: Are you annoyed that Yi is broken or that Ashe is no longer the freelo she was?
Yi was always OP , but Ashe used to be the best adc around , now they trashed her like garbage. She no longer crits , shit no longer does any damage at all. It`s not normal for such an old champ like her to get trashed like this.
Mandiox (EUW)
: Well thats true, now ashe only has 2 skills, W and R. Coz here Q skill activates after 5 shots whats that???? Now you have a champ with 2 skills ????? And its not only those changes, here crits wy??? no crit damage???? where does Riot have their minds on???? You over power knew champs and destroy old champs omg, is that the way Riot is thinking on going on???? Bring Ash back to life, coz you have killed her. {{champion:22}} RIP by RIOT
I agree. Riot trashed Ashe like she was nothing. She used to be the best tank shredder in the game.
AMG Deetrix (EUNE)
: Hi.. Follow this order... {{item:3153}} > {{item:3006}} > {{item:3085}} > {{item:3031}} > {{item:3080}} > {{item:3046}} btw.. Welcome to League :D
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: Why you need to chat in game? Ping's are enough and everybody understand words like GROUP, BARON, DRAGON and GANK! If you wanna chat in game then is more chance that you gonna lose that game! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
I only chat when I`m in the base so I won`t get kiiled.
WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: well Im from eune and I speak english pretty good,don't judge whole region just because few of them talk russian or whatever. so,I come to euw,i see few of them speaks in french,oh god,all french players in here..
What I meant is that we all should talk english so we can all understand eachother in a match. If everyone talks in their native language no one will know what the other is saying. It`s common sense, really. I`m not asking for much.
Keirgo (EUW)
: Ironic given the demand for everyone to use perfect English.
My keyboard makes mistakes , not me.
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