: I don´t know what skins you are missing but I think you can get unavailible skins from combining 3 skin shards but since you own that many skins you probably already knew that, so yeah Riot open your vault for this dedicated fan! :)
yeah more likely "open to my wallet" , "ask and you shall receive " from Noe Ark movie :D
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
when you see a support dealing 70 k as zyra you start to wonder where is the game fairness.... i not even remember damage charts to be like they are in nowadays... ,it's really weird how all changed... , they even reduced the time you spend after death on early ,so real low players can troll playing normal ... , yeah that's help people focus on what means to die ... ,if they reduce the time you wait while death it should be totaly fine , they will care more much about how many deaths they got... ,this is one of my thoughts too...
: If you started playing in season 6/7 then you dont even know the half of it (season 6 was considered one of if not the worst season). But you are not wrong, CDR is way too accessible on items that are otherwise very well statted on top. the base damage scaling (per point) on these troublesome supports is too high to the point where a slight level advantage means a won lane. In order for a tank to be viable they must have a %hp damage ability _(on 5 second cooldowns without CDR)_ in order to keep up with other tanks and bruisers that have said %hp abilities _(Just remove/nerf it and it wouldnt be neccessary)_
when permanent ban appear? Yeah cdr is a mess , i haven't seen any adc items who had cdr ... , so adc can't use w more often and e ... and r... It's really hard to survive as adc on the battle field when there are heroes like neeko and more many like that who just have insane abilitys .. ,it's not funny anymore to survive playing an old hero ... , xayah and kai'sa kind of have some ability that help them survive longer . My opinion about all of these ,riot should focus on bringing some reworks for adc too , small but there to keep them viable to play among the all heroes they inserted and reworked ,or launch new adc heroes...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
normal games have more quality than ranked games , i swear for god when people play knowing they no loss nothing they play okey decent... ,but when they play to earn lp and advance ranked are like okey that's it we lost.... go surrender, kha was 5-6 times on top.. stuffs like this , and there are more many stuffs that all the day you see them on the rift. Strategy no more exists as the skill no longer is perfection no one care that he miss ... ,but they all play from a reason ranked i don't know how that's working , i am not that good but still playing ranked , it may be the motto of ranked players ,i one trained a lot to do my best.... on another account cause i can't write from it on board.
Rioter Comments
photoshop ?? :D =)) ,just joking a bit
: > [{quoted}](name=jEssIcA01lp,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1Nts9dEY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-19T20:22:04.497+0000) > > Why not,i like that idea xD Ok, here goes. The biggest mistake I see a lot of low ELO supports make is not pushing for the level 2 advantage. In the duo lane you hit level 2 from the third minion of the second wave, so keep an eye out for it and be ready to engage as soon as you hit level 2 (assuming your opponents are still level 1). You hit level 2 first but when it happened your Q was on cooldown and you weren't in position to punish Ezreal for being out of position. Had you done this you probably would have killed Ezreal and therefore not been ganked by Nunu at level 3. That said, the Nunu gank was really stupid by them and shouldn't have worked. Had you reacted to it quicker or simply just turned on Ezreal the moment he walked up, you would have at the very least traded kills. When you came back to lane you landed a nice binding onto Ezreal and Karma but lost the trade. This was partly because (for some reason) MF didn't buy any items when she died, but you could also do more damage and take less. Firstly you didn't fully use your passive here. You did Q then immediately E without an auto attack in between. You were in range to do this so it's something to keep in mind. Q-AA-E-AA would have taken Ezreal to half health, evening up the trade. You also didn't respect Ezreal's damage when he landed his W on you, which caused you to take a lot more damage from him in return. These are small things but they do add up over time. Shortly after that Ezreal (very stupidly) jumped on top of MF inside a big minion wave. He should have died for this mistake but instead of binding him you went for Karma who was way in the back. Another missed opportunity. In fact, most of the time you don't make too many outright mistakes, but at the same time you don't punish your opponents for their mistakes. For example, if the enemy adc uses their only escape tool to jump forwards for a single auto attack, punish them for