Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: They just shove it to our Neck this %%%%%%ed and useless ~~"UPDATE/REWORK"~~ because Wynaut? Wobbuffet (>.<)7 *POKEMON REFERENCE* They should delay their release and let her as she was before her ~~"UPDATE/REWORK"~~ and rework only some visual things and her Passive, simply the most useless Passive in the game after Soraka's one.
I agree, she is one of the strongest mages out there. The funny part is the expensive skins are shit now and the cheap one look way too epic. Victorious... got messed up.
: You mean the leaves that fall when she moves or on the hallowen skin the bats
Yes, the falling leaves and the vines on her dress moving on their own. That was something unique, now its just a different dress and pretty much a recolour to her skin
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