Aedre (EUW)
: You sound like a kid that has failed in real life and spends his time 24/7 in front of computer playing LoL. Butthurt much ? As about learning lessons , unlike you I have a really good and successful real life and I would not care about getting chat restricted on a game , sorry bro. I don't need your advice on how to talk in-game either. This board aren't meant to trashtalk ? It isn't meant for people to cry 24/7 about champions either. Take my advice or leave , I did not come here and cried about yi.I couldn't care less. Anyways keep crying and hating me because thats what you are good for , if you are so intolerant to take a simple 'l2p' as that huge trashtalk and flame me then that is not my mistake sorry something is wrong with you. Good luck and have fun.
I didn't read all the thing simply because you are trash talking with your trash attitude again :') My friend, I don't you and you don't know me, you are acting like toxic kid with shit attitude I can't take anything you say seriously. I honestly don't give a damn about your real life, the only thing I see is some guy writing pure crap on random threads, and surprisingly enough that's you.
Cokila (EUNE)
: Now its going crasy.
Everything works perfetcly fine for me Try to open the control panel ( Ctrl Alt Del) and close any LoL related programs in the running programs tab. If you keep getting this I suggest you to submite a ticket to riot support: (you need to do an account if you havn't already). Keep in mind if you do submit a ticket it could take few days untill you get an answer.
Aedre (EUW)
: Hmm useless and meaningless posts? Maybe learn to read ? I've listed him options to deal with yi. Keep on hating me and crying because thats what people like you will do anyway.
With this attitude no one will take your advice in any way. The boards aren't meant to trashtalk people, do it in game, at least you will get chat restricted or something and you will learn your lesson.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: What was wrong with the season 4 meta?
Feral flare was broken on release. Top lane was dominated by renekton/shyvana/trundle. Assassins dominated the jungle and Lucian/Jinx were the only played ad carries. literaly.
Sh0keR0 (EUNE)
: The game feels extremely unbalanced right now
Darius is fairly balanced, the only think I agree should be done is maybe reducing his Q heal. The reworked fixed nothing, he is still getting countered really hard by kiting. The only powerful thing about this are the new items, they scale so well with Darius, espically when his passive is now physical damage.
RayBigLan (EUW)
: When are adc's gna get some love?
Playing AD carries is probaly not really fun to do this patch :P I've seen once darius and garen duo bot lane and just removed the enemy's ad carry and made him so useless.
TeiX (EUW)
: they did claim they would do a balance pass on adc itemisation in a later time if i recall
Yeah they said they will work mostly on crit chance for ranged champions.
: Kassa's silence
There is a reason why all of the point click silences were removed from assassins, it left no counterplay, Kassa simply needs damage buffs for his mid game. other than that he is fine.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you awarded the same amount for wins/losses, people would have a tendency to not care about winning the actual game, but rather care about their personal score to farm mastery points. This way, if you really want to farm mastery points, you still need to work with your team and win the game.
This sounds reasonable enough.
Cokila (EUNE)
: I will remember your name just for the blocking list.
Ignore the Aedre guy, he is posting useless and meaningless posts all around the boards,
: 'They Are Coming' Analyzed: Yes, it's probably a new champion, and heres why.
Sounds prertty nice! Can't wait for their release if that's true :D They look so cuteeee
: wits end change?
I feel that wit's end is a really powerful item, it's just good only on varoius cases and champions (such as kayle) so you probally won't see this item built alot.
: New fiora ?!
Usually on teamfights instead of hiting the 4 vitals you just kill your target as fast as possible. You're not supposed to hit the four corners as it's pretty hard when their whole team is around you so killing the target first will probaly be better.
xCillion (EUW)
: Wouldnt that completely destroy the counterplay to the lantern tho? Standing on top of it so ppl cannot click it is afaik one way to make sure they cant escape/be saved. Taking that away would just be silly imo. Minions etc i could understand, but champs pls no :( And im saying this as a support main who loves thresh :x
I also saw once that you can place some wards when someone is trying to click it, I laughed so hard because it actually worked :D.
Jormungand (EUNE)
: Lissandra top variable?
Lissandra is stil viable on both top and mid. i guess she is played top in higher elo because of her romaing potential. In Lissandra top you focus your build on CDR and engaging mostly.
: Ranked Reward System
Prerrty much, but if you want a good placement next season i suggest you to keep climbing a bit.
Hat (EUW)
: I ussualy play off-meta things with a focus on counterbuilding. Wich is why I am best at playing tanks and supports. So it's not always a problem for me.