it. If the enemy support uses a key ability (i.e. a hook or an empowered Karma Q) and misses, punish them for it. And by punish I don't mean rush for an all-in, but step up and poke them. Do that a few times and they will learn not to mess with you and give you the lane. Moving onto 8:40, Kha'zix comes for a gank and pushes their bot lane back. At this point you have 2 options: Let the wave freeze near your turret, or hard push it in so it resets. I personally would have let it freeze and recalled but Kha starts pushing, so your only option then is to help and hard push it on. Since (I hope) that you plan on recalling afterwards you can afford to use your mana to push in as fast as possible. You had 500g at that point which is enough for boots+ pink ward or an amp tome. Your third death was fine as it gave your team 3 kills and dragon, and I liked the fact that you pinged MF back when you saw her overextended. Skipping forward now to 14:14. MF had just recalled and you walk into the river with no backup when you see Ezreal and Karma in bot lane, and Nunu is missing. You take an initial hit from Karma taking you down to 2/3 health, then try to contest a ward in the tribush. You should have died here as Ezreal had his ulti and could easily have sniped you. The only reason why you survived is because Kha jumped in and was so fed that he 2-shot the Karma. Now I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you knew Kha was near enough to help you, but what you should have done was back off completely and then ping for assistance to help clear the tribush ward. I liked the fact that afterwards you took advantage of Nunu being dead to get vision in their botside jungle. This is something I see all too little from low ELO supports and it's a good sign. Just again make sure you ping MF to be careful while you do it, because more often than not your adc is so focused on getting farm they won't even realise you are gone. After that I'm not sure what you are afraid of but you are sitting so far back that you have absolutely no presence in the lane at all. You see Nunu is mid and Kha pings that he's coming bot to gank. This should have been a free double kill but you are so far away when Kha jumps in that all you can do is ulti. At this point in the laning phase you shouldn't be scared. You and MF has enough burst damage to instantly kill either Ezreal or Karma. All you have to do is land a binding and you kill them. As it was, Kha jumps in, realises he hasn't got help and has to flash out again. By contrast, check out what Karma does when Nunu ganks you immediately afterwards. She literally runs at you just before Nunu gets into vision and so is ready to use her abilities to help her jungler. So, based on that game the things I would focus on for your laning phase are: 1. Being aware of the level 2 power spike and using it if you have it. 2. Punish your enemies more for wasting abilities in lane. 3. Use your pings more to direct your teammates. Don't be afraid to spam pings if you see someone about to make a stupid mistake.
you scarry the shit out of her with that long text :d , she will take another role to play after reading this :D
BM Electro (EUNE)
: DOTA 2 has a pause system I can't say it's too bad of an idea to implement this in LoL but it can be abused too much by toxic people (which this game sadly has tons of) of course fail-safes can be implemented too its just that it's not worth the hassle to do so. Most AFK players don't DC because of internet or PC problems they simply rage-quit , and stopping the game just randomly can cause problems in teamfights or even small trades. My point being is that this will introduce more problems than it fixes. P.S wow so many downvotes why the hate? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
It could be like 1 or 2 minuts break , and you could get 1 break every 20 minuts , just for tehnical issues , or someone who didn't connected to the start of game .. ,it could somehow help we don't must think always negative and like there is nothing it could help with... , thingh more deep into positive aspects of the fair play. I doubt someone would abuse it ,if there would be used without reason there would be and punishments against that so no one will try to abuse it.
: alright first of all. im fine with spelling mistakes but the amount of ... and the amount of grammatical errors make it so hard to read. i just stopped halfway through. second of all. no it will be abused by other people and all those things never happen to me. and if i get a teammate that goes afk during a fight due to his internet i accept it. shit happens. and besides that. ive never seen someone ask this before. and ive been playing league for 6 years.
It could be like 1 or 2 minuts break , and you could get 1 break every 20 minuts , just for tehnical issues , or someone who didn't connected to the start of game .. ,it could somehow help we don't must think always negative and like there is nothing it could help with.... , thingh more deep into positive aspects of the fair play ...
