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Rothrin (EUW)
: Is there any plans to earn previous victorious skins
Making them earnable now would just destroy the whole point of having them. They are the skins that only the players that earned them have. And those skins make their accounts rare and the people that have them can be proud of that. Same as for any other limited skin I don't think it should ever be put up for sale, but sometimes Riot's wallets get emptier and they decide to put them on sale. Such a shame. :c
ficko97 (EUNE)
: Night at Summoners Rift
The summoner's rift is awesome as it is right now. And making a night-themed one would only make the game darker and that is something I really wouldn't like to see.
Ask your local ISP about the problem, it might just be it. I've had ping spikes for a few games as well and the people I play with and have the same ISP have the exact same ping as me at the time.
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: And its wrong to play what u want?
The "trollpick" did nothing wrong when he went jungle with Rengar. The "meta" is an unwritten rule and if a person sees something viable (I.E. Double jungle or anything else of the sort.) Then the person cannot be punished for it. I'm pretty sure there was a time when people said that our current meta is a "trollpick" Honestly, I think it is kind of a dick move, but considering the summoner's code he hasn't broken any rules of the game.


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