only "support" by being so dangerous in the early game that the enemy can't pay attention to the ADC farming behind them. The thing is: these damage supports do not fundamentally change how their ADC should play. The ADC will still have a lane to farm, and get strong by the mid-late game. However if a support Singed never even goes to the lane in the early game, but roams the enemy jungle, then the ADC is left alone in 1v2. Most players do not have any experience on how to handle 1v2 lanes, and the ADC they already picked might not even be able to do this. Xayah, Ezreal, Tristana or Varus might be able to do it, but a lone Kog Maw on lvl1 is bound to die soon. Kalista essentially loses her passive and her W if she is left completely alone. And neither of these ADCs can just farm as they would in any other match in 1v2. It does not matter which champion you use, as long as your team can realistically be expected to know what to do in the match. Another example is support MF. It would have been called a troll pick 99% of the times 2 years ago, but after pros picked it and people saw and learned how to play along with it, it became a normal pick. Currently it's rare to see one, but it would not be an extreme burden on an ADC now anyway. And regarding ranked and normals: i play most of my matches in normal draft. And while there is no consequence of losing any single game, like there is in ranked, i can assure you that nearly everyone in normals are there to win too. Even those who are there to have fun or try something new are there to win along the way. Experimenting is completely acceptable, but frustration is frustration anywhere, and people should at least be aware of this. Again, personally, i usually change my picks according to the need of my team, or just dodge if i really want to test something as soon as possible, and i don't remember ever having to try more than a couple of times to get to try what i wanted.
dmg supports arent out of meta. They have been here since S1. Sona was mostly played as one :) (even though she has heal). He explained his strat in champ select, so the adc could opt for more "solo-centered" ADC (tris,cait,ez, etc.). I thought of playing GP everywhere, lets see how that turns out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Arurf Sh*ttiest of all the modes ever.
The only problem is that you will probably get bored really fast. 63 Champs for mode that is going to be here for what? 14 days? and over holidays to top it up. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I already played some and dunno if I wanna play more. The snowball is cool but I would like to play AP Nasus, Magic pen mundo, AP pantheon, solo baron with zyra, overheal with sona, and the list goes on. You will NOT have a chance to try what you want. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Well lets hope we will see normal ARURF soon. after this one ends. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The first isn't enough to justify the increment in heals and the second, well she was healing from minions. Should I tape it and send it to Riot?
Fleet footwork, healing after kill rune and all of the above could increase healing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Have a nice day.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=30nqOgLy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-09T23:42:53.995+0000) > > 810 BE is the absolute minimum. You got 90 BE alongside with the shards as well. > > Besides, you've gotten shards from level 31-46. So its gonna take me 150+ games to get enough for a 6300 champ,looking forward to it! Game is dying lmao
Dont be like my friend who was like: "In 8 levels i got 2k BE" since you are 47 u got fair ammount of essence to go around. The only thing i dont like about BE is that mastery unlocks are expensive AF. Otherwise the gains are alright. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} btw.: it was made that guys who play less, but everyday get more. People who grind nonstop get a bit less, so if you are in that category than you are probably right. But still should be roughly the same. Have a nice day.
: idk dude i hate tanks i feel like tanks now are stronger than ever.they can build 0 ad and 0 ap and they will deal damage like a mage does.look at shen's,maokai's,mundo's,malphites and ofc ORNN.choose rito they will either deal op dmg or be tanks u cant do both.
