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: how do you determine if a champion is early or late game focused?
All champions that have in their abilities '% max hp damage' or gain 'x% of bonus mr , armor , ad' those are scaling champs. At early levels doing let's say 6% of a tank's max hp is not that much but doing that much to a tank when he is geared up it is a big deal. Also item dependent and farm dependent ( {{champion:75}} ) champions also are late game champions. Early game champions ({{champion:60}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} etc) are those who have low cooldown with high flat damage at early levels with their damaging abilities.
: Btw i really did not want to offend you but i myself thought he would be super op not knowing about the passive timer. Still think his masterwork items are a problem. (When I play 5mans with guys from my ARAM club games often last longer than solos)
You didn't offend me , you just sayed your opinion , so did I. And btw you can have only 1 masterwork item per player.
SuchPeel (EUW)
: Smurfs
Smurfing is allowed. +Diamond players smurf mabye just to boost others or to sell acounts. Silvers and bronze players 'smurf' because they are embarrassed by their division (for those is more like starting over again). Mabye others got banned , or have played similar games.
: How to deal with trolls and toxic players.
> [{quoted}](name=EKROHD,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=c35x7UpQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-20T17:25:52.863+0000) > > **_How do you deal with these kind of players?_** **Toxic players** If you have tick skin ( I don't have) just let them talk and focus on only their helpfull coments ( if any flash or ult is down ). If you are very sensitive just mute them all. It's not that good for you as a player but it is better for your emotions. If you are so and so ( I'm like this ) just let them talk , if they don't stop after a while , or don't say anything helpful for winning just mute them. **Trolls ** You have to deal with the fact that you will lose. Report them after but untill then just try to not feed and you might even carry your team with a troll. If you can't at least go for a good KDA.
TTF Orio (EUW)
: Wanting to climb out of silver. Please Help
First thing first play what you are good at (and enjoy playing) and if it's meta abuse it. Secondly focus on minimizing your loss ( missing less cs , dying less , fighting less in lane , less trades in lanes , less risky plays.) even if you win or lose the game. If you improve at this enough you will get out of silver , but out of gold I can't promise. Thirdly rewatch your replays and focus only on **YOUR PLAYS**, if you can spot **YOUR** own mistakes and try to avoid doing them you will get out of there , if not than you won't.
: ADC and Supp both with Relic Shield?
I'l pass on the pool , but relic on adc and sup can work . Is it good ? hell no. Relic is ment to be for sup only because they are not supposed to farm and that is a very efficient way for them to make money and also to help yout their adc with healing and gold. If you go as a melee adc vs 2 ranged , relic is very good. If you are horibly bad at farming and mis 5 cs out of 6 but just want to play adc , better go for ancient coin . At least you get rewarded for missing farm. > [{quoted}](name=Maledictus Viver,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Z6PP2a07,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-23T10:42:21.141+0000) > > here is the trick - if my support also has Relic shield and they give me gold to compensate for the loss. Also the heal - I heal myself and my support with relic shield and my support does the same - this gives some decent sustain. To do that you have to give up an ofensive item (long sword / doran blade). You would have more sustain but if you 2v2 the enemy you will probably lose. Probably until you hit max items you might get a 300-400gold profit , but it's not worth at all your early game. If you are down to put your self at a disadvantage to give your suport an advantage go for it.
: Should I play this game
I would say go for dota , there you have all champs. The graphic is worse , everything is slower , but at least you have all champs. Or you could just play until you find a champ you feel joy playing.
: Nice to know but tbh Ornn should be banned on aram. Sounds like you bought him cuz he would be super op and now you are unhappy...
I don't agree with the ban but yes I am very unhappy, and I mostly want other people not to do the same mistake as me by buying him.
: i need to climb as a jungler in s3 i was g 5 but i hade more then 20 lose streak can u help me ?