: If you are unable to last an entire game of League of Legends without needing a pause then you clearly haven't prepared for a game of League of Legends properly, have you?
yeah imagine you are the only one who carry the team and you play really good but something happen and you no reconnect in time while your team fight enemy with 1 player in - , or when the game start ,maybe someone had a loading issue you must remake ... if it anyways the game loaded why to don't have a break of 1 minut to wait if he reconnect until min 1 or something to go back to his lane ,stuffs like this happen , still no find a reason for which there shouldn't be anything done so i guess it more much helping than hurthing your time.
: Of course I'll take advantage of it when somone goes afk. My opponents wouldn't hesitate to do the same to me after all. "Show them no mercy, for you will receive none in return." If you allot 10 min of break time to every player in the game as they do in competitive iirc, it would be inevitable that people will abuse that. Most people who dc don't do it because of pc problems, they just ragequit. The few times where someone actually has to go deal with an unforeseen emergency just don't make up a significant enough portion of all afk related incidents to justify introducing a system so prone to being abused.
it could be 1 minut per every play , as break... , so you couldn't abuse it that much , somehow likely in cs-go... , at least 1 break of 1 minut or 2 breaks , that's not much for god shake... it's really stupid to don't have any break at all .... Imagine you had 2 breaks per game , 1 you get for 20 minuts played ,and 1 you get for another 20 minuts played... ,so you can put break if the game is advanced and something happening... , i don't think would be that much to wait for ... , and if there would be someone abusing it i doubt someone would try if there would be some kind of punishment for abusing it... in non fair play reasons.
: >Riot this game is of 10 years out into online... ,but you still ignore most of players wishes .... , that pause key Definitely not most players. A very small minority. Besides, there is a pause button where it matters, the custom games. The only place where you actually need a pause button is a tournament setting and nothing else. >,human problems maybe you need toilet , you need something to drink , to get to the door or answer a phone... You can avoid all of these situations simply by doing them before or after the game. No one wants to have their game paused because someone has to go drink when they could have done it before the game. The pause can't exist in a setting with random players because it WILL get abused and it ruins the experience more than someone afking for 1 min.
no it can be highly controled with nowadays mechanisms... ,beside that you can't force yourself to go toilet... , neither to drink always before game start or something else... , maybe you forget... , there are lot's of stuffs can be there ... ,for exemple i have fix phone connected on same line with the internet ,if someone call me on fix phone i loss my internet connection on the other hand the sound of fix phone is annoying you can't just close someone call neither to don't answer ... ,then there is the problems like you may get lag that are very common , the problems you need to leave your pc to answer door , to get something from someone , to get something near you to give someone else... or close the light if you forget it opened... etc..
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Should've posted it in the jokes category.
If you have no need for such function that still no mean that there will no be a possible way to use that function expecially when you have an issues , that no mean everyone of us have nothing else that could happen while we playing ... I am sure riot could figure out anything to stop that function if nexus is getting attacked or something like that... , so no one can troll the function ... , etc.... , who ever would abuse the vote for paused woulded be open to be reported for that... , like it would announce player x started the vote for break... , and if someone do it intentionally without to state that they have issues or anything else there shouldn't be problems... of abuse or anything else
: Oh yes, I'd love for every one of my games to take 2 hours just cause some butthurt trolls abuse the pause function.
how you think it's 2 h? So you having the conclusion that you should abuse someone else problems and just take advantage so you can win while he have issues and can't do nothing to stop the game going on ... , you so nice... , you probably afraid to face the fact that is quit non fair play to have no possiblity to fix some issues without to loss farm , experience , and let someone to play alone or hit your tower and farm free... , that's quit nice you just send the message that there shouldn't be nothing done... cause everything can be abused... , you know there is surrender option too ,if you hurry to end it in 15 minuts and not in 30 minuts or 2 h...