Well they have nice base dmg, and were always annoying fo low hp targets. Shen usually builds titanic, mao doesnt have that much dmg but can use his combo numerous times, mundo is kinda bruiserish and builds titanic as well, since it synergizes with his E, malphite scales with armor and ornn is pain in the ass for any melee character in the top lane at the moment. U forgot SION btw. again titanic. most of the guys need titanic to deal that dmg, or they will just peck u to death, since they will live long enough. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: The problem is not how tanky he is, im fine with that, the problem is the damage he deals. After he killed me I checked death recap and he had done 600 damage with W. How is that even balanced
Malphite W, Brutal Strikes PASSIVE: Malphite gains bonus armor, tripled while Granite Shield Granite Shield is active. Bonus armor: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% armor (tripled when he has shield. ACTIVE: For 6 seconds, Malphite's basic attacks deal bonus physical damage which splashes to enemies around his target. Damage: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (+ 10% AP) (+ 15% armor) Doran shield 1st item. armor lvl 1 is 37 + 5 (passive from resolve) + 5% (same passive when u heal 20 hp [dorans passive:UNIQUE: Restores 20 health over 10 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion] +10% brutal strike(30% with passive) 42 + 30% = 56 armor W 1st level 30 bonus dmg on hit. Leter he gets E and slows your AS. Malph is great counter for AD AutoAtackers.
: she never even had that hard of a time in lane, it was just an excuse from vayne mains to make themselves feel better, she's always been an easy pick up and win type champ
If she is so easy play her. and get destroyed by MFs, Dravens, Varuses, Trists, ezreals, twiches. Enjoy. Actually her winrate drops the higher ELO you are in. So its just that people dont know how to play against her. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Have a nice day.
: oh you're a vayne main :)
Its nice to meet poeple that dismis arguments by saying oh you main her. People who main her have more insight on vayne than you. So at least come with counter arguments rather than just > oh you're a vayne main :) and dismiss it with another thought. Have a nice day.
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: Sion E bug
Wow i am not alone in this. BTW.: i think it happens when minion dies from different source than your E. Should be still solved. (could make minion invincible when hit so it travels far and wide)
: Why do we have lethality?
Hi there, let me answer this in few points. 1. Lethality is pretty much countered by armor 2. Used against Carries and low hp targets, cause they wont stack armor 3. build armor :D {{item:3134}} ignores 12 armor on lvl 18 {{item:3147}} ignores 20 armor on lvl 18 {{item:1029}} gives 15 armor so with just one of these bad boys you negated his duskblade armor pene till cca lvl 12 (no real maths done, just assumption) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Of course armor only, wont solve the problem, but it helps to keep your life, which in turn keeps the enemy in check. Have a nice day.
Nyanter (EUW)
: Cassio casting ult through CC (eve charm)
{{champion:122}}, {{champion:31}} ,{{champion:69}} ,{{champion:12}} Q,{{champion:53}} Q,{{champion:86}} ,{{champion:111}} Q even R prob,{{champion:75}} ,{{champion:61}} , and we could go on. These Spells have long animation (kind of pseudo channeling). Every other champ has it so I wouldnt consider it a bug + you can see casio being charmed for 0,5 sec after she finnished casting her ult. Same thing. If riot said this is bug, then they should change it all. Not just one champion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZujeUJL_x6U blitz vs tris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA5AWjRPbYQ blitz vs ez Edit: Literally the same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfMUkh8C2e0 Ez casts ult while stunned Its good that you post about it though. Now people will maybe even stop complaining about this shit {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Have a nice day.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: But she didn't have QSS. As for Vayne E, if Leona lands Zenith blade, regardless of if either champion is moved she will always land on the target, the only opportunity for Vayne to E is the split second I auto reset after Zenith blade. And I am well aware of that, which is why I build Rightous Glory, So I can run at someone and Q them and save my E on either an attempt to run or to chain CC. Regardless of any of that though, I still killed her as a pure tank Leona because Leona has amazing base damage on her W and aftershock is stupid and does a billion damage
Thats why botrk is awesome, you use righteos and she will just botrk u. When u begin to move towards her with E, meaning u cast E and the animation of u coming to her started and she Es you u are away. it isnt that hard. I never had trouble with 1v1 leona. 2v2 thats whole different story though.
: Im going to wait for the instant feedback report.
