: Mind if iask ou what elo are you exactly?
Its a myth within community, are u serious? When i play top why do i go 90% of the time against a mage? U think its fun sitting on my turret waiting for a gank like a rat just cuz he ppicked kennen cuz he can do anything he wants with that pick? No its not fun and they gain way too much shit from only 1 item. Look at ludens echo ffs look at that item, u think thats ok?
: conqueror is still too good on bruisers wtf are you smoking , for a bruiser player you legit have no ground to complain go pick kled aatrox irelia jax and carry games , nope mage itemization isnt op its a nice myth within community but nope , on the jungle i can agree
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: Aka "I play bruisers/fighters, so I want everything else to be nerfed". That's literally the only class you don't want to be nerfed.
I play literally every role. Every single role and almost every single champion. There is too much damage in the game and yes bruisers are the weakest.
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: You can always play kennen vs yasuo. it's really usefull and funny.
: If you have an issue with the game, ranting on the forums likely won't get you a positive response. In the end it's YOUR decision to quit or not quit league and I doubt many players, especially random ones on the forums, will care for your departure. If you wish to leave do so, do not create drama. It's not needed. That being said, Riot IS trying to fix toxicity. Have you not seen all the QQ threads regarding being banned? Most of them, as in nearly all, are justified. League isn't Dota. This is correct indeed. But in the end it's up to Riot how to balance the game. To be quite frank if they were doing a bad job no one would be playing anymore and yes, while I do agree some of the newer champions and reworks have given away some highly overloaded kits (including Yasuo, which seems to be your main complaint right here), but it's all up to the company itself to keep its playerbase happy. And no matter the case, it's impossible to have millions of players and keep literally everyone happy. If you do leave the game, good luck finding something else for enjoyment. Don't feel stuck here because of us. It's all your choice.
This is made for creating drama and expressing yourself. I get what ur saying, just wanted to share my pain.
: try to see the bright side of it.. always be optimistic my friend ;)
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: ITT: Challenger player complaining about Yasuo. This is almost unbelievable, as you go in higher elo, you will see Yasuo has less and less winrate because he's really squishy with terrible base stats. Once you shut him down, he won't likely come back. He is the ideal example of a "feast or famine" champion. If you get destroyed by him even after killing him a few times, you need to learn to play against him.
Didnt u read what i said? I kill him 2-3 times in lane, when he gets his first item which is probably statik shyv hes dmg gets incredible also that shield makes him really good for trades. And yes he can come back so easily. Buy infinity edge after ur statik shyv and u have 100% crit chance and every crit is 700 dmg.
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: That is really sad, BTW when did they make yasuo easier (lot ppl said his skillfloor was made lower)? As far as I remember even after a month or two of his release there were like 10% who could play him to be at least useful, while now everyone is a monster with him. (I skipped a lot of time and see him in every normal game and 80% of my ranked games, but maybe you can answer it since you did not take longer breaks)
: So true. The toxicity part as well. I got an acc on EUNE too. The game is barely playable on that server. /ignore all is not even working because people ragequit all the time. PLus due to a smaller player base I keep fiding the same people around. Yesterday I had this guy that spammed "DIEEEE, DIEEE ALLL, YOU HAVE ALL TO DIE" everytime he got killed (like 12 times or so), and he truly was a fun one. About unbalancing much has been already said. This season sucked from the first day and it didnt got any better so far. In plat is veigar time now, because another point and click instashotter is the true answer to the juggernauts, or sated devourer.
I turned off the all chat but its still not enough. I have to mute 1-2 players from my team each game and then i cant even work with them and i have to use pings to communicate.
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: > [{quoted}](name=PillowFighter94,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vnEitBIl,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-05T22:19:11.138+0000) > > keep in mind that its like 300 same people that i play with all the time. Yeah, I guess that kinda sucks when you reach challenger. However, you could start a new account on EUW [if you haven't done that already] and reach challenger there as well. That could keep you busy and fun for a while. :)
Already did and its kinda boring until i get to higher elo (starting from Diamond) and i get frustrated until i get there because people are just....well you know.
: Can't agree more. The things that Riot did wrong: - Not using PBE to it's full potential - Releasing a "class" that's already been stated OP "Juggernaut" (Garen as example: used to be a tank, now he deals triple the ap carry damage while playing as tank) - Some of the items specialy statik, tiamat and sheen deals to much damage which makes certain champions to powerfull as starter items - We all know those times that a lot of assassin champions kill to fast without getting a single hit on them but now it feels half the champion pool is an assassin I highly doubt Riot is testing the champions seriously because everything what comes from PBE is considered OP just as kindred will be. I actualy question them why they still run PBE because it's the biggest trashbin they ever created because we all test it REALY on the alpha servers... Every champion that has either released or had a rework is: - Overpowered - Needs 3~5 patches to get to it's final - Gets overnerfed - Gets patched again - Repeat We hang in the same meta every time again there are only a few champions that are played the most "OP" champions in game which makes this game pretty boring. And if someone want to pick a non meta champion you instantly get reports yelled and flamed through the whole match. League of Legends starts to be more a frustrating game as an actual "fun" game... Who or what is the problem: Easy.. Riot is because they don't seriously test things or work things out before they release something, they just release it whatever PBE says and let the whole community ragefit about it and then they start doing something and what they do is put the champion in the trashcan because it gets overnerfed again and they start the cycle again with a new champion or item or class or whatever it might be. League of Legends exist out of 40 champions that are played regular the others are a waste of time....you can ask Riot whatever you want they wont give one little sheet about it. "Riot goes where he pleases - Mundo"
I tried to keep it short because i had to go to sleep. I can write 10 pages of what is wrong with current League of Legends.
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