: Hello guys! Age: 23 Rank: D5 soloq, P1 on flex Nationality & Timezone: FIN (CET+2) Hours/day you're able to play: 1-2, longer on weekends. December I have off from studies so I am widely available. I would like to join the team for 3 reasons basically. 1) I think its the most rewarding way to play: to communicate, work as a team and together try to achieve set goals. 2) Its the most effective way to improve, not only solo skill level, but also communication skills, decision making, acting as a group and so on. 3) I would very much like to see how far I could go with a group of motivated people. I have been in a few teams for short periods of time, but they have fallen to same problems, people not having the same goals, not having enough time or, you know, personal chemistry stuff. I am mostly a calm player, I do not give up easily and I always want to give my best shot. I treat people with respect and thats what I expect from other people as well. I am able to take constructive criticism and use it to improve. Looking forward to hear from you!
What's your ingame name? I forgot to add that to the application {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Queen Rem (EUNE)
: High diamond 5vs5 team looking for a support
Swallow30 (EUNE)
: Supp looking for a team/duo!!
Where looking for a support for our team what's your soloq rank?
EmiIie (EUW)
: **IGN:** Lady From Norway **Age:** 20 **Rank:** Diamond 5 **Nationality & Timezone:** Norway (GMT+1) **Hours/day you're able to play:** Most days in the evnings. (20.00 is perfect for me) I never been much of a solo player, I have always been a team player. I am looking for a serious team to improve with and join tournaments. I have a big passion for this game. I started playing season 5, and got Diamond 5 now in my second season playing. Never touched a game before. I know I have alot to go on, and get better. Giving up at Diamond 5 is not an option for me. I am friendly, but I might have a tiny litle bit savage humor... I never flame, or blame someone. I always try to be the one who cheer up people when they start tilting. I can take criticism and learn from that. I also adapt my champion pool for the team and meta. Right now my top 3 are Janna, Nami and Karma Not sure what else to type right now. Just add me in game if you got some more questions :)
Well your account is on Euw and our team is on Eune so there might be a problem with playing with each other {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Today was a good day
Best feeling ever
QNR Sairek (EUNE)
: EUNE - Looking for serious players for 5v5s ranked team + Coach | Plat/Dia |
How long can you roughly play every day (add what time for your country) : 4+ hours/day (after 18.30 to late) CET Sweden In-game name : SleepWe Age : 16 Role : Midlane Division : Dia IV Why do you think you are not a higher division : In solo que I try many different roles and champions. I never play normals so when i want to try a new champion I do it in soloQ and I'm not the best Singed player ^^. 5v5s ranked experience in the past : Played for a Ranked team that was in platinum 1 with broken Elo for 1 year last season. It was really fun but the members Went inactive. Champion pool (Your most comfortable/best) : Ahri, Lux, Zed, Talon, Vel Koz, Viktor, Diana. Your strengths : Depends on the champion. As my favurite Ahri I'm strong In mid and late game. But I also often win lane Your weaknesses : I often push lane to far and get ganked early game. My map awarness can also improve quite a lot. Why do you want to join this team : I've been looking for a 5vs5 ranked team for a long time cuz my old one disbanded. And I Think if I play within a team with serious players we can reach high ELO
Inosept (EUNE)
Add me ingame: SLeepWe Pref top / mid DIa IV
C9 danzelA (EUNE)
: lf d+ team
IGN: SleepWe Div: Diamond IV Pref role: Mid > Top Have: Skype Curse voice. Can download anything else if needed. From: Sweden I speak good English. Age: 16 Experience: Have played in a ranked team for 1 year that was in plat I but they suddently stopped playing so now I'm searching for a new one. Reply my post or add me ingame, I'm online very often

Queen Rem

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