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SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Do you remember who killed you? In the screenshot, you can see I died only two times, and the first two kills were made by Ekko and Garen. Maybe it has to do something with who kills you and how? I suppose Garen could have silenced me with his Decisive Strike before killing me.
i dont know, but i know for sure it wasnt garen or ekko, i think it was akali actualy
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: [BUG] Lux E disabled all game
Try writing a ticket to riot about this, something like this hapened to me when i was playing xerath, i died while charging my Q and after i respawned i couldnt cast it, it never happened ever again though
: you can only ban champions that the enemy team has, if he didnt show up typing in the name then it just means the enemy team doesnt have yasuo
i thought about this too, but yasuo is free now :D
: who does say this champion quote?
: Only thing that matters is that ''Chatbox'' don't ever type there to them. if you ever get trigged your Dead.
Oh you dont need to tell me that, i know its just like feeding them, they are happy when they see that its botheirng me, thats why i never do that
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Toru Khan (EUNE)
: 6 AFKS!
Server problems, it happened in my game too, just now
Denetor (EUW)
: So i spectated a game, and the losing team used drophack...
: Connection problems
No, your not
: Pls fix euw server-.-
Its same here on EUNE, but only for some people, if it is a server problem why isnt it affecting everyone? UPDATE: so the game is over now...
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