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: Problems while playing league of legends
Dusty pc and background programs(chrome, spotify etc.) can affect pc, or some kind of setting in league/pc. Also try updating drivers if you have not. Other wise just contact player support.
: One trick ponies - I request your suggestions.
I'm kinda of twitch main and i would recommend him. Yeah I know he is kinda of "linear" but he is easy carry with, and the more time you invest in him the better you get(especially positioning), and you can try some tactics that people won't expect and get some fun out of it(I play him jungle and lvl 2 gank and usually get feed of it). you should at least try few games you might like him. And you shouldn't play bot in bronze, because most of the time your adc/supp will not be really good. (Also yi, syndra, swain are champs that i see usually carrying games and i think they are kinda fun)
: How can i get Alpha Client on a new PC?
In browser on top right corner press on your name-Settings-Pre alpha testing and there you can download the alpha client :)
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Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: Points wtf o.O
Friend list gone, lp problems, somethings wrong with riot servers again.
ygosh (EUNE)
: Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick free skin
You cannot get them anymore, they where a part of reffer-a-friend system, and now it's gone.
: Friendlist ?
Have the same bug, If i try to add my friends back, some just come back to friendlist and they don't need to accept it, some of them do need to accept.
gNzDaKiNg (EUW)
: Ip Boost
You will recieve it in 48 hours or so i believe, an if you didin't recieve it in that time then send a support ticket :)
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Supporting is more than just sitting in a bush
I like to play support, but i don't play it almost ever because my team flames me so hard(and i kinda suck at supp). And im a jungler, and support get the least flame from me when i sometimes flame.
I'm the nolifer... 100% accurate:(
DragonH (EUW)
: I think im screwed now?
1.Well, get a better connection and split they paying among all of you. 2.Kill them so only you will have the internet. I remember when there where more people living in the house and everybody using internet router would crash a lot or go slow,i guess router cant handle too many people.(new router and less people everything is good)
Your Mate (EUW)
: Questions #3
1.Draw something about league and send to riot support for small amount of RP(50-ish max).Then thier are Tournaments and giveaways(mostly from youtubers or streamers).And i heard there are thing that u can get RP from app's like app bounty,but idk about those. 2. Never heard of it. 3. Nope 4. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4ajrv1/psa_skins_you_cannot_get_using_hextech/ 5. A lot,and you need to get honored constintly to keep them.
ThePuncake (EUNE)
: RP Art
Suriv92 (EUW)
: What can you do riot?
1st off, you'rs image has no point, because for what I know he could off sold all the item and bought these at the very end of the match. 2nd, both bard's seem to be doing bad while adc's good, so they mabye just feed theyr's adc's or just had a bad game. 3rd if you can't take the flame or can't play so long, mute or don't even play,if you can't take it in the first place. And if you say that people "steal your's time", why are you playing,playing is basiclly stealing your's time/wasting time,and not everybody surrenders because their is always a chance to comeback. EDIT:You don't have to buy skins to support Riot, they get money,its f2p game. And riot can't just magicly make everyone good.
RyuK999 (EUNE)
: unavailable
Go play dota2
Anadeidra (EUW)
: [DEEP SUGGESTION] Night and day cycle
Isn't that already in dota 2?
Icarus2g (EUNE)
: That is no excuse for toxic behavior, since toxicity itself is reportable whether its in the form of unsportsmanlike conduit, harassing etc. Letting out steam because your day is ruined by something doesnt approve you to ruin days of others because your dad died and you want to play mid or feed.
Eeten (EUW)
: I do, a lot.
SO you are russian,or can take russians.(or french,polish)
playerHM (EUW)
: Banned for use of 3rd party programs/modified league folder
I have modified my folders(custom skins/custom announcer/map skins) No ban, no warnings. Mabye there is some other program not associated with league that is doing something to league folders(a virus or something a long those lines)?
Eeten (EUW)
: We are in Season 6. And **I think** they dont have to give us anything for free, we are the worst community ever and we have not earned anything free.
Looks like you haven't played CSGO...
: How to get some free rp by Riot
But them. Draw something and send it to support asking for some(40-50 ish max)RP. Join giveaways for a chance to win RP. There are some tournaments where you can get some RP,IP boosts,skins(1 ryze skin only(i think)).(5v5,3v3,1v1) Most of them will reqiuer a team.