Yi is a scaling champ. Just farm till lv 6 , when you have ult you can try to do a play . Aim for lv 6 at min 6 ( it is very hard but doable if you invade/powerfarm/hold lanes). Invade whenever your jungle is emply , or whenever you can . If there are no camps to steal try to gank , go b buy item , or just walk into a lane push with your laner to the tower and smack the tower a few times. This ties to all junlge champions. As a junlger never stay , always to something , ward , farm , preasure , hold lane etc.
Synpara (EUW)
: I can’t find my champion pool
If you want to climb I suggest you to: 1. Play all champions again and find out wich one you enjoy playing them. After find I way to make them work in the lanes you like. Ex: Gragas sup , or Jarvan sup , Jarvan mid , Vayne top , Amumu top, Irelia mid etc. All these are unconventional picks but playable in those lanes , ofc there are better champions than this in those roles but still you can make them work there. Mabye **YOU** can play better as a Lee Sin as support than as a Lee jungle or a Thresh sup. 2. From all the champions you enjoy playing select those who are meta. Abuse the champions that are good in the meta. I for example like to play Hecarim I'm good at him and when he was meta I had a 70% winrate. 3. Play low skill champs for the beginning ( Drop Aurelian , TF , Vlad , Vel , Cass , Xerath , Ekko . All these are hard ) Play first what you enjoy , where you enjoy , and than what it is good (meta).
Treycos (EUW)
: This game will die from the assassin update This game will die from plants This game will die from rift herald addition This game will die from the mastery rework Yet, the game keeps keeping more players
I still play the game , but those changes , and many more did affect my enjoyment. Right now I'm on the verge of quitting it. The only thing that keeps me playing is the money I spent on this game and the regret I have that I gave them money.
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How to climb (need help)
First tip : Don't focus that much on winning cuz it will frustrate you , focus on minimizing your loss ( taking less damage in lane , not losing too much gold , not losing too much farm , not doing too many mistakes , not underastimating the enemy , ignore your greed ) I like to think about Bronze - Silver - Gold players that both team always do a huge load of mistakes (less and less as you go up in divisions and tiers). So the team that does the least ammout of mistakes wins. In Platinum - Diamond - Master games a team wins because players punish others mistakes ( more and more as you go up in divisions and tiers ) . So if you don't know how to spot or punish mistakes , focus on your own mistakes and nullify them.
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SonenseS (EUW)
: Uhh, they reduce both physical and magical damage taken. Not true damage.
: While it might fit his fantasy design better, it would outright gut him as a champion. Currently he's pretty much balanced, so unless you add more power elsewhere to counteract such a sizable nerf, it would probably send him to the same champion dumpster Riot found him before the rework.
As you sayed he is designed as a anti-magic colossus. And those 2 damage reduction abilities have that much base damage reduction that there is no need to buy MR to increase the effect. Take rammus or malph for example , they are ani-ad tanks . They are good in general but they excel at tanking damage vs AD. But galio is very very good in general , but vs ap teams let's just say it's way too good.
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: That's kinda stupid , I mean it's not fair to force me be 'friend' with a total asshole or someone I totaly dislike. Not being able to mute someone in champ select if he spams or if he is a total idiot , is one thing but not being able to block this is total bs.
Actualy you can block people only if they are your friends (right click and block) , but this is still bs.
: Block list wasn't in the alpha client already. I'm not sure what Riot said about that, but I think they answered already. My opinion is the just want to remove it because every one should be friends and blocking people is offensive (they're Americans).
That's kinda stupid , I mean it's not fair to force me be 'friend' with a total asshole or someone I totaly dislike. Not being able to mute someone in champ select if he spams or if he is a total idiot , is one thing but not being able to block this is total bs.
Prelepi Max (EUNE)
: Block list
New things new buggs , there is no PBE or anything where they test something if it works or not . Even so they still relase it on live , cuz why not , no fuck given. The new client has new cool animations but that's it , but it's harder do use.
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radurco1 (EUNE)
: Tf is disabled right now,probably they work on this bug,but i play so much Tf and never happen to. Is this happening of all his skins?
I play a lot of TF too and that bug happened to me too , but I thought it's just me lagging . Apparently it was a bug...

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