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: I think people that spend money in LoL, have better position in game.
Bro, I can see clearly now{{champion:64}} . we´re not paying for rp/skins we´re paying for better mmr. when i got rp for 50 euro twice this week, i have not lost a single game, look my of the 20 latest games i´ve won 20. rito game you´re illuminati
: Hmm need support? ^^
yes we do, but i see that you´re on euw and we´re eune :/ sorry!
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Finnap (EUNE)
: Looking for duQ partner or team
platinum 4 eune Rito employee i´m going to change name to purrfect lee sin
pidi94 (EUNE)
: New Team searching for Players
hi plat 5 lee sin jungle main add me if interested IGN: Rito employee
: Searching peoples for RANKEDTEAM EUNE
AceH1gh (EUNE)
: Searching active players for a team.
p5 jungle main hmu"Rito employee"
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: Forming a Team Eune plat +
platinum 5 player will fill preff mid/jungle! will adapt to every playstyle just give me a week and i will learn it. teamplayer not strong in 1v1 but in teamfights
: Looking for a mid laner for a ranked on EUNE (DIA III-PLAT V)
hi plat 5 yasuo mid/jungle lee main, i can fill just hmu and we can talk over it. i can fit any playstyle just tell me what to play and i´ll do it!
: Searching for Ranked Team (eune gold v)
hey add me if you whant to play currently platinum 5 from sweden. i main lee jungle and yasuo mid feel free to hmu. thanks!
Cypherous (EUW)
: There is already a punishment of a permanent ban for drop hacking if caught
But it´s not working, it just keeps on going no stop
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