Care for naming and shaming. you shouldnt show names of other people on forums.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: is saying Ez or Rekt bannable ?
4. Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense 6. Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat This is something you agreed with. "GG EZ", "Easy" is going against the summoner code, which is reportable offense. You can be reported for saying easy, and you can be banned for it as well.
: i don't mind people trying and testing new stuff, and riot doesn't give a shit about their boards so, only players see my comments :p but, i would not recommend going ravenous hunter. As that means you are going in the domination tree. Judging by morri's skill set, you want a combination of sorcery and inspiration. Also, 2 tips. If you play mid or top. Position your W to hit the big cannon minion and the caster wave in the back (you will see you will get your W very soon off CD), If you play in the jungle, keep attention to the W cd as that's going to refresh a lot. have fun, but if you head in ranked, morgana should be one of the bans you are thinking about ;)
Wanted to go sorcery>domination, Aery - ultimate hat - transcendence - scorch Eyeballs - ravenous that could work. Wanna try somthing like that on vlad too {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Annie extremely easy to play and pretty successful with her 100-0 point n click aoe damage + stun. Malzahar, press R to win or the jungler kills you while you are suppressed forever with a point n click ability. While champs like azir who are very mechanical and really hard to pull off feel much weaker then these 2 easy to play and require no skill whatsoever. Good enough?
While udyr splitpushes to oblivion winning the game. There isnt only one strategy to win the game. Malz and annie wouldnt do shit against gragas as front line, he will just R them away from priority targets. There are easy champs and hard champs, you can choose which you want to play. I prefer easier ones {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} But annie is cancerous as support from lvl 6. Just come out of bush full combo on adc and he has to go B. Azir is great and has his strong points like long ranged waveclear, mobility, his R is awesome for TF if played correctly. His long range is actually cancerous for annie in mid lane. The best example for high skill champs would be {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}}. Good riven will destroy her lane and have huge impact. the main difference in this game is SKILL. not champs. If i am more skilled at bouncing waves, freezing, taking objectives, teamwork I will most likely win. Even champs like tryndamere requires considerable amount of skill to play, even though it doesnt look like it does.
: i just played a game, survived a 4 man tower dive mid, 1v4 due to the absurd healing her passive does now. do note, spell vamp was only 33% effective for aoe spells (W and R) so, based on that, her ultimate just got even at lv 6 morgana, a more than 300% buff to her healing
I survived 1v3 Dive with udyr just by stunning them and running around the tower. It depends on situation. when u get ignited your healing is down a bit. the numbers seem a bit high, but doesnt seem as broken as {{champion:3}} though. So let non-morg mains find out how strong it is and then complain. (gonna test her with ravenous hunter today tnx to you {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} )
Wadud92 (EUW)
: See the thing is in the example I gave I was Leona. I wasn't playing my legendary level 2 cheese gank Leona jungle. Just bog standard Leona support. A traditional tank, that has a ton of CC and survivability. As a Leona Support building zero damage items (closest offensive item being Rightous Glory) I shouldn't be able to deal as much damage as I am. And every other season I wasn't, now I am. Because my base damage (especially on W) is still really good, but I have a crap ton more damage because of my runes and the enemy ADC has nothing but her base defensive stats
Actually vayne should have QSS soon. Dodge your skills (prob except R, but even then shouldnt get stunned), She can E you away when you use zenith blade. Vayne should have some trouble early but with proper positioning. {{item:3153}} {{item:3046}} would be my first items probably, depending on the ADC.