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: i agree with most things you say and that's cool way to play. When troll appears in my team my score tends to be 0/0/0 I just do not help anyone just to make the game ends faster. I farm and ward to get vision score.
is cool just think that the game is the game ,it dosn't matter where you finish , is mostly played for fun , and if the other guys no understand that ... it's just simple let them troll , let them flame , there is no point to get into someone nervs and problems .. ,just stay yourself , think like the game is a game and that you could be 100% of your skill just with an own team with good players ,that could be a solution . personally i play average or better close to platinum III as solo player , in a team i would perform 3-4 divisions upper or idk really because i no like that much to join teams because there are many friends wanting to play is hard to choose how you make the team... etc... ,is difficult to build one... , and takes time and same schedule for all to play some games... And there is the problem that some teams doing it already of a couple time and have some experience behind on what combos they can play. In Solo/Duo you kind no see team plays... no see combos ,no one think on what i can help team with that pick ... or how could it be better ,is everyone playing what he knows or think he knows , or think it counter a hero... , when there is much more behind which no one think every game at.
Ròkkles (EUW)
: Getting a 14 day bann for calling trolls and toxic people idiots and dumbasses.
facepalm i got permanent banned for telling a troll that riot banned someone in past for what he is doing =)) , it's really have no sense... , but you know trollers win more than decent players and chill players... , so i realise that trollers=wins.... ,so i took to that direction if riots likes more trollers than normal behaved players ... then that it is ... i do my best when someone no deserve to win or is toxic so he can loss and flame me more ... , i am take that to masterpiece expecially when i do it like it's not visibile side... , so i can do that so much time... , i mean i never got banned for troll or smth and i do that of over 3 months =)) , and i can keep like this over and over ,they will never have the posibility to detect if i trolled intentionally or not ... as i am cleaver trolling people no deserve to win ... , or who insults or do lot's of mistakes , i will no consume myself anymore neither do my best to win after someone did lot's of mistakes and let enemy get lot's of advantage...
: How not to get frustrated?
I personally had kind a lot of games like where i had to be 500% of my average plays... , and if i did a mistake i was like taken in the cannon , why you do that ,you lost the game ... ,who the hell sayd that i must play for everyone , what the hell others did in the time i did my best and tryed to don't die. , but now i am kinda different i am like okey you no want to win go ahead loss yourself.
: How not to get frustrated?
i played 6 games , and had like 3 games with trollers in one day after 3 months ... of staying chill and cool from my 14 day ban restriction... , and guess what i got banned permanent for making a point to the support that his troll was punished in past... , serious now , who seen a f12431 shen support to split push while 4 enemys push to nexus and you are the only one alive as adc with the support... , and he split push while i did my best to keep nexus... that's hilarious I tell you 2 ways ... , if someone troll , act like you can win next games , or all negative thinghs have an end so you think just like okey if i loss that's it i make it back , if you are upper upper , idk man think like if i drop some divisions is no big deal you still get ranked rewards ,train more , do something there , improve that play style , take another hero train on it ... , etc... who knows what can happen , do a warm up before games start , you no need to act with stress ,because being stressed reduces your chances to win and focus on possible mistakes of your or on what you should do .... and how you do it... For exemple if you know your play level just if you think there nothing can be done to save the game play passive ... ,and let it flow without to stress yourself and the second advice just stay passive play for gold advantage farm + do only safe plays like taking one kill you can take withour risks .. or farming some jungle camps from enemy/ your side if no one took them , if enemy shows mistakes and your team starts to be more confident you can try to go further and try to do your best and motivate them to keep going like that... , you could coordinate them , but keep in mind that getting the hope after a game looked doomed ,if you loss it just try to don't use chat at all , cause it will not help to be chill ... but at least keep in mind you tryed and that's all
: You can try different type of champions when they're on [free rotation](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/free-rotation/new-free-champion-rotation-draven-orianna-shen-and-more).
yeah imagine you need more than 12 weeks to get every champion in free rotation pool... , that's likely hard...
