: If I was truly good enough to win, I'd have the mechanical skills and map awareness to shut down my opponents before they snowballed. If I played perfectly every game I'd win every game
Nope, even rekkles (professional player) got stuck to plat in solo que and lost bunch of games on smurf account because he got bad teams.
: Unless it is deliberate, and intentional, it's not "inting" though. There needs to be intent for it to be intentional. That's the difference here. If Zyra was getting one shot by Karthus, then that's not exactly intentionally feeding. Could she have bought items to prevent it? Possibly, however there may have not been enough gold to finish that banshees - it looks like she may have been going to build it last time. Her building that may have been delayed as only your two AP carries had greivous wounds on your team against enemies that had life steal - is it intentionally feeding that the right item wasn't bought by other carries? No. Zhonya's may have been on cool down from a different fight - you simply don't know this information straight away, and neither do we. ------------------ The point is, that the amount of deaths does not constitute intentional feeding. The _**intent**_ does. So yes, that could full well have been a bad game. Unless she was running it down mid, or just running in and standing there, or literally dying deliberately, it is not intentional feeding. So you can't really assign a "number" of deaths and say that's inting. Because that wouldn't work, and isn't accurate.
And how can Riot have system against intentional feeding if we need 100% proof of intent? It's not possible to read anyone's mind yet. I'm pretty sure it is doing stuff like calculating deaths and other kind of analysis. For example when someone is leaving games it is not a problem for Riot to give ban even though it is not deliberate, sometimes even caused by bugs in their own software causing the game to crash.
: No I don't. Here's what you toxic players don't understand. Unlike you, I did not do that on purpose.
> No I don't. Here's what you toxic players don't understand. I am toxic because I only die 6 times or what? Feeders feel bad because somebody doesn't feed as much as them? > Unlike you, I did not do that on purpose. Yes that's what the inters say. It is not possible to die so much without inting. My record deaths from this season (200+ games) is 14 from that Garen game. How can you die more than an inter? By being one yourself of course.
: "Reichs: Yes yes... ban everyone with more than 5 deaths and... wait, everyone is going to get banned including me? Never mind!" Seriously though, that's what this little ranting sounds like. I'm guessing you are one of those people who say anyone who dies more than 5 times should be banned and if so, you should be banned at the same time. Honestly, this is just sad to read. You also failed to bring up that, if 8 deaths is enough to trigger you, why not bring up the enemies deaths like, I don't know, the Yasuo you laned against?
What? i would be super happy if they died only 5 times instead of 21 or 15. Don't pull things from your sleeve please. This post wouldn't even exist since we would have won for sure.
: > [{quoted}](name=Reichs,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=e6A52nYF,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-08-22T15:34:05.457+0000) > > The first garen game I inted 3/14 yes. And I dont get banned because riot system is useless. The rest of the games are totally normal lol. Getting to even 14 deaths requires inting so how about 21 deaths? Totally innocent? Lol. Uhh... I think you forfeit the right to complain about a problem the minute you admit to contributing to it. Side note: Amount of deaths is irrelevant to a degree, tbh. Especially when the enemy team is significantly further ahead. If they just play the game out for "teh lulz", then yes, death amounts can get that high. Considering you have 3 people with over 15 deaths... it doesn't surprise me. Intentionally feeding is a different story - when the dying is intentional. Someone could be inting with 7 deaths or 43 deaths. The amount doesn't matter, it's the intent that does. If you believe this person was intentionally feeding, then if you report them it will get reviewed. The same way that if you intentionally feed, and someone reports you, that will get reviewed.
It was not a stomp game, the enemy team was trying their best and not some clown fiesta. Zyra was definitely inting, she gets almost oneshot by Karthus ulti and doesn't buy banshees even though I said her to do it. And doesn't use zhonya either. Just the same as in my Garen game... I didn't run to their tower to die. I just duel the renekton all time and try to kill him even though I know I probably can't do it. I guess that's what riot calls "bad game", I call it inting. And a lot of people int. With that standard the zyra and cait were definitely inting in my game.
