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: I sincerely understand this game is making u flame, it boils my blood sometimes, I today got an irelia that blamed me for dying 1v1 just because I was his jungler.. proceeded to write 10 paragraphs in chat how it was my fault, I muted him but that didn't stop his spam ping. Then I got angry and flamed him. Moments later I got chat restricted. This game can make any nice guy into a flamer. It's a core problem of Moba's. In real life, if someone hits you in your face, do you hit back? Or do you run away and report it to the police.. Most people hit back. Most people respond if you argue with them or insult them. The fact everything in this game is flame and arguments can't be resolved is truly sad.
You are so right man :( . we should talk to riot about this. WE CANT STAND THIS ANYMORE
Caltys (EUW)
: I don't see why riot is banning people for being toxic. We all are toxic it's the whole community are they planning on banning every account?
u are right man :(
Riryz (EUW)
: Good Luck!
Riryz (EUW)
: doesnt matter. you still flamed. doesnt matter when you start, the moment you flame you already deserve punishement. although riot doesnt instantly start punishing. everyone loses it once in a while. however if it frequently happens then there is no excuse. i play this game for about 4 years and never even had a warning. but if i decide to start flaming then i have a punishement within a week. 0 teamwork and bad teams are no reason to flame anyways. theyre in that elo for a reason. you shouldnt get worked up over someting you cant change. either way its to late for you (unless youre planning to make a new account and make a fresh start of course. in that case good luck. if not then i hope you find another game you like. ps: its not my thing to downvote replies that do not personally harras me. youre just replying to me normally so just so you know it, the downvotes are not mine. its also pretty stupid that people downvote replies in a conversation in which they dont even belong.
I actually thought about what u said and u are right! I am going for a new start tu bro :) . I RLY appriciate ur time for reading this and explaining me better. iam rly gratefull to u for changing my mind for everything.I JUST HOPE FLAME IS SOMETHING I WILL FORGET FOREVER
Riryz (EUW)
: stopped caring about the rest when you asked "why is the flaming always my fault?" and stopped reading after i saw you already had a 14 day ban. (felt the need to answer this 1st before needing to read the rest) easy answer. you are the one typing those words and sending them. noone else. you are responsible for your own account. if other players flame they get the same treatement. whenever you type anything bad it is automatically your fault because you have the option to not write anything at all. also your ban is deserved seeing how you admitted you were flaming. note: after getting a 14 day ban you will have a zero tolerance for at least a year on any flame. if you are only slightly toxic after a 14day ban you will be banned because you will be followed closely by the system. after your 14 day ban you get your 2nd chance, if you didnt learn anything from that ban then youre not deemed fit to play the game and thus you were banned.
but i never used to flame except wen i am having a bad experience with team and i dont mean bad players .. just 00 teamwork .that is not lol that is just low elo gameplay could i ever change this?
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: I hope you are not asking that question seriously
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: 1. Nobody makes you flame. 2. It is you who uses your keyboard, no one else. 3. Troller is a car. There are no trollers in League of Legends. 4. You seek the word "trolls". 5. Paragraphs Ty
IS it my fault?
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: ***
is it my fault?
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