: Umm, no - you either build crit or you build lethality. I main MF and I can tell you that the regular AA speed crit build you go with on most ADCs is ass on her - you go the lethality route with her. No clue which other ADC builds lethality
Gonna try full pene build again soon :) {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3142}} gonna delete enemy team in 3 secs again {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: lmao People get butthurt over a simple "gg ez" and even though they have the tools to ingore it, they rather choose not to use it and get offended by it? What is this logic? If you can't handle it, why don't you do something about it? Look at me for a prime example. I have /all-chat disabled for half a year now. And since then my enjoyment of this game drasticly improved. People use chat only for flaming and taunting, they don't use it for anything else. So why keep it? Why keep the most toxic hazard thing in this game? But go ahead, disagree with me, downvote me. In the end I will have more fun with this game than you will ever have, since I don't get offended by shit the enemy said like you.
Remember, there are tools to punish this behavior as well. Well LoL is profesional eSport for a while, thats why I think this kind of behavior doesnt have place in the game. And that is the reason i report people who write it, EVERY GODDAMN TIME. Sometimes I get that nice popup that my report punished someone, feels good man {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Smerk (EUW)
: You can get 500 only if you're below level 30, after that 810 is absolute minimum you can get, on average you will get a bit less than 1 k, plus every tenth level you will get 2k to balance bad luck on previous levels. There is absolutely no way to get less than in previous system unless you play all day long
The mastery cost could still go down a bit... paying 7,1k BE for getting mastery from 5 to 7 seems kinda too much. Its like riot atelling us: we made runes freeee, now grind for mastery. :D i would be totally cool with something like 3,5-4k though. It just seems kinda over the top to pay so fcking much. Btw.: thanks for correction, Ive read a lot in the meantime so i Know that i get CCA 10% more BE than IP.
: You don't get be after games.
WTF downvote for truth... Welcome to league boards. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Smerk (EUW)
: It is easier than before for anyone who plays 8 or less games per day. If you play more than that then old system was better for you
depends what u get from capsule. got 500-1260 per capsule. so i dont think its that worth, for me at least. with 1st wins only i would get more worth of IP (since they inflated mastery unlocks by 650%) cause every game would be around 200-250 IP. I need around 3-4 (will test soon) 1st wins to lvl up, so thats 0,8k-1k IP. And the number of games should get only higher since it will take more games to lvl up further. I would say that league "economy" is pretty much in tatters right now.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Hey, I mentioned this in the post because I’ve seen other questions around it. TL;DR we hear you, and we’re looking into it, but we’re focused on the other economy changes first. > Basically, we didn’t raise the cost during preseason, we just scaled up the existing price by 6.5 times when we multiplied all your existing BE. So it “costs” the same even though the number is higher. > Our thinking was that doing it this way felt fair because now it’s much easier to get champ shards and turn them into BE thanks to the leveling system. The new possibility for double drops also makes it easier. > The thing that we didn’t think about is that, because you can now buy champions directly with BE, it can feel like an unfair trade off to have to use it on Mastery instead. > In economics terms, we’ve made BE as a currency more “fungible” than it was before. It has become more valuable than it otherwise would have been because now it can be used to purchase a wider variety of goods. We’re still trying to figure out all the side effects of that change, but I think this Mastery 6&7 thing is one of them. > Anyway, like I said in the post, we see the concerns people have about it and understand the reasoning. We’re focusing on dealing with other changes to the system for now, so we’ll have to talk more about any potential solution later. [Source](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments?comment=00000001000000010001). TLDR: They're aware of the complaints in this area, and they will keep an eye on it. However, right now there's other priorities when it comes to how the economy works.