: By the time you reach level 30 to play ranked, you should already have plenty of champions. You can try champions when they're on free rotation. If you don't like the shards you get, you can always break them to get blue essence to buy champions you actually want.
yeah ... but still no get what champions fits you , so that's pointless if you are pushed to play and unlock random heroes... ,cause of be low costs on unlock shards.
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: becuse 2 reasons dota is no lol because collecting the character is cool
expecialy on lv 31 , and imagine you need to collect and page runes , and to counter pick your enemy ranked ... , which is harder if you don't have all champions to play and test and train on.
: This game is designed for new people, not for smurfs. People should be buying cheaper champs first, 'cause often they're older and therefore have simpler mechanics than the new ones. Better learn mid with Annie, Morgana and Lux and then move into Zoe and Yasuo once you've got the basics of the gameplay.
but like that you not promote the fair play , i mean you may no have the champion to counter play someone from enemy team ranked... , you could find more hard what champion fits your play style etc... For me this is like a locked metha , because no having option to to test some champions you will no play them... , imagine you got champion shard on urgot you will be tented to play it ??? and unlock ?? , no because he is almost never played etc... , is just a fact people keep play champions who are more often seen because of curiosity or cause they seen someone playing like hell of easy with it
: All champions should be free
i know i played dota 2 too , yeah i got your point , i play this game of 6 years , got 100 + champions on my main accounts got 2 times banned , i mean why the hell to keep buy champions ... , it's really dumb , i mean you should be free to play what ever you want and test and get skilled on ... ,this is really way to weird grinding level system to get champions ... ;)) , but yeah who knows maybe it will change one day.... I mean you anyway don't have what to do after you get all champions ... ,eventually i think they should add an blue esence system for who reach every champ , so they can get something more cool like getting some fragments of hextech keys/chests... etc.. ,at least who got all champions kinda have nothing to do with BE . They even could add cool expensive Be items who you can gift friends like icons or some emotes you could gift be ,some wards... ,idk... or even to gift friends champions :D that could be cool
: Please stop spamming new threads about the same thing. We're in preseason, some things have been implemented, some still haven't. People aren't getting put in their real ranks yet, some have gold+ MMR and end up in bronze/iron. Quit playing ranked if this thing bothers you that much, it's not like you gain anything from ranked anyways, in preseason... Also, bit of an offtopic here, why use a lvl 33 silver 4 forum smurf, I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't want to use his real account on the boards.
cause is banned board... , or you haven't think about ? i see but i got no such information about anything is happening now ... , and is weird for me , so you tell me i will be placed iron when new season start or wtf?
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: The ranked elo plays only a little role in terms of your MMR (Match Making Rank). As you suspected yourself, his MMR might have been high enough to compete with yours, and thus you two got matched. The fact that he 'played so much better' might just be because you underestimated him, seeing he was 'just a bronze 4', in your eyes. Elo ranking has a lot more to do with other things than just skill and scores. Everything you mentioned are just fairly decent stats that don't say a lot about his playstyle, your reactions to his playstyle etc, and a lot of other circumstances that might have helped him get so much ahead. And, to be honest, in terms of average player skill, there is little to no difference between Bronze and Gold. Some just make more mistakes than others, or have a harder time adjusting.
this is definetly a bug ... , now i played with a guy in iron 1 in my team , what kind of matchmaking system is this shit???
: No it's not bannable to talk about someone trolling
yeah i can proof you that i was banned for that even permanent for telling him that i download the game replay and send to support if he dosn't playing serious ... , and yeah i got banned for that.. permanent ... so ?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: This is bug?
how the riot can balance like that the games , since when bronze Iv play in gold games ,and weird thingh it was i wouldn't say it was balanced game , they shoulded loss hard with that bronze IV players until he is having too high mmr , or idk the weird thingh is and the fact he dealt like 63 k damage in 38 minuts, like insane pooks and plays , and maybe they even get more well balanced in team having a bronze IV , regarding that fact this beyond my points of understanding this .... , could a rioter explain me ????
