Tenjirou (EUW)
: The system could be abused like Fernanix already said. But they could make some restrictions to it. 1. The giver and the gifted need to be online at the same time. Both traders need to be online at the same time. So if you would make a smurf just for chestfarming and giving it to your main you would need to do account sharing. ! Problem: It would be possible to do it from 2 different pc by yourself though 2. Make shard gifting available in after game lobby after a win with that person in a matchmaking queue. Similar to the gifting option with RP after a game. That would prevent people to just loggin on 2 different pc and just gift stuff. They need to win with that person. So they need to share their account with someone else. ! Problem: I could ask a friend to both making smurf and gift each other -> no account sharing this way I can't find a non-abusable way of implementing this feature.
The Riot Team could also make people trade from diffrent vpn.
Skere (EUW)
: Its not really fair, they are very different while kha & rengo are both pure assassins
I know but its like a revenge for Jarvan IV.
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