: Sand me a friend request.
Im gonna be home from work in 6 - 7 hours, i'll add you when I get back home.
: First of all. Thanks for trying but all I want is to have (for overall my first time) some fun and enjoyment. THis will be the last tiem I'll try. I would love to play with you.
I can add you, play atleast 1 game per day with you and talk about anything with you if you're up for that, im also overweight :_)
miyutort (EUNE)
: LF Gold and Plat players DQ
Im a gold 3 riven otp, i can play her top/jung/mid, add me if ur up for some games later tonight.
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: An ingame invitation has been sent to you.Accept it and we can talk...we are probably going to assign you the mid lane and as a secondary role top lane.
I'll accept it today, couldn't get on pc yesterday due to power being out.
: LF Silver Premades
I got a Silver 4 smurf, I guess I could come play top for you guys if you're interested. I can play Annie/Riven/Poppy pretty well, my english is decent, and playtimes are usually 19.00 - 22.00 during weeks and 14.00 - 04.00 during weekends (GMT +2) add H2k Hjärnan if you're interested.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: We have a non-toxic/never surrender club on EUNE, if you would like to join. We have all kind of ranks from Bronze to Diamond. The only thing you need to do is never flame anyone in game, stay positive, never afk or surrender. PM me if you interested.


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