Pεanut (EUW)
: Isn't the mission to just win 1 urf game? No one is forcing you to complete the missions. You don't have to. If you don't have fun or if you don't want to, then don't. Simple.
Peanut, Welcome to Europe. Rofl.
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: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
And Yes, You should never dodge if you are becoming a bully victim. If you dodge, they get with it. and you lose. If you stay in the game. Then they all lose with you . It is a win win :D
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
Just brush it all off. Don't let all these emotions get attached to you for way too long. Just relax. Get up, make some hot coffee. Treat your self. Take a break. For a minute or two, while doing something else besides thinking of how bad of other people can be to you. Don't let your self down becouse of things that are not in your control. These things just happen. Deal with it and move on ; )
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Hmm how can you call a statement of, for example, Blitzcrank who admitted few times on the chat that he is trolling and he doesn't care about the game? Flashing without a reason, afking, intentionally feeding etc. Well for Riot it was not a good enough reason to ban him. So I don't know what a "good reason" is anymore.
########## Remove ( or massively restrict ) Chat From the Game For Good. ###########
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: i hope you are not an adult and if you are then you have no excuse for being that naive, irrelevant and arrogant. but sadly you behave just as so many players that are tilting us in solo Q right now. The guy thats actualy the weak point of the team but yet he finds a way to complain to the others and start a chat war. just like a soccer player scoring a goal against his team by mistake and flaming the goal keeper for not stoping it instead of looking down and shutting the %%%% up
naah, cant judge a person if never seen in action. That is weird of you, acting if " knowing people inside out by the witten words on boards" What are a , a psychic??????
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Potatoe,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=K4QAKTJQ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-08T17:55:11.377+0000) > > "Why? Because no matter how well I play " > Well, the problem is, that you are playing not well enough to win The issue is, that there is a limit of what a Nami can do.
Are you serious? :D At the highest Limit that nami is possible. Is absolutely enough for becoming a pro player. Just master her to her maximum possible. And you will be ready to go.
Haze97 (EUW)
: You should shut up at this point.
Not to hurt "kids" feelings????? Grow up, before complaining about your 4 year old's mentality that you have. Grow up, please.
: Lol i played enough teemo for now ;)
Vayne {{champion:127}} Lucian, {{champion:40}} or Swain? {{champion:10}}
: What champs should I play for top?
NotLegend (EUNE)
: I`m not trying to be what others would want me to be,i trust my skills i`m not ofthen landing skill shots but i think i`m pretty damn good player,regarding to what you`ve added makes no sense to me,this is a 5 v 5 game a lane won doesn`t mean that`s a game won as well! ;) You get my point?
"I`m not trying to be what others would want me to be" Then stop blaming others, for not being the way you want them to be. Don't you get it? " You are not trying to be what other would want you to be and guess what YOU ARE DOING THIS TO OTHER PLAYERS YOUR SELF. WAKE UP, PLEASE "
: Quantity vs Quality
Brokenhz (EUW)
: you dont play ranked and you know how is working. Wtf...this people lel.
Well, yeah, i do know how its working. rofl.
: You're out of your mind lol. Feels bad to be you. Good luck with your life mate you gonna need that more then me in solo q.
Thanks , As an old saying goes - " A more skilled person, gets lucky way more often than not. " Cheers ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
NotLegend (EUNE)
: We don`t even get to a point where we can have fair matchups,you get a 400 ms adc and a jungler who has no glases on and he can`t see the minimap then you get a support who is thursty for kills not giving a single %%%% about your lane,farms ur lane get`s ur kills then at the end of the game he throws you in this " Look how much damage i have done,you guys suck " What are we talking about???
Can you read? I was talking about You, You getting Fed Every single game, And look where you put all the blame "you get a 400 ms **_ADC_** and a _**JUNGLER**_ who has no glases on and he can`t see the minimap then you get a **_SUPPORT_** who is thursty for kills not giving a single %%%% about your lane,farms ur lane get`s ur kills then at the end of the game he throws you in this" ok, if u are not able to gain what is best for YOU IN THE GAME, the you are bad. Sorry, That is a personal issue. Good luck blaming other for not being able to be the way you want others to see. GG m8
: Playing normal games and arams you don't even know what I am talking about. You are very new to the game to me and you trying to be salty as many players are, I mean right now im Plat 2 i think and i will climb back to dia eventually, it's the games on my climbing way what im complaining about. I love it when it's a close game where each team is equally good and it comes to execution of team fights and everyone do their roles. But what i've just described is a rare game I'm having like 1 out of 25 games. Other games are just either way easy win or impossible to carry loose. No matter how you do. But keep shitposting players who know what i'm talking about can relate.