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SaulTight (EUNE)
: The most PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING TRASH game on planet earth..waste of time... 10 year old Customers get decent teams while the rest get troll trash teams....
slightly i saw that... , idk i play of much time this game , and the weird thingh i got permanent banned for taking of a troller ... ,i not even insult him back in any ways , but apparently is ban able to threat trollers about the danger they expose themself... , is weird no ?? , i mean who could believe they try to fix the game if they ban me for kinda nothing close to toxic behaviour permanent , i would hardly consider it negative attitute but really 130 years ban for that , i know i had my mistakes in past but they obvious judge me more for the past than the present rules i broke .. this is most saddest thingh i coulded experience into this game. Lost my fate of stressing myself when others are trolling or annoying me with them plays , i no longer carry anyone i play only on luck and no stress no longer about anything at all ... ,but being adc role main is a challenge for this game , which riot never understood it . Mostly because playing daily as adc alone your capacity to stay focus and chill into this game is so high challenge when you have to work with what you have or what you get , i may have sometimes my weak points but until now i didn't discover the challenge of my skills ... ,as i discover the challenge to carry the teams or others... mistakes to win
: Please Riot, purge this kind of player
poor guy he going to get troll banned i am so sorry for him , i mean i am doing it way more good without to feeling the need to state that i troll ;)) , i just play with indifference and push my actions to mistakes rather than trying to stress myself with people who either flame or troll or either no deserve to win , so i am glad i become such a person , and i have no regrets for everything i do because time of more than 6 years i played normal while others trolled,who been going afk, feed playing weak or trash
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DerPunkt (EUW)
: sure. I never doubted its use. OP just asked why it is seen fewer in recent times. And thats my answer why I don't buy it. No use to go for BotrK against an all Squishy team with assassins and burst mages which als all I see recently. And sure, i like my lifesteal very much and still go for it, but I do it less. I rather get GA Death Dance or Zhonyas to survive most burst. Sure DD has lifesteal, but I really buy it for its passive
i think this is mostly because the adc damage kinda got reduced.. ,and that the lifesteal gives like x% of the damage you deal , in a fight , you would benefit it just if it's a long battle and you not instant die... ,but this is hard as the new champions and reworked champions look builded to shutdown really quick adc if he isn't paying attention on where is it and what could possible happen.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I honestly believe that a lot of League players are incapable of thinking one step ahead
There are lot's of people who playing this game just because is popular even if they no like and can't play it well or normal , this results in a mess.. , i mean if you not good at , or you try to be more good at it or at least no play it just to waste your time and make others players days awfull... I seen that there is a huge difference since new riot punishment system no one can anymore swear someone who is somehow going 1 9 playing normal ... ,this have no sense for me ,i mean what's the point then that if you good player to play this game if the game itself dosn't care how others people play normal... For me is a huge problem from this point cause people tend to no play anymore competitive and repeat mistakes over mistakes and never learn anything new , or study new/old/reworked champions so they can know how to counter them but yeah ... , i seen and people who loss with counter hero to people that they should counter... .. I don't say i never had bad games ,but most of the time i wasn't like just playing to have fun... , i was like playing for having fun and having the pleasure of being good at what i was playing ... ,the real pasion of all of us who play video games since these appear and we had the possibility to play them online it was to be more good than your friends than someone else who play same game ,that passion no longer exists and is such a shame that the game no progress in this direction. ... So i grow up with lot's of games from bad graphics who looked amazing at them time to modern games , and now if it would be to play a strategy game is kinda like no one likes them anymore because it requires to think.. ... and league of legends as it is ,it is about rpg/fights strategy even if most of the players no see it... , it's not just about rush and die... , the mostly i seen happening in nowadays and riot not trying to share that in some articles... , most of the lossed games look like lossed from someone mistakes or huge mistakes maded by 1-2 players... , it would be cool if you loss because you didn't farm enought ,you didn't had how to escape enemy skills ,but it's not like this , and most of the games you are likely to loss because some people have more mistakes than you... ,and not regarding the fact you are a good player... , you can exploit enemy mistakes as enemy can exploit your team mistakes... ,and there is the problem , if you having most clean gameplay you still can loss because of someone else mistakes.... ,and it's hard to deal with that.
