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: > i wanna kill myself Why not "improve myself"? Why did you flame the other player? Just wait the game to ends and after you walk free and he is the one who gets banned. Learn that online harassment is 100% BS. You don't know him and he don't know you. Of course he will abuse this by saying the most bad words we will gonna have in his mind. Try to ignore this type of childish fight because no one can win it and you are the proof. If you don't start the fight then you don't have for what to be punished, but the other one is because he wants to start the fight.
this is inspiring, ty hope i can get to lvl 2 for season rewards
Cypherous (EUW)
: > TY RIOT FOR PUNISHING ME BUT NOT THEM HAHA LOVE THIS SHIT And you know they weren't punished because? :P If they were reported and they were due a punishment then they were treated the same The problem is you retaliated, don't
Because if someone gets punished after you ban them there's a little message that says (ooh thank u for reporting unsporsmanlike players and shiz like that) and it didnt show up
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: [EUNE] Flex Friends!
yikes im s4 :/ if u still wanna play hit me up :p
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Looking for people to play flex/normals with
im s4 on flex and added u i dont have mic i mostly play top and supp :D
Yang Hyun (EUW)
: [EUW/EN] Duo. [Silver/Gold]
ik it says voice chat required but i dont have a mic im s4 on flex and i mostly play top garen hit me up if u want
: i know xD
havent read the manga lol
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. This isn't any different from the old system. We were always just given 2 rune pages, and you have the option to purchase more in the store. However, in the old system you could not change runes in champion select and could only the pages you had predefined. Now, you can freely change runes during champion select, so you won't need as many rune pages.
Well they did make runes and masteries one thing so shouldn't you be able to make as much as you want? And plus my pc is pretty bad so my client lags and I can't really change runes in champ select.
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Fathands (EUW)
: Look at the service status. Look at the boards themselves. DO YOU THINK IT'S ONLY YOU???
lmao just looked at boards, rito plz fix ur sh*t xD
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tihs (EUW)
: since LoL is f2p, Riot's main source of income is selling RP, I can assure you what you're saying will never happen
: Unlock all champs in practice tool
I think that would be a nice feature
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