"But keep shitposting players who know what i'm talking about can relate." Go talk to your mother, perhaps she will relate to you as well. rofl. xDD {{champion:432}} There is a bard icon for you. GG
Gabresol (EUW)
: I play support dimpling around gold elo. Just today I had this game, I ended as 2/3/16 Nami. I won lane, like I usually do, if I do not get a sleeping carry on bot or in one of the rare instance, I screw up and still lost. Why? Because no matter how well I play and even with a hilariously fed Fizz to back me up, winning a game where your jungler does not ward and keeps engaging the moment something red blinks up on the minimap, a toplaner that seems to believe the enemy jungler does not exist and an adc that does the classic solo-splitpush without vision, is close to impossible.
"Why? Because no matter how well I play " Well, the problem is, that you are playing not well enough to win
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: if you read his post he didn't say a word about his current elo rankings, so all he said that he was x in the past. next time try to read before shitposting
"I mean today, 3 times I have won my lane, helped kill enemy jungler made some good roams, but in the end I was like alone in team fights who actually didnt focus tank or whatever." Yeah, i can already see why hes losing so much. GG WP. Nice mentality.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: >.>"
wow, bugged. was ment to write " >.>" "
: Why is there a need for it? You shouldn't flame at all, period.
: Almost Zero Impact
Stop complaining about being x in the past and y at the moment. It is getting really ridiculous, Grow up, will you?
: This is my biggest problem, like when i play with people who are less skillful then you, it can really %%%% up your game play. Like when i support i see advantages that would be taken so easy in diamond, but because i'm stuck with playing with golds and low plats i just end up dying because my adc is not on the save wave length.
woah, you are such a genius, unbelievable !
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: They could just flame to the certain extent and then stop. Why would they need to know the limit when they are punished?
Why would you not want to not know the limit in the first place? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Yea thanks for the positive comments. I probably will look into maining other champions but its extremely hard to do so since the champions i tend to like are mostly off meta. and what i dont like is that the qualities that make champions meta are qualitites that make them too complete and easy to pick up and that dumbs down the game and i dont like it, so im probably gona end up quiting the game or i dont know what. Regardless thanks for being understanding and thanks for your comments
When ever you decide to quit, its completely fine. When ever you will feel the need to come back to league, we will be very happy indeed . As for now, when you are still here: I would suggest you picking up Sylas :D Cheers ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Something like a bar in the home screen with reaching points? Like this? https://content.invisioncic.com/Mflaregames/monthly_2018_06/espolios.jpg.2b30e890127dcb3369fb833d944ccb8a.jpg
Well, to be honest, i wasn't anticipating the idea gaining real in game form as such. The way i used to thing about it, it would be something more simpler. It would be activated only during the in game play. Monitoring chat. Then, add an icon, where the Voice chat and Camera lock in screen is, on the bottom, near the mini map. And a third little icon for the "Flame'o meter" Click on it, and there is the "Heat level" Per player in the game. Green, Yellor, and Red. The bannable. Players could see who is there to be banned. And only players would decide, if to make the final decision to report or to forgive.
: precisely that i dont like to play other champs their play styles dont suit me and im bad at them, plus i dont liek picking up a champ just because he is overpowered and broken, not only that but i used to main eve (the old eve) reached plat with her, until they reworked her and killed her, now she is a new champ, and it is very hard to adapt to new champions when you used to be a one trick and learned the depths of a champion.
Its okey. I see now how absurd looks corki that deals twice as damage with two basic attacks to you, when you have reached the deep levels of indepth of a champion that isnt as strong as it once was. Or, at least not as strong as other champions are. Well, it is completely okey. The game is constantly changing so yes. You could really find another champion that is as strong as the strongest ones in the game and dig deep into their depth that they present. Never get stubborn on a choise. There are way more possibilities to rediscover about league of legends in general.
: Pretty sure past ranks means something. Let me explain. If you have managed to get to a certain rank for several seasons that should be a pretty good indicator where your current skillcap is at. If i only just managed to get plat 5 for season 8 i might agree with you but since i've acomplshed getting to the platinum rank several times already and been grinding for a majority of the seasons in that division i would say that my skillcap is not yet good enough for diamond but that i am improving. You don't get a certain rank for several seasons and then suddenly "belong" in a lesser rank when you play the game quite consistently.
Well, its ok. We'll see how things sort out in the future. And for now, stay strong, m8 !
: > Could we see in game, how of a banable person gets over the period of a game? Its like, letting flamers know how at risk they actually are. So basically let them see how much they can flame without being banned? No thanks.
why not?