> Basically, we didn’t raise the cost during preseason, we just scaled up the existing price by 6.5 times when we multiplied all your existing BE. So it “costs” the same even though the number is higher. scaled up by 6,5... We dont get any BE per game. Numerous games are needed to lvl up to get Champion capsule. You can get 500 - 2000 BE. Only heard about the 2k got 1260 at most. Most of my games are 1st wins lately which would be 200 ip per game. You scaled up costs astronomically. I wouldnt want to be in new players shoes. I would say that EA would be proud. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Gonna wait till you addres this issue cause economy is pretty much fu**ed now. Good luck and have a nice day
Not xPeke (EUW)
: That's my point though. LB was oppressive. But then we have champions that ARE NOT even assassins that instagib someone. Like Wukong. I don't even press R to assassinate someone. You literally E AA Q with duskblade and you 100-0 someone faster than an actual assassin. J4 full damage with lethality too, etc etc. They are not meant to be building full damage and insta killing people. They're meant to go off tank instead of cheese starts because of busted AD items. Why are they even given all those scaling on top of their kit? Like a full AP gragas literally 100-0 someone with ERQ or whatever the combo is. But hey, assassins need a delay XDXD. So.. Riot introduces "counterplay", or a delay, for assassins to deal damage while fighters, divers, etc, champions who are meant to build off tank and be more of a skirmisher, instagib squishis just as well, if not better, than some assassins do. That's why I'm trying to understand why this is allowed.
Ok. Now lets take it from Mages perspective. Why can assassin like zed/talon just build hexdrinker and be safe? Why can LB oppress u in lane so hard while being hard to gank/hit. The thing is. J4/Wu/graggy/etc.etc. are far more easily locked down than assassins. and for why is it allowed? they bought the items... + He still has to hit you (if its J4). If you cant take that, then i suggest you try to play them. Sion AD is fun AF. Btw.: i would w8 with more ranting till preseason hits. Because thats when you will see real BS.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: To be honest I can't agree that safety is the reason for it. But regardless of that, the delay and "counterplay" that was added to assassins was not a result of their safety, but simply because of their burst and damage overall - which left people with little to no counterplay (apparently). For example, people complained about Leblanc Q double distort or whatever. "no counterplay, just insta die". So they gave her a delay. But it's okay for Wukong to E AA Q and 100-0 a sqishy? Erm hello? Riot? What is even more funny is that many of these fighters would NEVER have gone full damage back in the days. They always went off-tank. You'd actually get called a troll for doing full damage J4 lmao. I still remember that. Wukong couldn't afford to go class cannon back in the days either. Hell unless I'm drunk right now Pant never went full damage but built at least 1 or 2 defensive items in the late game. Except with all the damage creep and new gimmicks like Duskblade, they can afford to go damage and instagib squishies and still feel quite tanky. Safety might be the reason that they're not labelled as assassins.. but they are literally assassinating targets with ease.. even more easily than assassins.. see a full lethality J4 with even a slight lead.
It seems u havent been playing for so long. https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/pantheon-the-ip-farmer-4997 good old panth :D the meta shifts its ok if assassins get back for a while. they had their season. they will come again so dont worry about that. I am waiting for ADC OP season {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} to finally not be oneshotted by everything that looks at me :D
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I'm talking kind of in general. Fighters/Divers, etc. J4 can 100-0 a squishy fast for example. Irelia, Vi, Wukong, Renekton, Riven etc. Even full AP Gragas lul. Lee? For example, Wukong is not classified as an Assassin and used to build a little off tank back in the days. Yet nowadays with Duskblade E AA Q = dead squishy lmao. When I play him I don't even have to use my Ult to kill a single target and only use it as an engage on a group of people. The damage from the combo alone is perfectly fine to 100-0 someone.. EDIT: and then LB has to wait 1.5 seconds to proc her passive, meanwhile late game ADCs 3 hits her before it even procs lol. (I'm not a LB main, just using her for argument's sake)
Assassin = high mobility, high damage. Fighter = Not that high mobility, usually high dmg, initiation fighter can do what assassin cant and vice versa. assassin should be able to escape pretty well. fighter/tank wont. J4 is annoying lethality though. > and then LB has to wait 1.5 seconds to proc her passive, meanwhile late game ADCs 3 hits her before it even procs lol. thats because she could instakill u and go back. and do it again in 30 sec. if you are going to bash on things like that than give annie her old tibbers back etc. these guys will get nerfed sometime and people will post about something else. Because its gonna get buffed and will be stronger than this.
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