: I use Y keyboard button, to camera lock and unlock, works the same, my space is used for attack move click.
i not use it like that ,but expecialy you can use a to see attack range... , however is a problem when your attack range is like changing , tristana/jinx attack range ;))
: Mix play. I unlock it and lock it a lot.
but you can use space as the big finger from hand you almost never use it ;))
BM Electro (EUNE)
: I know you didn't do it and camera lock is stupid you need to see people jumping at you as an adc to be able to kite.
yeah but you can get used to use space and release it to look around etc... it's legit what he say here...
pablo824 (EUNE)
: Mini map, players shown without skins!
It should be something new added to minimap ,most of us not use it that often... , and is quit hard when you focus on taking farm and kills to look minimap and watch if someone is coming to gank you , it would be cool if anything what showing new to minimap blink like there is something new to it so you can see what is it or some sound to watch and check minimap... , if it would be around would somehow make you see it coming... for me is really hard to look down to minimap when all the action is showing up... and middle of the screen...
Riryz (EUW)
: youre also excluding the complete reworks. so in reality its more than 710 abilities they had to make. indeed, they are doing a good job still being able to make interesting champions despite there already been so much of them.
and they quit fail to balance champions around old heroes which result in outdated lot of heroes who been old are becoming useless , and how you can congratulate them for that ??? You know how this game was use to be before ??? , i mean real now , you saw adc to be such in danger as they are now in nowadays champions pool ... ,it's a real mess to dodge shaco and then dodge champions like irelia and in same time fight them etc... Same apply when you chase to kill zoe as adc is quit hard if you get that stunn you are %%%%ed up ... , irelia you not even can stay such close to fight her and hit her as adc... which is quit a mess after me and a huge down for what this game should be like ... , i know there are melee champions but imagine irelia can stunn distance go dash to you then ulti and you are likely bye ... expecialy as adc you low hp... , and it's even strong from defence point .... ,that's what riot destroying with the reworks and new champions ... ,and not just adc have problems... ,many other old champions have... , even mages...
: i just dislike how almost every champ they bring out now has A LOT of mobility and/or high damage. oh many of them are also toxic with going invis for example.
yeah i too ... expecially as adc main who i can't dodge the invisibility champions and neither to run walls as they do and blink over me , is too sick... and also so unhealthy for who play and is main old champions...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: We forget that the game has 142 champions and how hard it is to invent fresh abilities
It's not that hard to think about special abilities... and them design , as it's harder to make the vfx effects... ;)) , but i know what you mean ,but you forget some champions have some almost non usable abilitys ... ,like tristana q or jinx q who just change her weapons , not kind of an ability... So i am really no have what to share ... ,cause if you have some imagination is not hard to find up some new skills and abilities heroes could get...
DerPunkt (EUW)
: No use to life steal atm. You either are at 100% health or are dead. with about 2k HP you can't really survive as soon as get dmg you will have to flash out or die. If you managed to survive nothing will kill you apart from the enemy ADC. You now kill everything that used their CD and missed you. No HP needed for that. TL:DR You either get nuked or don't catch any dmg so lifesteal is a bit problematic atm.