: As ive already said below its not a matter of being able to dodge skillshots or not it is a matter of having playstiles that are too safe and will do good in practically any circumstance, for example i was playing with corky dodged her q and e but she still autoed me twice with her pasive and i hit her with q and two autos (beggining of the laning phase) and she dealt nearly twise as much damage as i did just with autos. granted corki is not grat early and needs items to scale but thats exactly my point zoe does not necesarily fall behind late game and also has a very strong early. and the two other comments you can read what i posted below but if you want em to go in detal i cna explain it no problem
Okay, i can see that you have a point. Yes, corki did as twice with autos against you, but what stops you from playing a champ that does even more than corki?
: Doby is right??? in which way?
"just because she can one shot you because you can't dodge skill shots or you can't counter pick her does not mean she is a badly designed champion." "If Yasuo and YI are so braindead easy why doesn't everyone just play them from Bronze to Challenger?" "Every champion in the game is balanced. The game has a Rock, Paper, Scissors design which means that everything has counters, the fact is that you are complete garbage at the game and have not moved in rank for 6 years, and I am sure it's riot's design team that has put you in gold every season and has put people in challenger who have only played 2 to 3 years." Basically, everything :D
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: I cba to reply to your shit posting anymore.
giving up? Yep, gl hf in life.: D
: Why would i take advice from a guy who doesn't play ranked? Hhhmm do i use my 9 years of experience and constant 3 account around P1 to D3 or do i use the advice from a guy who doesn't touch ranked.
9 years of ignorance. Sad life. 9 years still not a challenger. Sad life 9 years, still not in lec. wtf man??? Where did these 9 years go?????
: Inpooption or perhaps, Poopception
: What has adapting got to do with my team constantly feeding and playing a lot worse then the enemy? You people clearly don't understand we currently talking about match making, and huge skill difference between the teams. Adapting does nothing when you're team is feeding their socks off every game.
Look at this point of wiev. Your team feeding, that means that those playing on the enemy side are actually good players. I mean, it is natural that better players win games. So you have to become the one that gets fkin fed every single game. If you don't then you have no right to complain. Ok? Get fed or get shittt on . By talking about being able to adapt. I ment that you have to play the champions that are absolutely broken. You have to get fed every single game if you want to win and carry. You have to be what the enemy is. Be the enemy that enemy cannot defeat, in any way possible. If you cannot figure the ways out of becoming one, then good luck in suffering and complaining for your whole life.
: > Like its become impossible to get people on my team who are constantly feeding or trolling or going afk. You should be happy for that rofl. I wish it would be impossible. On a more serious note though, your experience is EXACTLY the same as mine (i'm also last season dia and now p1) except I have somehow managed to play so clean that i'm barely holding above 50% win rate. EVERY GAME there is a player in my team that plays like he is intentionally but subtly trying to lose the game. Great majority of the time it's the adc. This ofc might have something to do with the newest patch with adc item changes. Every pleb wants to play that role now and they simply aren't good at it. People just randomly run into the enemy jungle alone for no %%%%ing reason when his team is still in base and the enemy team has baron. It's mind-blowing. I have seen many master tier players that play like low plats at best too. They have no history of being even near master tier before and suddenly they have achieved master tier with very good win rates and low amount of games this season. Like wtf is up with that? I try my hardest every game and other climb with pure luck... HOWEVER, new tiers have nothing to do with these issues. Absolutely nothing.
Come on guys. Being on higher ranks for long time means that your skill cap isnt developing enough. Now , when you dropped into the more mass population that had been playing various types of players, you simply struggle. Had a Master tier jungler on my Normal game. He was playing khazix and he was absolute dog shitt, i can assure you that.
: Best bet dude, is not to play ranked and just do normal's. Ranked is cluster %%%%. Or don't play the game all together league has lost its touch, people only play because they're addict or don't have a better game to waste their time on.
Flex 5v5's are a whole different story than what solo duo queue currently is. Give it a try !
: Gotta say, up to now I'm feeling OK with ranked, turned by 2-8 placements from last season around to 8-2, but I get what you're saying, have been experiencing it too, and hell yeah, I sure hpoe we don't get this unnecessary mess called "positional ranks"...
Hey, it is fine, just give it some time. These, who are the "give uppers" "cant win this cant win that" will eventually give up and call you in. So yeah, Once all these bad players are gone, only legit ones will remain. Just give it some time.