I remember I used to main Galio in season 4 and I play quite alot of sona mid, urgot and shaco so honestly I also play some off meta things. However because I don't play ranked that much I honestly stopped focusing lately on counter builds. I mean I do build certain items against certain champions but most of the times my build is prerrty much always the same thing when it comes to assassins/fighters or Ad carries
Hat (EUW)
: Obviously, but counterplay is also about what champion you play, you need to make sure to pick a viable champion to counter another. This can't be done ofc in blind pick, but balancing is done for ranked games I suposse. What you can do now is play champions that do % of max health damage because you can expect a lot of FoTM players. Gragas or Maokai for example have 1 ability that deals % of max health damage. You can build them tanky to survive Juggernauts better and they go well with Liandry's Torment. ANd ofc you can ask teammates to do similar things to have a better chance. But in the end blind picking is just a gamble if you will have a good matchup vs the enemy team. Rito can't really balance on that. They purposely wan't some champions to be stronger vs others, and in turn have other champions to be stronger against them. So people will have to think about team composition instead of learning to play 1 champion and play in in each game.
I understand, thanks for explaining, I'm playing since season 3 but I was always bad when new meta comes out as it takes me a while to adapt some new playstyles. Regardless I think dealing with high defense/hp stackers is prerrty boring but I guess I need to deal with that.
: Oh, I didn't see it as complain, but more likely a wrong approach to the matter. Those new items are indeed "strong", but not in absolute terms. They fills, or perhaps give tools, to a whole new niche which, as such, has never been in the game before, as someone pointed already: > [{quoted}](name=RamirezKurita,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mq4OpYZj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-08-28T09:45:12.168+0000) > > Once again: tank =/= someone who is durable. Tanks have a combination of durability and disruption, the juggernauts are all fighters, which have a combination of durability and damage instead. So, you're now forced to face a whole new "class" (role perhaps?) from scratch, having to create match-up's/laning management/powerspike curves knowledge from, basically, zero, or close, since the cycle of buffs/reworks and introduction of new items pretty much opened for new gameplay patterns. My lane Olaf suggestion just wanted to be an invite to seek this new "Juggernaut"-thing under a different point of view. Maybe the approach is wrong, since _you_'re trying to handle those picks as they were tanks or bruisers, but they're not. They're juggernauts. Probably the right approach is trying to focus on the weaknesses the new itemization patterns brought to the table, and act accordingly since the ban/pick phase.
The new itemization idea and concept is really good, but if you really compare the released items to other bruiser such as normal Hydra to titanic Hydra, looking on the stats Titanic will be probally be better ,
Hat (EUW)
: Even in blind pick a well balanced team is a pre. This was not a salt reply, I just think it's so sad when people complain instead of even trying. So many times after an update this happens, and then without Rito doing anything, it eventually calms down when people learn to take on their problem themself. Again, not saying there are no nerfs needed, but try to figure out how to counter it yourself first, as a psot on the boards isn't gonna help you. If you make posts about comming up with ways to counter them you can activly try to take on the problem, and if it concludes in no effective ways to counter then you have something to show to Rito. But right now they will ignore the rage and PLZNURF posts because they happen all the time and hold no constructive feedback.
Sorry if the context is misleading this was not meant to be a rage thread, Also you can't really counter it with any champ you play, I mean Last whisper will be good against armor stacking but not HP, Bork is not viable for every champion ( such as Riven). Also it may sound stupid but I wasn't looking for Riot feedback because I know that the EU boards aren't being even looked on.. I was trying to open a discussion regarding the new items and some ideas to nerf them as I don't have my own. Again sorry if it's misleading I have no problem with the recent reworks, only with the new 3 items.
: Sated Devourer needs a nerf.....(no QQ) + nerf ideas +[Poll]
I feel like the base attack speed needs to be lowered, in about 15% or so just to make the early game a bit weaker and make countering sated junglers easier
Aedre (EUW)
: OP you seem to be one those noob players who keep whining about certain champs being OP if you can't beat them. NP . L2P .
I never said anyone is overpowered, I'm saying the new items are a bit too strong compraing to normal AD items. Also please work on your attitude as it won't lead you to any discussion.
: I haven't tried it (well I'mbarely playing tbh), but could lane Olaf be what you're looking for? I mean, he's always been good at handling meele opponents and he benefits as well from the new itemization. If those champs were reworked into Juggernauts, it seems to me Olaf has kinf of been a Juggernaut-alike champsince his release. Again, I'm not sure about it, but a lane Olaf could shut down and be able to duel those picks even later in the game.
Sorry if the context is misleading, i'm not complaining about the reworks i'm just pointing out the fact that the new items are just too strong.
