: I recived a 14 Day ban for an insult out of context
Happened to me twice this year. I'd say there's a problem in me, if I honestly saw one. A guy inted in my game, clear footage shows he did, I got banned just because of saying that he simply does not give a shit. I can even clip it, but I'm at the point of "I can't even bother with it" since Riot doesn't give a shit anymore. Good luck with that, dude. I hope at least helps knowing you're not the only one.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Popizdjela Krava,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vjYuxtga,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-26T14:13:01.227+0000) > > Literally everything I say you ignore it and stick to the one single word I say. > > Let's see if you'll get the message like this > > i'm saying that the system needs an upgrade not to bring the old one back just like it is can you get what im saying right now > > good? But the upgrade/addition you are suggesting is in fact the old system. It's a manual review of a game what you are asking. And given the popularity of this game, and the amount of games involved/played, you don't seem to understand that this suggestion practically slows down the system even more. Even if you consider conscripting the High Honour players (which is an issue on it's own, because people tend to honour gameplay not behaviour, and that is mainly Riot's fault), the "upgrade" will still be as slow, if not slower, as the the Old Tribunal. You can't force people to spend time judging cases.
> But the upgrade/addition you are suggesting is in fact the old system. It's a manual review of a game what you are asking. Instant punishments shouldn't be removed, I'm still insisting on that, but, some that are more conservative of the outcome itself should be reconsidered of reviewing them on a higher note rather than having them thrown out just because the system basically neglected it. Also, the millions of nanobots and stuff - still, on the future note. Doubt Riot could %%%% up pretty bad on that one, so, in my opinion, some minor change should do it ;p
: > [{quoted}](name=Popizdjela Krava,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vjYuxtga,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-26T14:08:46.970+0000) > > read. I did and I repeat ... if newspapers and tens of thousands of adults can debate for weeks if one player is offside or not, then you believe that anyone around here has the mental acumen and clear subjective thinking to judge "pinpoint" replays of a much more complex situation like e.g. a teamfight .?. No, we'd have every ill-mannered flammer along with a 2 minute review reel to show why he felt so right in flamming someone that made a mistake or misplaced and Aoe ultimate. And, as I said, I am all in favour for that ... it will be grand fun to watch ... it just won't be effective :D
That makes sense. I re-read yours as well, it would be a fun debate after all over if one did int or not. Wonder if that'd be the future? xD Thanks for commenting on this!
: > [{quoted}](name=Popizdjela Krava,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vjYuxtga,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-26T14:09:26.722+0000) > > I mean, I'm just giving out suggestions, everything can be either upgraded or ignored, I ain't the judge of it. I'm just here to see if anyone agrees with me when it comes to this Well i agree with your general idea that the system for detecting trolls and inters need work and to a degree i like your suggestion on adding replays but i just dont think it would be cost effective for riot to implement. I kindof get your idea for the tribunal but what about if the chat offences that the current system seem to deal with well is left as is but the tribunal was reopened for intentional feeding and trolling reports? If they had replays attached so players could look at them and vote, if the majority votes for a punishment then its passed to riot to review and assign a suitable punishment. I would much rather see riot assign the punishments than the tribunal, this is simply to help weed out the false reports. To clarify this would be keeping the current systems but also adding tribunals for the things riot has said they sometimes find hard to accurately detect. It would mean they arent increasing the time it would take currently to punish someone whilst adding something to help with a system they know is flawed. I know what i have suggested will also take additional time and resources from riot so i dont actually think this would be implemented however its the best i can think of right now, any ideas? EDIT: having reread op im unsure if what ive just said is basically what you ment in the first place? Originally i thought you ment removing the curren system to switch back to the tribunal. Also the number of reports per game is ignored as premades can easily abuse this.
Yeah, it kinda is a summary of what I was going for, though this was just a sloppy made thread, that, well, just draws unnecessary hate as it seems. I really appreciate your looks on it! Yeah, again, it's easily abuseable, but there might be a way to surpass it. Thanks buddy!