: Diamond/Platinum/Gold ranks and still complaining like a begginer who had his first game where he did good, but the team hold him back. I'm stuck in Silver because in a game my team trow it hard from the min 2-5 and in other game the enemy team trow it. I accept and wait to have good games and climb. Making posts about my team (when the enemy team trow the game no one make posts, but nvm) don't give me back my LP. I also have games where I start like 0/3 because I trust my team to help me but they are to scared and run to save the KDA. After I see how my team is I start to play in a different way and still hope to win. This is how you should act in your divison if you want to win.
Yes I know all this bullsh1t. I get only 56% win rate because 40% of my games I have trolls or feeders in team. 4% my team actually gets outplayed and nobody is doing some extremely stupid stuff. The rest I win. It sucks I have to play 250 games to get diamond again when without trolls it would take like 50-100 games.
: You took 2nd least dmg in your team. That's not what tanks are supposed to do.
How can I take more dmg than guys who lose 1500 hp every time when karthus presses R since they refuse to build MR until very late? I can't "outtank" people who are inting unless I int myself.
: You intentionally died, yes? And don't get banned because riot system is useless? Well, perhaps we can fix that. I'm screenshotting this and reporting you directly to player support. Lets see if we can get you some of this medicine (ban) you are trying to give to others.
Yes if they ban everyone with so many deaths I'm fine lol. Btw u get a ban too you have 15 deaths and 17 deaths games in ur history.
: If we ban the Zyra ~~for having a bad game~~, sorry, "inting" like you toxic players like to say... Then we would have to ban this guy too no? https://i.gyazo.com/05242fb40f94f94bf972453f7eb8cc8e.png That's YOU, hypocrite, having a bad game. And another: https://i.gyazo.com/29f566bd90a57d46928687e9f3283cac.png And another: https://i.gyazo.com/56a96411fc4ec546158893671f339920.png And another: https://i.gyazo.com/f4c1ac5079a78ad79f892564cce4fd2c.png Everybody has good and bad games. It is a fact. And YOU "Mr. Don't take excuses" are no exception. So why is it that toxic players always have to insult, falsely accuse others of trolling/inting and try to get innocent players banned? WHY!? You don't care about others? Are you just that selfish that you can't even see the truth?
The first garen game I inted 3/14 yes. And I dont get banned because riot system is useless. The rest of the games are totally normal lol. Getting to even 14 deaths requires inting so how about 21 deaths? Totally innocent? Lol.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Reichs,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cIdnt3pF,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-08-11T13:35:17.747+0000) > > I was soft inting after my team decided to troll so yes I should get baned Well, yes you should. You just admitted to inting which brings at Minimum a 14 day Ban with it. Hope a rioter sees this
Thanks for agreeing my teammates should be banned.
: What about your 0/11/7 Sona Game. Worse kda than anyone in this Team so according to your Logic even worse boosted.
I was soft inting after my team decided to troll so yes I should get baned
: It would be too easily abused by pre-mades, or cause flaming and possible abuse by people insisting a team mate go afk or something to that effect so they can have a loss prevention.
Just apply the elo loss from every player to only the afk player... so if everyone loses 20 lp it's only the afk who loses 100 and possibly gets demoted and others don't lose lp... if someone try to abuse it doesn't take long until they can't even duo anymore.
: as far as i can see you are the only one who deserves penalties here
For u being boosted or buying account from ebay is not punishable then. Are you one of them?
Reichs (EUNE)
: Do boosteds ever get banned?
ban my teammates please.
Rioter Comments
: banned for absolutely no reason whatsoever
Yeah pretty undeserved bann. You spam a lot though, maybe chat restriction could have been fair.
Rioter Comments
Semaka (EUW)
: Not true, I got back in february a 14 day ban. Honor level 0. Since then, I got once a month a checkpoint. Yesterday I got back to Honor 2. In these months, I got reported way to many times for different reasons. It didn't slow the progress, I still got checkpoints at every month. Probably because they had nothing to report me for. And if you get a 14 day ban and you get reported for good reasons like flame, racial slurs, telling people to commit suicide, etc, you dont have to worry about slowing down the progress because you will most likely be perma banned.
You probably got slowed down as I received the first checkpoints like once a week and only playing a few games per day.
: Well, yes it is worth it. K Y S is a 14d at least. And tbh: I wouldnt add anything to your ticket above. You got a nice Support guy there. I would bet there are others on Support who would ban you back acting on this.