it's usefull in poke lane... ,expecially the rune legend bloodline ,who offer you 8% life steal ,that 8 % life steal early is huge deal ,expecially when you poke and make trades , is the best after me for champions who hit quick and no force the quick kill... ,for me having this and then in late buying guardian angel is the best... , so i can reheal in team fights if i get damage from distance... , for me so much attack speed ain't as good as having and a bit of life steal ,expecialy when you do baron ,drakes.. ,or you low hp and try to over extend your gold income.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bambreformed,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Oc2lEINw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-21T18:13:41.858+0000) > > Best part, you will be punished if you afk :) This is not helping
what can help man... riot can't afford to ban them cause there are too many of them... Then imagine you are taking to lower risks of getting angry ,but imagine someone who's playing adc and get support role troller and is forced to watch his trolls all the game .. , consider yourself lucky that you jungler main.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: This is a sign i need to not anymore play this game
Please downvote me if i am not right but you would permanent ban someone for this , considering he stayed 3 months chill without to say anything wrong and keeped try to share just positive behaviour ... , is nothing normal to this ... , i don't see why someone would deserve permanent ban and to leave this game for such small stuffs ,but this is okey ,i anyway planned to leave this game i buyed some steam games , i can afford to b accounts as others does .. , but i still have 2-3 accounts lv 30 + so i am stay chill idc about my jinx skins etc... i anyway wanted to not anymore play her... , cause she is too weak and no one anymore play something else than kai'sa xayah world's championship... , also i wasn't getting ranked rewards so i really not feel like i am punished and there is nothing i can learn about , i may did mistakes in past but being punished for something that could almost no offend anyone is really pointless.. I been banned for criticism , i learn from it and never did it again all the year worked on that , and now i am banned for something i don't understand what was wrong , i am punished for asking someone to play normal ?? and to do his support role job is criticism again guess.. , i am not having time to analys what i write while i gameplay ,is not like i have 3 minuts to write , i do quick message so thanks anyway for making me think some kind different it will be something i can use to gameplay in silent and have fun while playing some other games , maybe who knows this character build will help me become a better person under presure and when others are insulting me. I been really throught all the stuffs , and been toxic swearing before permanent bans punishments appear , then i modify my behaviour , then i modify it again as well as i was playing i keeped improve it ,but you still get permanent banned even if you changed almost 95 % your behaviour is still toxic , and that's too wrong and is a concern for people who still play the game and have just some small problems in them behaviour , there is no perfect human , and most of us aren't but does anyone will understand if riot ain't understand that there no one can be 100% positive neutral no mather of what... , there is not just me there are many others who can't be perfect and they don't deserve to be kicked out from game with permanent bans for trying and trying again to share positive behaviour even if the games constantly are filled up with negative behaviour of any kind , while there are more many players who shared more bad behaviour than me i taking this likely unfair for all of you who want this game to become positive ,because i may not be perfect but i may help you to get more quality games without to criticism and flame you or your gameplay )
: Are you seriously unable to deal with the fact that no one is plotting against you? What would be their reason? "Too keep things equal" If you are that good you shouldn't be concerned with climbing at all. You would just get into a better league with better opponents and things would be equal. If they would give you worse teammates than in the enemy team on purpose that would mean that it is a very uneven match. Also the poor ADCs that would get crushed by you every game because they have to play against a god that is not allowed to leave their ELO. If you are consistently winning lane but not the game, yes your teammates play a role but this also indicates that you're mid to late game skills aren't as good as your early game skill. Like positioning in teamfights, target select or very importantly where to be on the map. I'm not trying to go against you here. You just have to stop trying to convince yourself that there is an obscure system against you. Because there is not and there are still things you can get better at to improve your winrate and make climbing easier.
> [{quoted}](name=Global Noc Out,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qdQZVoi9,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-05T18:04:39.615+0000) > > Are you seriously unable to deal with the fact that no one is plotting against you? What would be their reason? "Too keep things equal" If you are that good you shouldn't be concerned with climbing at all. You would just get into a better league with better opponents and things would be equal. If they would give you worse teammates than in the enemy team on purpose that would mean that it is a very uneven match. Also the poor ADCs that would get crushed by you every game because they have to play against a god that is not allowed to leave their ELO. > If you are consistently winning lane but not the game, yes your teammates play a role but this also indicates that you're mid to late game skills aren't as good as your early game skill. Like positioning in teamfights, target select or very importantly where to be on the map. > I'm not trying to go against you here. You just have to stop trying to convince yourself that there is an obscure system against you. Because there is not and there are still things you can get better at to improve your winrate and make climbing easier. it don't have to be a reason ,it just have to be a problem who they should fix ,but as long as people like you don't consider this a problem they will not pay attention to it .
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