: by harassing i mean paying money to look up your address and using the real names of family members which you haven't told them along with death threats, its not quite as simple as you think
Well then tell them to go F8ck them selfs, block, and wait till Rito fix it(hopefully).
Icarus2g (EUNE)
: People locking in even though the role was called and locked in already, + smurfs
League is competitive and frustrating, I guess most people let it all out by flaming(No exception here). You can't really change them, you don't know what happend to them, maby someone close to them died, or they lost something,and they play league to get some steam off.
: I have a hard time controlling tilt sometimes
I speak on skype with friends, that bassiclly makes you till a lot less(like 80% less) Unless you have like mine friends That will make you tilt 60% more.{{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: NCS & Clubs
unblock and be nice to them, they will feel bad that they where harrasing you:3
: How does matchmaking work?
https://boosteria.org/guides/league-of-legends-mmr TL;DR Its a hidden rating that decides what people you get matched against.
: How tall are you? (instead of cm it *TEEMO*)
: then at 6 it feels like i cant approach her without taking a ton of damage from just R E :\
Well, at 6 just roam,roam, ROAM!!!!! Don't fight her, lose a lot of cs if u need, ask jungler, and try get her passive on cdr, when hes passive is on cdr you should be able to kill her if you bait out her q( if u bait out w too it will be an ez kill). And switch lanes with top if you can.
Neonchan (EUW)
: And the S3 guy? I'd asume the difference lies within allready beeing placed and still in placements.
None of us is placed yet.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Is the S2 player allready ranked for Season 6?
No, hes doing placments with me
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: i struggled with anivia past 6 it felt like getting close enough to use my W to poke at her or jumping on her just caused me way more damage + the egg denied me a kill even tho i was close to getting it regardless tho that was pre 6
Well you have to play safe till 6 and even lose cs if u need, try to roam as much as possible, and in late game {{champion:34}} will probes too tanky+ egg so try pick off adc or sqiushy jungle/top because u wont be able to kill {{champion:34}}
: Talon
Well, vs mages/poke you keep all'ining them and thers not much they can do.Hardest matchups is anyone hoo builds tanky, because you can't burst them down(Annie( with rod), diana etc...)
JiheeS2 (EUW)
: can you give me some rp??:(
Riven main....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Well, atleast he doesn't have a skin....
: Thank You Riot :)
Totally depends on you, you buy which one you like more/play more. And its nice to see you got good discounts on what you play ^^
: Useless slow after usage of W from Blitzcrank
{{item:3070}} {{champion:53}} {{item:3070}}
: I NEED 30 RP please !!!
Draw somthing about league, and send a support ticket and ask for the RP, maby they will give you( they did it to me but only 5 RP), and don't froget to tell them Your summoners name, Server,how much RP and why you need it.;p
KuragonZ (EUW)
: Sexy cosplays
http://tsubaki-chan.deviantart.com/art/CATBUS-COSPLAY-49053789 {{champion:60}} /{{champion:76}} Cosplay.
: Having/being a tribunal means a lot of responsibility.
alin2pas (EUNE)
: What hapenned with servers?
Riot had a {{champion:29}} problem, and they chew off some wires so the servers crashed, we will need to wait till they get rid of the {{champion:29}} problem and get new wires :p
KuragonZ (EUW)
: 1-2-3 and so on
Rule thirty four - 34
PuiuAlex (EUNE)
: EUNE dead :( :|
Eune is well and alive, they just said there is a problem connecting, they'r working on it. ;p
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Stell (EUNE)
: but considering it was a permanent ban, i think this new system is a bit harsh. edit: but then again he was lying about the games played (he played 5 games instead of 1) he could be lying about other stuff too. he could've been toxic in those other games also.
Probs, people always lie Your beutiful Stell. See? i lied.{{summoner:30}}
: Friends, help a poor man out...
Few thinks that helped me to get rid of fear playing ranked was: 1.Playing ranked with your friend(duo) and talking to them via skype or smthing,( this helps somehow, and u dont look at chat so much so no rage) 2.Its a game, it wont change your life if you lose or win, and dont remember only losses, remember all the wins you had too, theyr just as important as losses( more importent) 3. and just play ranked, you'll get ussed to it,just que up,put some music(chillstep) in the background and play :*{{summoner:31}}
Alteryah0 (EUW)
: Randomly permabanned ?
Actually what u said, was offensive{{summoner:2}}


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