: I mean, maybe having a trading system would be cool?
It would, not for Riot They are money hungry thats obvious. Can you even imagine how much money they would loose if we had trading system?
: Lily, The Hope of Piltover ( Urgot + LeBlanc + Mercy Burst Mage / Support )
Not bad, but you got almost all scalings-flats very bad :P
Levıathan (EUNE)
: Cri Rex - The Elite Mercenary
Needs a lot of work I would say. Passive: Too many downsides, overheating could cause serious problem with farming - engage. What reset is on bonus dmg, is it like Vayne W, where it resets when you change target? Q: Simple, not too interesting. Except heat part no interaction with rest of kit. Also at 7 sec cd and channel, 80% scaling is weak for late. W: Good to use when ganked, but over all its just extension of passive. Not very interesting. E: Does it mean you can attack ONLY that one? Also "Increase" to 650, with average adc having 550, isnt much of boost. Its practically Tristana passive. R: Had similar idea for one of my concepts. However being able to get damaged by your team wont work. Also without some dash-invisibility, usage of this skill will be fairly limited. And nearly useless in lane. So overall, boring simple design that wont work in teamfight nor lane. Building up damage in team fight isnt something adc can offer, especially with no defensive skill. Almost nothing to contribute to teamfight. In lane, problem with engages, locked in short periods. Problems with CS. Easy to get ganked.
: [Champion] Name pending
3 words: Trolls = Bad idea.
: ideas for a new champ:)
First, I think you would get more attention if you organized your post better, Rito rarely reads posts and form you gave it is, discouraging, at best. Also you lack a LOT of details that are necessary, like scaling (per rank), or if she is ranged / melee. Lore: Ionians are portrayed as focused, clean, disciplined people. Your concept does not get there. Also I see Ana from Overwatch clearly, more so in HotS. Passive: Unless we are talking about tank, especially lategame, getting under 25%, with all these dmg dealers, is death sentence. Also we have less-hp=more stats champs, and its boring passive. Q: Is it single target? Skill shot? Why would this be good against junglers? What amount of "bonus dmg" W: "is hit on enemies as well" does this mean it has to hit allies too to get that effect? E: What does "greatly increased" mean? Dmg at end is just Twitch E. R: Boring, almost passive, practically modified Singed R. This is practically atk speed boost plus your E. Lacks any kind of creativity. Over all this seams like boring, simple minded champ. I dont want to discourage you from creativity, but this isnt much. I just want you to work more on it.
: The Manamune Ninja - Champion Concept
Unlike comments above, I like your concept, however I will try to "Be creative" and instead of mocking suggest some changes. Passive: You can get more mana then hp sure, but I think its balanced considering huge % price on Q and E early. Thou some sort of scaling would be nice. Like you get 33% from hp items and 66% from mana items as "mana-hp" you use. Q: Add scaling, not passive 200%, too strong early. Move armor ignore from this skill to E, and its ms slow/no dmg to this Q. It will be nice opener for ganking, but it should have slow animation, so it can be played around. W: Consumes a ton of energy, too much to be recasted. Also it is tiny dash if it not empowered. Why is it empowered by walls. I would adjust it like this: "Range is 350, 650 if standing in river. You gain dmg rezist while dashing, 25-35-45-55-65% and cc immune. Dash being 0.3 or 0.5 sec long. After colliding with wall, for next 0.3 sec can be recasted for 25 energy and can go over walls. While in recast window you are untargetable." Removing buff while dashing towards champs. E: I would increase blind and invis duration by small ammount. Make blind 0.2 sec and invis scaling. 0.8 to 1.5. For enhanced attack. First one should get scaled too. Your % is insane, it would, ignoring armor, would kill enemy at 66% hp. I would make it 40-55-70-85-100%. Also add delay and minimal dmg. Meaning it will start dealing dmg after 1.5 to 0.5 sec (level scaled). Minimal dmg should scale from ap not ad. Second attack, as I said in Q, should ignore 10-20-30-40-50% armor instead of slow and no dmg, this will work well with first attack and its delay. R: I like it, however I would also make it deal increasing dmg over time with burst dealing 25% of all dmg in the end. Also make it last 7-6-5 sec. I see it more like opening move while ganking, combined with second attack on E should deal surprising dmg. Also, I like that there is no base dmg. Add scaling to it and increase dmg. 400-500-600% Make channeling 5-4-3 sec long. Considering this is basicaly 4x 5x or 6.5x attack on assassin that should build mana, I would say its ok.