Smerk (EUW)
: As a person with honor level 5 I vote to leave current system in place. It is much more efficient and accurate than old tribunal was
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Popizdjela Krava,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vjYuxtga,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-26T13:38:09.583+0000) > > I stated that it should be back using all the updates that've been implied in the League for the past year or so, just so the "intelligent trolling" would be prevented No, it shouldn't be back, even though I would like to be a "judge" again like I was back then. That system was way to slow at punishing players. Currently, a player may be punished within 5 minutes of their transgression. Compare that to the old system that would take days, or even weeks, to punish someone. Then there's the 2nd apart from speed which is impartiality. An automated system is "blind", so it'll punish you regardless of context. We, humans, may not do that. You suggested the inclusion of highlights, but those take a lot of time to review and should only be used for severe infractions. There are millions of games played every day. Most of the community doesn't care about judging, which was part of the problem with the Tribunal, so what makes you think that this time it would be any better? Just face it. It's better to have a machine doing that job for us. The other problem I have here is "intelligent trolling would be prevented". No it wouldn't. Everything can be broken and we, humans, are experts at "finding a way",
Literally everything I say you ignore it and stick to the one single word I say. Let's see if you'll get the message like this i'm saying that the system needs an upgrade not to bring the old one back just like it is can you get what im saying right now good?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Nothing that involves replays will ever work. There are way too many players for that.
I mean, it could've been synced to work with the temporary database, so the question of memory would be out? ;p
: As much as i like the sound of adding replays to provide better evidence im not sure if that would work out well for riot. They would need to spend alot of time going through all the replays and the majority would likely be from people just reporting people they dont like when they are mad as are most of the current reports. Do you have any ideas on filtering out false reports easier? Its not that i think this is a bad idea, its probably one of the better ideas iv heard, however thats only if you ignore the time and resources riot would need to put into it to make it work.
I mean, I'm just giving out suggestions, everything can be either upgraded or ignored, I ain't the judge of it. I'm just here to see if anyone agrees with me when it comes to this
: Do you watch football .?. In some countries, where football is more than a sport, the "after game" show and the talks whether a tackling was a penalty or not, or if the free kick out of which a team's goal was created was in fact not a foul or whether a goal was off-side or not, can take days or even weeks. Newscasters, newspapers, simple people can talk about a single off-side controvercy for DAYS. And you want us to judge full replays .?. Just imagine it. And imagine the "omg I got perma for one game" threads WITH a replay. It will be fun to watch, for sure ... but more effective .?. No way.
> Also, I'd add the ability to attach the game replay and pinpoint the parts of the game that were crucial where that special someone decided to just run it down mid. read.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Popizdjela Krava,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vjYuxtga,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-26T13:19:31.128+0000) > > Since the Tribunal's been removed, pretty much everyone that's been involved into the game for quite some time knows how to abuse the system to the point that the trolling individual ends up not getting punished for messing the game up completely. Don't use strawmans to make a point. The Tribunal system has nothing to do with this, simply because you could abuse that system the same way with "intelligent trolling".
I ain't saying that either he should be back in the same manner as it was, nor saying that the Tribunal system was perfect in any matter, I stated that it should be back using all the updates that've been implied in the League for the past year or so, just so the "intelligent trolling" would be prevented.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: 22/2/12 Katarina with 39% kill participation, that's not that good.
well, this is tilt coming out from me, therefore the post and everything. Luckily, I've got the info I've been trying to find so, yeah xD
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Greetings Popizdjela Krava Every game you play with a champion, you will earn a grade based on how well you performed in comparison to all other players in your region that have played your champion-position combination (i.e., Vel'Koz bottom lane will only be compared to other Vel'Koz bottom lane players), with S+ only being awarded to the highest percentile of players. These grades are not persistent and only represent how well you performed in that specific game. However, a higher grade is worth more points towards your mastery of that particular champion. While you are graded versus all players in your region, the grading system is not influenced by your matchmaking rating (MMR). There is nothing to stop a Silver 2 from being the best Lissandra player in the region, should they consistently score S+ for their games. Performance uses a mix of core game metrics that Riot is confident cannot be abused through means such as AFK farming or spam warding. Riot will not reveal the exact factors that determine grading to prevent players from attempting to game the system.
Thanks for that, I've been trying to find info for that, but i couldn't. Sorry for my outburst, i'm just a bit tilted, that's all. Have fun!