Dunno I just said thanks for explaining and I try not to flame. This forum is just incredibly soft-skinned, dudes want to ban me for 2 weeks for some minor flaming like that. I would maybe agree if I did this every game but I don't.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: No, it's not. This is a game. Try treating it as such. >fck u autist Had I been in that game, I'd report you in a heartbeat for hate speech there. >im done with idiots That's verbal abuse. >/all report my team That's negative attitude.
>Had I been in that game, I'd report you in a heartbeat for hate speech there. Calling Yasuo autist is the only thing I think was excessive here. >That's verbal abuse. My team played like idiots. It's not abuse, it's the truth. > /all report my team at least 2 people in my team were griefing on purpose so why they don't deserve reports according to you?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: I wouldn't call that a dice roll. Saying k y s is always bad. Just like every other bad thing. Context doesn't matter.
Yeah it's bad but worth 14 days and destroying honor completely? Nope. Riot has just decided that it's a triggerword but my friend didn't know this.
: Is this a joke? Why weren't you banned for that chat log? System doesn't work indeed. I'd 14day you in the blink of an eye. And getting false reports, will not slow down anything. Flaming will make the system do its thing, which will result in obvious consequences. This is far from rocket science.
14day ban for my team trolling and me pretty much just calling them out for their trolling? Yeah right. Have you noticed most games in league have chat similar to this?
: Banned for actually nothing (IMO)
Here we can see how "well" this keyword search ban algorithm works.. complete joke.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I asked riot support about it and they said getting reproted for my behavior is slowing down the progress. You didn't ask that in this picture though and the riot support didn't say that. Getting reported doesn't slow down the progress. Getting VALID reports against you will slow down your progress. I could also bet that their system picks up trigger words even without reports which will slow you down. That's not confirmed though.
Well yeah you are right I guess but whether the report is valid or not is just a diceroll often. One of my friend got 14day banned for saying k y s to blitz who couldn't hit any grabs.
Arnoter (EUW)
: But from the writing, I would call you one of them
I was 2/2/2 in that game and trying my best, all my teammates were feeding and being useless.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Ever tried to not flame, so you wont get reported ?
Yeah, it's hard when u get idiots and trolls in the team.
Rioter Comments
: Priorities man.... Sometimes I sneak in a gg ez as well, knowing that I put myself behind with like 1 week from progressing, but generally I keep my goals top priority. The secret is not overdoing anything too excessively. No one ever got banned for saying "ur bad" to one guy, once every 30-50matches, if it's the case. People who get in trouble, tend to yap and yap for hours, forgetting that they are in a match - and harassing the f#%k out of another player for *insert reason* reasons. You didn't swore to be a monk here, you agreed to the TOS - aka. Keep it cool. You can say what's on your mind, if you avoid zero tolerance words, and not overdo the banter, or harass your teammates.
Maybe I can avoid trashtalking enemy but it's just so hard for me not to flame when I get idiots in my team.. like [this game](https://i.imgur.com/ddhflyS.png) I was shouting at my screen when I couldn't believe my team was legitimately so bad.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Really? I find supporting teams way more fun than toxic ones. I am glad honor is made like this to encourage a friendly atmosphere. You already know what you have to do to reach honor 3 and higher for that matter.
Those supportive teams are just fakes... they just say gj and whatever during game but when you lose they flame you because raising morale is useless at that point. I like honesty more, if you play good I commend it, if you play bad I will call you out.
: I'd take that 63 match gold 3 player over the 700+game plat V any freaking day! 45games on lee, 38% win-rate. Does that look like a spooky high elo player to you? LOL Lemme tell you a secret. Difference between mid-high gold, and low plat is non existent. Stop freaking out from seeing 2-3 division difference in a match. That plat with the shit winrate had bad mmr prolly. In flex, I had a B5 22LP Blitz supp vs an enemy Morga supp who was 750ish LP Chall (these were the solo ranks). Now that's a difference. Plat 5 and gold 3, not really.
The game was a real clown fiesta and took 40min to finish even though my team could finish in 25min... I don't know why the game pairs me with gold mmr players when my mmr is Plat 3.
: Looks perfectly fine. Maybe - just maybe - we should add a sticky thread that explains what MMR does and how it affects matchmaking. This is such a common mistake that players make when they check what divisions they get matched with.
