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: because i only play tanks are tanks not part of the game
i think today is better though i am starting to get 18 or 19 per win
: Keep grinding and prove that you deserve your rank. No offence intended here, but from the look of your match history it looks like you get carried more than you carry. You seem to have only a few kills while racking up quite a few deaths.. This doesn't help your MMR out much.. You need to perform better in your games as well as win them. Here's my match history, Granted I'm a support main, but note that I don't average many deaths while still getting a lot of assists and kill participation so my overall KDA is still really positive. Theres games on here where my KDA is upwards of 18 (18 Kills or assists per death). My average KDA is 4.48. Generally, help out your team a bit more and you should start to improve and get those better LP gains.. ~~Also please don't judge I pretty much only play Soraka, shes too much fun~~
because i only play tanks are tanks not part of the game
: You're exactly right, the system is giving you less LP for a win and Losing more for a loss because you are ranked higher than where the game thinks that you should be. It has skewed the lp gains and losses to try and get you back to where your hidden mmr says that you are. It's completely normal and happens all of the time. Keep playing well, and prove that you deserve the rank that you have and it the LP Gains will start to get bigger again. Speaking from experience, mine has been equal for a while, ~17LP for a win or a loss, however because I've started to play better recently, It's skewed so I get about 24LP for a win and only lose about 17LP. Glad it came at the time it did because I've climbed from S2 to G3 with it.
how much is ur best idk? since it is hidden i wouldnt know and if a huge winstreak cant fix my mmr then what can i do? keep grinding?
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