: Aeron Champion concept
Is he Melee or Ranged? Seems ranged but then adding actual range can say a lot. Passive: So you want champ who builds ap, to gain dmg for abilities, and aa. Add scaling, or this can be broken. Q: Not very interesting skill, needs more to it. Also seams as only real dmg ability outside of R. If he will rely only on this one, and it having corresponding dmg, this will be broken as it would be hard to dodge. W: Needs minimal duration or scaling amount of aa needed to destroy it. E : As vision only skill, well it will be frustrating for both sides. For him it poses almost no value in combat, and enemy cant have wards as long as he can get to them. R: So it is Self centered? For ranged champ it would have to be huge. Why not make it that its rather medium sized, does Dot dmg, and enemies can only see you if they are Inside. Enemies outside fog cant see you.
Jinsοyun (EUNE)
: Champion Suggestion
This is just mix of Fiora, Darius, Yasuo and Dota Axe. With cleave. Also, you say its Woman, but you refer to her as "Him" in most of text
: new champion idea : adrean the vanisher
Few issues, not mentioning grammar A: Kayn is scythe champ, having two with same theme, not very ideal B: Is he melee? Seams so but stating it would be nice C: Missing scalings and base dmg in tiny Passive: How long they last, if forever do they reset? Is it like every 5th and every 6th? And what is "precise"? R states passive has cd, what cd? Q: If second one goes at same speed as first, collision is very unlikely Second throw should be very quick for this to work Also how does he attack without weapons W: This is practically Garen spin with option for bonus dmg, and this boost with "Death" mark being 2 sec long will be minimal. Plus this looks like channeled ability E: Does "Hope" still boost W? And honestly getting "Hope" from being attacked sounds like mocking for attacker. And if this is only way to charge passive except of ult, 12 cd is stupid R: Just boosted Kayn Q, also in passive, what does "Break" mean for rezistances, is it like they go 0? Thats true dmg from all sources.
: Burny Burny Death Child is Evil
Yk why Annie mains wear helmet? Point mouse, smash head against keyboard, get kill. After few dozens of games it really hurts. Plus you need good keyboard. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Szem: The Observer of Shadow Isles (Support)
I would dare to say that previous response was pretty off. Those are my note: 1: Way you written it down, can be improved a lot. I can do that if you want. 2: Having enemy infected, (adding new effect to game), just for purpose of corrupting wards is waste of potential. (in case you will response I will make some suggestions) 3: Without damaging abilities there is only one way to build (full tank) Rito will never accept that, 4: -Q- Knockup isn't at place, too huge aoe, would make terrifying combos with %%%%suo, way worse than Malphite. Would suggest to instead slow and ground, plus Ap scaling dot. 5: -W- Too long stunn on long ranged, since ward is invisible it will be scarier than teemo shrooms. 6: -E- Remove close-cast part, he already has too much CC. 7: -R- First type cast is overpowered, plus its practically enhanced Nocturne R without dash. Second is overpowered, trapping whole enemy for even more than 3 seconds is broken. Would make it maximum of one (closest one) In total: Too much zoning potential. Has to have some various build paths. While his wards are on CD - Enemy uses enough sweepers- he is completely useless. Even this needs lot of work, one up for you for good effort! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Says abilities count as 3. Will change dash
Im sorry, but I see number 2 there. Also, there is big difference between Need 3 charges and Removes 3 charges (simplified) but thats just pure philosophy. PS: your link to Imgur doesn't work :(
: Meant to add it so that ablities count as 3 to w and will change e. The 800 range dash is a long cd. Inspired by shen e
Shen dash is 600 units not 800, thats 33% increase in range. Ps. change (basic abilities count as 2) into ( To block abilities 2 stacks are needed) this way you wont block with 1 stack, instead it ignores it and blocks next AA
Niraya (EUW)
: unsealed spellbook alternate summoner's spell feature
Logical, should have pop-up windows for choice
: [Champion Concept]Eques, the Unknown Night
Nice, but needs few changes for balance. W: Blocking 5 abilities is insane in duels, instead I would change it so ability block counts as 3 AA, and only one hard cc (excluding knockup) is blocked. E: Invulnerability and unstoppable wont do, Fiora W works similar and is considered broken. This not only works as movement action, it stunns and makes you immune. Instead of invulnerability change it so you take 20-30-40-50-60% reduced dmg during it. Also 800 units is a lot for tank. R: Add upper max that does not scale with hp. Otherwise you get Darius who doesn't even need to stack bleed. ps add range of leap. Other than that broken E. good concept. One up for you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}


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