> [{quoted}](name=Tenchuu Khan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PgKR6sMR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-04T08:12:44.705+0000) > > Looks perfectly fine. > > Maybe - just maybe - we should add a sticky thread that explains what MMR does and how it affects matchmaking. > This is such a common mistake that players make when they check what divisions they get matched with. In the screenshot you can see almost 70 points difference in MMR too.
: I legit cannot escape bronze 4
Dude... you have bunch of bad scores too and ur farm is bad most games. Looks like you might belong there. If you would be good just get a champ which can 1v5 like tryndamere or jax and get out of there ez.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Endellion (EUW)
: Voting from your alt accounts doesn’t count {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> [{quoted}](name=Endellion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QI1Yk2Ri,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-02T22:10:48.025+0000) > > Voting from your alt accounts doesn’t count {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Very alt account, different server and I've played since S2 lol
skerpios (EUW)
: perma banned
3 no 1 yes they should remove ur ban
k4for (EUNE)
: Riot Games! Stop giving me people to carry!
You play 3v3 twisted treeline normals. They are joke games anyway why would anyone care.
Cwendir (EUW)
: Banned for no reason ( I have the chat logs)
Another joke ban. Try to avoid keywords like report or uninstall, dumb or idiot. Just mistype them badly and you won't be detected. I don't know why asking to report a troll is toxic at all but I guess the kids in this game get offended over that.
KévKa (EUW)
: No disruption in 3 years, gets 14d banned for saying n-word
Four Star (EUW)
: Favourite Season and Why?
Season 3. When Riot had not started destroying champs yet. Just look at Ryze for example what a pile of garbage he is now.
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: Can anyone explain this?
1 win out of 10 games should definitely result in low bronze. He has possibly bought the account from ebay with high MMR or have his account boosted last season.
: They trialled this in OCE for a while if I recall correctly, and it produced more negative results than positive ones so they scrapped it.
Is there any details available?
Smerk (EUW)
: This will kill possibility to pick off-meta champions. Pick something your team doesn't like -> get kicked. So no, I don't like the idea of vote kicks
Why would they kick someone for off-meta champ? Kicking the off-meta player gives much bigger disadvantage than picking off-meta champ.
: 90% of times you can't win a 4v5. Votekicking would imply there's the possibility for someone else in queue to join the game in that slot, playing a champ they didn't choose and that would be an interesting idea but too many complications since this is a MOBA game. Votekicking was discussed many times before and it would be just another thing to abuse. You say or do something that someone else didn't like? Instant votekick started. Maybe you don't realize the community we have here.
Yes you lose most of the 4v5. That's why is not so useful to spam votekick. You will end up in bronze if you misuse it all time. Or banned if there is a review.
: Take a look at streamers who get stream sniped, ghosted, trolled. This community has individuals who are at the very bottom of respetable behaviour and if there is a way to abuse this system they will find it If you duo with a friend you already have 2 out of 3 necessary votes for a kick. Complain enough and you might find someone who will join in your witch hunt. Further the system trying to track down people who misuse the troll bann system might be too lenient. Lets say it takes 10 games of bans in a row to trigger a review of your report behaviour. This is 10 games you managed to ruin for people who might have never done something wrong. I am not saying Riot should not try to improve their methods in lowering the amount of people inting / trolling / flaming but it should not be done via community influence.
It requires 4 votes, only time it requires 3 is when the person being kicked is duoing with someone. Besides the people who kick others will be at disadvantage if they kick somebody unfairly. Also the person who gets kicked gets the same result as the other people in his team so even if the guys kick somebody just before winning it doesn't matter. If there are 4 people in team who all wanna troll it's probably better to actually get kicked anyway.
: Premade Abuse.
It can be added to solo/duo queue only. The other modes are pretty much fun modes anyway.
Rioter Comments
Menaldur (EUNE)
: Do riot even pay attention to reports?
No they don't really. They don't have actually any staff to look at the reports. They only have a SHlTTY bot scanning chatlogs for keywords. You can flame as much as u want if you avoid the keywords. Even misspelling them probably works to avoid bans.
: So apparently NA players are more privileged since they get permanent suspension lifted and players
Riot is so desperate. Game is dying so they are asking even permabanned players to come back lmao
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