Hat (EUW)
: So Juggernaust are a bit overtuned right now, everyone already knows this because theres 100 posts a day about this. So you have nothing new to say..? Let me give you a piece of advice that works for anything when it's OP : Stop whining like a little girl, making post 1000 to cry for nerfs isn't gonna make your games better, Rito isn't gonan read every small post anyway. Try to figure out what you CAN do instead of rolling over and surrendering just because some noob plays the next FoTM. People who do that ussually aren;t the smartest as they jsut need to abuse an easy way to win. So if you use your brain once, for the love of Zilean, you can find out what it is that you need to do to counter these nubs. They pick Skarner? you pick Janna and never let them, or use champions/items that deal damage based on enemy's max health, WHILE you also have a support/midlaner that can kite the sh*t out of them. Will this solve all of your problems? Maybe, maybe not. But it sure as hell will make your games a lot better than rage-posting on the Boards.
Oh no sorry that I posted a thread about balancing in the Gameplay and Balance section! This is not a rage post, i'm simply saying the new items are a bit too strong and need tuning down, There again I play blind pick and not draft mostly. Also I checked the EU boards today and including this thread there is only about 3 threads regarding the new items. why are you so mad? Please tell me the point of your salt reply.
: if your playing it for fun stop bitching you shouldnt even matter about balance
I'm bitching because it's not fun :') I still care about balance as balacing is an important part of a fun game, I rather play a balanced game than an unbalanced game as it feels more fair and simply more comfortable.
Emillie (EUW)
: I have to agree, juggernauts can be assassins and full tank at the same time. As a main of a champion that is 50% assassin (read name), I feel that I have to put a lot more effort into positioning and managing resources/cooldowns to have the same effect of a Fiora facerolling. I know my main is in a good spot now, with a good winrate for its pickrate, but the truth is juggernauts are always banned, and she rarely is.
Glad to see that i'm not the only one who feels that way..
PepijndM (EUW)
: Just pick Ashe and kite, it works vs Darius, Garen and Skarner, haven't tried Morde yet.
Kiting Garen and skraner is almsot impssible unless you got flash/youu're kalista or a good vayne player. Darius is even easier to kite but morde is harder because of the increased attack range.
: > [{quoted}](name=KSG PoôhLover,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mq4OpYZj,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-08-28T10:08:05.862+0000) > > So now bruisers are allowed to get freelo? > > All of the roles should have a fair state, going 3 bruisers and leaving the two spots for ADC and support is stupid and you know it. Again: the kind of {{champion:236}}, mid lane monsters like {{champion:115}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}} and assassins and a lot of other champs took YEARS to get fixed. Juggernaut are not even one month old and they are already being fixed. If that's enough for you to leave the game cause you can't deal with champs who got No GC but some facade of mobility, be my guest.
I never said im leaving, You see i'm playing this game for fun unlike most of the community nowdays. Out of 10 games in the recent patch I had at least two "Jaggernaus/bruisers". Literaly in 8 out of those games. This is simply not fun, and it's the first time there is a patch that actually caused me to stay back a bit. Again, i'm not a ranked only player, i only have like 90 games this season in ranked and will only play it to get to plat V which is 3 more divisions. Other then that I play only normal with my friends,
: Because assassins had like 4 seasons to get freelo. It's time to pay the piper. Live with it.
So now bruisers are allowed to get freelo? All of the roles should have a fair state, going 3 bruisers and leaving the two spots for ADC and support is stupid and you know it.
: The problem arent only the tanks. It's the happy spam of true damage for so many champs, especially %-health true damage, which cannot be countered. On Vayne, its ok because: -shes naturally VERY squishy -needs Items for sustain -needs 3 hits on the SAME target to proc it -its actually not overwhelmingly much -doesnt scale with anything Fiora: Scales with AD Garen: On every AA, Spin and Ult vs Villain which pretty much turned him into a Shutdown Dispenser. Also is naturally tanky, mobile and has sustain
I also think titanic hydra black Black cleaver and the new item that gives base damage(forgot it's name) are a bit too strong and let's say they weren't really needed as bruiser could already build 2 damage items and the rest defense items, it just gives you both offense and defense which is kinda silly if you ask me.
: Tanks with Damage? Nothing new. They just used to be the AP ones{{champion:32}}{{champion:3}}{{champion:57}}{{champion:31}}{{champion:113}} , rather than AD ones. So now the AD ones are messing around. Durr...
But those are engagers and not Juggernauts. Juggernauts will deal more damage and will have more mobility and better chasing potential. My point is that dealing with these things are not fun .
Hat (EUW)
: They're not tanks. they're just beefy, they just have too much mobility atm though. I played Garen few times and its too easy to chase people. But I don't mind playing against one. there tons of champions and some of them that were underplayed before are now viable because they kite them bruisers better
Ok then let's call them a better version of bruisers, and not tanks. Let me give you an example. You can build normal Hydra on lets say Riven and ghostblade, on the other hand you can build the black cleaver and titanic hydra instead yet having the same damage just with 800 more health, with losing 10% crit strike for armor breaking which in the current tank meta will somewhat be better.