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: Do you see any Rivens in your league winning lane and then game? pls tell any toplaner that loses against her and if Riven gets ganked ones do you think she still can carry the game? Not trying to be rude want your honest opinion. (Have you tried her?)
fam, i don't play Riven much, and still went 14/2 last fokin game, Riven is retarded champion. Full stop.
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: Same problem {{champion:63}}
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Stell (EUNE)
: it's supposed to be annoying punishment. Making you able to do stuff while waiting wouldn't be that big of a punishment
Well, now that you said that, I realized that I forgot to put ; If you are waiting w/ a friend. I was waiting with a friend today, that had LPQ and I was just bored af xD
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Bezo (EUW)
: Country Flag Summoner Icons
I actually do like an idea, but it's about the enviroment. NA - Mexicans hated EUW - French hated EUNE - Polands hated
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: You don't need a Rioter, you need God, son.
but the fact that this is happening 2nd time tops it
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Arsene (EUNE)
: They dont care, all they want is to make money of of chroma skins
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T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Well Rengar actually can perform the fastest kill on earth. I do not count situation where someone gets oneshoted cause was behind etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW_st2H2Y2Y He build 4 dorans blades and it is enough for him to destroy you, or jungle item(warrior) and youmuu and he oneshots every squishy.
This wasn't even oneshot tho. Rengar breaks stealth with bola strike to stack up ferocity on 5, afterwards he jumps in freaking last second and activates ferocity Q. Still full AD Rengar effect which is kinda friggin op.
: Rengar main here.... Tiamat + ghost blade and I can one shot mid lane and the adc and the jungler too if it is {{champion:60}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:35}} Maybe shaco is the only annoying one in that jungler list though. But heck even nidalee, I don't need to use my ult empowered E combo, Ult Empowered Q with Yommus + Tiamat and the one shot combo is enough for me to make her dissapear giving her no time to escape.
Also a Rengo main here. EDIT ; Also, what I've forget, the oneshot happens when you have decent runes and masteries. Ofc Hydra + Youmuu's, and the midlane and adc are done, as iMpact said. But, however, I do like to play him top, and if some kind of tanky top comes you are going to have a hard time. And Rengar doesn't need nerfs, they aleready shat on him with the new jungle, and if he gets nerfed, freaking tryndamere will get his butt. Even tho this doesn't even have connection to the thread, Rengar has the best mobility in game, when you just use passive on minion to escape 3 people ohmegod that feel :3
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: bird is the word
: Viktor: Faceroll, useless when behind. Azir: Use skills wisely, more rewarding because more and actually reliable CC, useless when behind. Pre-"Rework" (more like Pre-nerf) Viktor was a lot stronger than the new Viktor. They're kinda hard to compare because they work really different and have different advantages/downsides.
Also, Azir can kinda tower dive without getting hit by one of you know what i mean :D
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: Azir. You can make much more sick playz with him than with Viktor.
You simply gotta love the Q, E, ult combo for pushing 3 of them into your team for 3/0 :3
I am good (EUW)
: Viktor. Skill is meaningless without force.
I still think Azir deals bigger dmg than him, ofc if built correctly, but Viktor is somewhat better for late games..
: Azir is more fun, but Viktor is better to carry games.
I know, that's why my mind is bugged currently lol :D
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: .. So what is exactly the bug?
I've kinda lost the words for no reason, Pulverize doesn't work once in a while
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: stuck in plat I
world needs you, don't
StigtriX (EUW)
: [Skin Suggestion] Bowler Ziggs
Nice, but Ziggs already got new skin, so I doubt they'll give it to him in a long time
: I'm tired of these people, you?
I hate that. But i prove them wrong in 1v1 every time. {{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}}
: Ranked ARAM
Idea from long ago.. Still supporting it{{summoner:13}}
GarikZ14 (EUW)
: Thanks for help guys ! I think I will choose karma or annie ( I still need to try ryze)
Don't still pick Karma. For midlane, she is kinda weaker when she goes 1v1 comboing vs other midlaners.
: let's make a tunnel
: Uber Facts About League
i just love this. Daredevil Floufy in the action!{{summoner:31}}
: meh would even play teemo before playing zed :p
GarikZ14 (EUW)
: Mid Noob - Lux,Morgana,Ryze or Annie
I recommend because, you're basically still low level, to play Annie. So strong, in late game unstoppable if you stack your abilities right, and best for countergank in early game.
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