: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/m4rldEEO-eun-games-ending-in-error-or-not-ending-at-all
It just says that there is an issue that they are trying to fix,not saying if we will get our lp back or maybe im missing that part so point it out please
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g3tbackUp (EUNE)
: Still stuck, 2h. Boosts purchased today ...
Its patetic that after 2 hours they still cant fix it.so much people work there and not a single smart one
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: At this point, I can't guarantee that your LP will be logged (gains or losses). The issues aren't affecting everyone, but there are a group of Players that will be affected. I recommend you stick to Normal matches for a bit until we get this sorted, unless you are okay with the current risk of the LP issue.
well you better get my LP.Im stuck at recconect.
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borikuna (EUNE)
: why'd I add a random d5 tho? if you want a proof you can ask in different manners which you obviosuly didnt learn yet ;b
Because you are lying,thats why,I can also say im challenger but whats the point if i cant confirm it.I know that u are some silver-gold crybaby that only dreams of diamond.Dont waste my time.I can elo boost you for like 10000$ to diamond so u can go around and show it off if u want.
borikuna (EUNE)
: 1.where did i say she was flamed because of her pick? quote. 2. yep when someone says something like that you go and gank her lane, so she wont troll and you win. but hey better let her troll, dont gank and then whine about losing promos ;b defo good idea. 3. well it was too late, you didnt help her while she was tilting, you flamed her, and when you realize it would cost you a game, it was too late ;b 4. when someone on your team dies the game is 4v4 or less at that moment, and you use this time to do stuff. but afaik you're diamond 5, or so. therefor its fine that you dont know what to do while game's 4v4. let me bet, you were trying to group mid? ;o 5. nope im d2-d3 (euw) who flames the shit out of his team ;b but at least I dont bitch about it later on, and dont act like im some kind of saint ;b but you defo seem like a nice person according to post.. jk. you're typical arrogant diamond 5 who thinks he's some next level because he got to diamond ;dd and of course you cant state your thoughts withouts trying to be offensive using words such as 'kid' 'some silver 5 0lp guy' etcetera. but hey.. thats none of my buisness. another bet. 15 euros you'll be d5 for a while more
hahah yeah buddy,what is your "D2" acc name,I will add you I have a EUW account.
Intact (EUW)
: Low diamond and plat is terrible, so there isn't anything magical about it, also you should post from the account you were playing on, you could be bronze 2 for all we know.
Happy? http://imgur.com/LVsLdLN And even if I was bronze 2 it doesnt mean this should happen,not in challenger not in bronze 5,another irellevant comment
: Thank you Vayne
Goodnigut (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=God Is Key,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Q0UHRA6A,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-13T20:16:31.691+0000) > > Man iv seen people like that in ranked, They think they are diamond pros but they are bronze 5 Yeh well, I'm Bronze 5 and felt insulted by your statement. thanks buddy. Not to mention that you are Bronze 4 and already behaving superior towards the rank that you just left from. Clearly you do not deserve your Bronze 4 rank, get back in B5. But just so you know, players like him exist in all ranks, not only in Bronze 5. Some of us are stuck in Bronze 5 from Silver 5 last season because riot thought it funny to demote us 5 ranks.. and also because of blockheads that are mostly in Bronze elo. Back to the subject, I've seen players like him in Silver1,2,3 and gold as well. The elo doesn't determine if a player is good or bad, how he's playing a champ, his lane and his game knowledge determine that.
This happened in low diamond elo tho.
Brolando (EUW)
: I would have considered this guy fishy and would have probably dodged when he said "1 gank and I 1 V 5" I mean.. from that statement alone I would assume that this guy is some kinda wannabe faker knob head who's gonna go on tilt the moment he dies once. Not blaming you for not leaving by the way, I just think that just him saying that one thing is (to me) already a reason to suspect that this guy is gonna fuck up. I honestly really hate getting these guys on my team, it's not even really about the loss thanks to them either, it's just their attitude and toxicity and the fact that they make it impossible to actually play as a team. Also, the report that triggers punishment gets you the "because of your report etc." message, so that means your report didn't trigger any kind of punishment, but someone else's might have, I mean this guy is just so toxic, I can totally see him behaving like a headless ape in future games, he'll get what he deserves.
It was my last promo game dude,I would dodge 100% if it wasnt,he said that 1v5 after we were allready in game,I just offered him to go bot and he said no.that was all the convo we had in champ select.
: Dude, it's a Vayne player, they are like that.
also had the same problem few weeks ago with a guy that picked vayne top into riven,everyone won lanes but he went 0-4 in 5-10 mins and did the same thing.The funniest part is watching them try to 1v3,4,5(they ulti and tumble in enemy team) and say"gg where is my team" Damn you doublelift and gosu,u ruin this game Kappa
: The report who triggered the punishment will receive the message. Might have been someone else who will get it
oh ok,still doubt it tho,honestly.System has tons of flaws,u can have intentional feeder and troller in your team that doesnt type and his teammates start to flame him and they will get a ban but the guy that trolled,rito will count that as "he had a bad game" because I srsly doubt that there is a guy sitting there watching vods all day of who is trolling.Just a flawed sistem on so many lvls
: He might have been punished in a manner that was not what you hoped for. Maybe he got chat / ranked restrictions , where you think he deserved perma. If he continues to display such behaviour you can be sure he will lose this account.
U get the message" because of your reports the player was punished bla bla bla" didnt get it QQ
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: Then it's probably just the current problems Riot's server is having or it's your internet provider or connection. Without knowing your IP other players can not DDOS you and they can not get that through the Riot server, because that would mean they actually hacked it and if that would be done the hackers would rather steal all the credit card info, etc., than DDOS one player.
I just remember gross gores teammates would be DDoSed all the time and im pretty sure they were not in a skype call with the ones that were doing it,u can chect the reddit post about it
Ravęn (EUNE)
: Thank you for your relevant comment! Kappa
I mean what do you expect? someone coming here and giving u a secret formula for ELO gain? gl with that! play,play,play and grind...dont blame teammates and sh it like that.Just like any sport u need to do it alot to be good at it.
Ravęn (EUNE)
: Proceeding to Master from low/mid Diamond
: Skype with THEM?! Then they got your IP through Skype. Riot can do nothing about that. YOU openend the door yourself.
lol no,I didnt skype with them I just had it open
: Did you have a skype or any other outside connection with them? They can not DDOS you through the RIOT server.
I had skype....
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