: I feel you guys. I was plat both s7 and s8 and being near d5 at one point. After the season started im basically stuck in gold 3, i might go on a losing spree and get demoted to gold 4 but by then my overall winrate is so bad i just get back to gold 3 in 1-3 games. The problem im encountering the most is that silver-gold-plat almost always play with eachother in ranked. Like why is 3 different divisions in the same elo?? Also maybe it's just my own delusional opinion but i feel like there is a shit ton of smurfs/boosters going around in ranked now. People playing on accounts with no former rank and pretty much just above lv 30 but they play at a high gold-platinum level and sometimes even better. Like i said, maybe im being delusional but some of my game feels like 1-2 people on either teams does everything while the rests are lacking severely in skill comparativily. For example. i just had a game with a thresh support and he was crazy good but insanely toxic towards every1. I figured he was one of the smurfs. After the game i reported him for his toxic behaviour, inspected his profile and hes gold in soloq, iron in 3v3 flex and diamond 4 in 5v5 flexq. So yeah this guy obviously is losing on purpose to get put in lower elos then behaves toxic towards others so he can feed his superiority complex. Hopefully this all fades away in a couple of weeks when the only people i'll be playing against is the "hardstuck" in their respective elo like me and not people that's gonna go from gold 4 or something to platinum 1 in a couple of days.
Your past ranks mean nothing. It starts all over again, and the ones, who were at the bottom, suffered a whole lot, now, they can see the daylight, and beat those who were there. So, perhaps, Plat is too high for you at the moment and gold is where you actually belong ; ))))){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Criamulus (EUW)
: I have to agree with your summation. I had a three year break for the birth of my son, getting back into it, got placed in Iron III (now Iron I) primarily due to not really playing for 3 years and going straight into ranked. However, 75% of games someone is either saying 'we can't win this' before we've even started, or swearing/trolling/flaming, it's worse than it was back when I played regularly (and was a decentish rank). Tried to get into it this season but it doesn't seem to matter how well I play, losing every game with absolute morons on my team flaming and talking shit (after going 0-6 in lane usually - flamers are always appalling players). Was it always this bad? I imagine because I'm in Iron this season due to losing all my ranking elo and being a bit shit in the promos that I'm now lumped in with the socially inept reprobates? I have improved my skill level massively in the last week, but my teammates are making it impossible to progress. (I realise this is often touted, it was 'how can I climb out of X league' all the time, but now it seems to be actually the case. 8 losses in a row. 3 of those I think were decent games and we lost due to late-game and fairness, the other 5 were appalling. (One game a guy even tricked me into picking Shaco for him, then refused to swap champion, (pretending he forgot what champ I said I wanted) - actually I found that very funny, I don't mind playing Shaco mid, was laughing all through the loading screen. However when he tower dived my opponent at lvl 2 and intentionally fed I wasn't so amused.. he then continued pretending to play but in teamfights (if he was there) he'd intentionally fire his skills off backwards so he wouldn't hit the opponents. Ultimate Troll. Anyhow, my two cents is - Jesus Christ I thought I missed this game over the last three year break period, but this Iron league seems to be filled with absolute arseholes who are not only totally shit, but make the game impossible to play for anyone else.
Well ofcourse. "We cant win this" You have to be the one, to show, in game, that win is still possible. If you are not as remarkable as you once were, then it is completely fine .
: It lost the competitiveness a long time ago.
You have lost, competitive spirit in you. It is ok, ;))))) Go try something alot simpler, like, Tetris? :D
: Funny. The game should be a competitive game. But nothing fun in a coin toss.
It is as competitive as never before. Try carrying your whole bronze team versus 5 decent enemies. That will challenge you a whole lot. If u cannot, then u are not eligible for challenger.
FlameClub (EUNE)
: you are right, the game is bullshit and i hope it dies, some of the champs are too strong and weak and the players, ugghhhhh!
It is called, Meta. You adapt or die. That is basic rule number one for survival in general. Not the smartest survive nor strongest, but the ones who are able to adapt. And you, complaining in here, means that you have no means of adapting. So yeah, Fare well to you. This game has never been bigger than ever before. And you are not in it. So yeah, Bye bye. :D Adapt or die.
: Yea i used to be a super nice and positive guy , but right now ive become a monster i just cannot stand it.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doby flonk u mom,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RzFlu9VK,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-08T08:18:07.997+0000) > > Playing since season 3 and is still Gold, yikes. > > 1. Zoe has a 48.81% win rate, just because she can one shot you because you can't dodge skill shots or you can't counter pick her does not mean she is a badly designed champion. > > 2. If Yasuo and YI are so braindead easy why doesn't everyone just play them from Bronze to Challenger? Oh right they don't because in higher elo you will realise that people have an actual brain and can counter Yasuo and Yi's weaknesses > > 3. Every champion in the game is balanced. The game has a Rock, Paper, Scissors design which means that everything has counters, the fact is that you are complete garbage at the game and have not moved in rank for 6 years, and I am sure it's riot's design team that has put you in gold every season and has put people in challenger who have only played 2 to 3 years. Bronze 1 with a negative win rate elo shaming a Gold.... Giga Yikes. Don't think you're in any position to be looking down on him.
But, Doby is right, i do completely agree with what he has written 110%
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