: Man, any tank can kill squishies, with little, to no effort at all. It's not only the juggernauts, trust me. As squishies have no form of resistance built, just their primary resistances that scales per level...
Even though it's not about if you killed them or not, it's about how fast you did, espically later on in team fights, my point is that a juggernaut can dive carries prerry easily now while some assassins just can't do that anymroe unless they are getting killed afterwards (such as Shaco). Bruisers were in an ok state and the recent patch wasn't needed to buff them simply because they didn't need one
: Though a lot of people will contradict you, i can understand you current feeling. The bruisers definitely got a buff, and you have to adapt your playstyle. FOTM was often annoying in League's history. And currently, it definitely is. You are bound to a very specific champion pool in the current meta, and this is bad.
But you gotta admit this thing is anti fun. I don't support items that give both Defense and Offense, it sounds rather retarded for me personally. I play this game for fun mostly, I have stopped playing ranked because I feel the current balancing of the game is simply unfair. My point is that this patch is an anti fun patch and I'm staying back untill it's getting tuned down a bit..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: ***
I understand that, but to be honest I rather be against a Nautilus for example rather then a Garen in the jungle role (yes Garen jungle is viable now) You gotta admit that it's not really fun to get killed incredibly fast by a tank.
Rioter Comments
: Break the meta and follow your path
LET'S DO THIS! {{champion:37}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:1313}} {{item:3135}}
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Riven has ton of counters actually which is why she doesnt see much play in LCS People just dont know how to play against her
She is not played in the LCS because her role doesn't fit competitive play. Usually top laners in LCS are champion who has alot of CC that is hard to avoid.. With a good roaming potential.
Aldamir (EUW)
: How to get out of bronze?
I honestly suggest you to play normals a bit to understand the new meta and all of the changes. And play champion who can carry and snowball hard such as Katarina, Akali, Riven, Zed, Talon etc..
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: To anyone who says Kassadin is in a good spot
Kassadin is hard to balance, he has great mobility while he kinda lacks in early mid game damage. I'm not a kassa main but I played him after all of the changes and I can definelty say he could use some boost to mid game damage.
: Buff Lucian
Agreed. I miss Lucian's glory days in s4 because i'm truely sick of graves and vayne dominating all season..
Omnus (EUW)
: That actually looks pretty cool. Shame Riot will never see it.
True that, if it's not posted in the NA Boards there is no chance this will get viewed.
Fújin (EUNE)
: If you care more about how a champion looks than it's kit then you have some serious fetishes on your mind. You really should stop watching Sarah Jessica Parker.
They are just making useless changes to splash arts when the old ones look perfectly fine and better, As a hipster guy I miss the old Kayle Ezreal and Katarina splash arts, as they were good enough and for some reason changed to look 2 times worse. Same thing with Fiora now. Also just look at her! This is freaking Disney Cartoon crap.
: New HUD, did we really need it ?
They just need to get the old layout, y'know CS and score on the upper right side, get the items to right side again and for the love of god get back the old scoreboard layout, the new one is horrible. Other than that an option to disable HUD animations of the abillity bar would be nice.
: Fiora Splash Alternative
The problem in the new fiora is her bangs and weird face.. I was browsing reddit and I found someone saying she looks like the girl from the movie Ratatouille. Which is so awkwardly true lol.
Oktago (EUW)
: Old HUD
I think they could have updated the old HUD look but with the same layout.. The new HUD layout is all cruched inside and so not comfortable. Also the new animations on the ability bar is kind of an "eye candy " distracting and they should add an option to disable these as it bothers some players.
Shykun (EUW)
: Indeed.Old HUD and old announcer female voice was much better.Please give us an option to change them.I won't even talk about new Fiora....
IMO the announcer fits only in the Butcher's Bridge ARAM map , he doesn't really fit in the Summoner's Rift at all.. So yeah I get Bilgwater event and stuff but still..
reftion (EUW)
: Chat Restriction
If you didn't act negatively you wouldn't get it, /thread
Exponadal (EUW)
: Toxic player looking for help
Just try instead of saying it in a salty way, say to them what they did wrong and what they should do next (in a polite way of course). This can actaully win your games if they listen. Helped me alot
HV Cable (EUW)
: When should I stop /mute all
There is salt everywhereeeeeeeeee, I'm sorry but this is kinda true, the number of toxic players may not be the same but there still are even in challenger. For example two LCS players were permanently banned about a year ago because of being toxic in SoloQ games. And LCS is somehow beyond challenger. However usually you will see less often toxic players in around platinum. Just be aware that doesn't mean you won't see them, you will see them everywhere.
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