: Recorded replays have no sound
: The problem with those replays is not that Riot don't want us to see the replay: It is a technical problem. In nearly every game you can't watch replays from earlier versions. Replays aren't some kind of videos, they are basically scripted versions of a game. And the scripted versions aren't the same in those two versions, therefore the result would be different - if f.e. Aatrox gets his damage trippled in a patch, the replay in the "new version" would show him crushing all his enemies - while in reality he was always destroyed. Saying "the last few games can re replayed" would be the same as saying: "All replays from the old patch can be replayed." It is technically really difficult and not just some switch to activate.
Yeah, this is what I tried to say with my argument to my idea. In your words it looks as even less possible to be implemented. Edit: thinking about how much more room will League need, despite work, to get this suggestion up and running. League already has a weight of 19-20 GB on my SSD
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No you cannon replay it after new patch hits, in client or otherwise* *Example: [Neace's tutorial on how to replay games of others (youtube)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEQpaPmbUp0) Edit: I just used Neace's trick, to see if it will work, via putting last patch's replay.rofl file onto one special League executable and it broke my client, so I am waiting for it to automatically repair itself now
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: Is it completly outruled to add item sets?
Yeah, it would be a pity if I will lose my 200+ item sets...
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Did you check if {{champion:9}} was premade with {{champion:29}}? I myself was vs challenger {{champion:157}} as plat 3 in normal draft.


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