: I did the same thing in season 7 but on an excel spreadsheet, just to keep track, I'm not even kidding, the amount of AFK'ers alone i got far outstripped the ones on the enemy team. its was something stupid like 12:1 its why i don't play ranked anymore. It nearly honestly made me quit the game altogether, i just aram now.
its weird becuase they all say "more chances to get them in enemy team".Ballshits lel.
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: Oh... that explains Vayne every game...
Evry game because shes op maybe...Best adc right now.She is banned a lot too.
: Master rank: found out there is elohell
elo hell exists but is not silver..Even tough its hard to carry and it may take a while to get out of there is not elo hell.. Elo hell is where boosted noobs are.P2 P1 D5 D4. Thats truth elo hell. In lower elo you just have to abuse mostly dumb champs..easy to play.And youre out of there in no time.
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Lüxanna (EUW)
: Platinum player looking for DuoQ
boost not allowed {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Actually I’m not a feminist, I hate feminism because we don’t need it anymore. But like everyone else, you’re so %%%%ing pea brained that you don’t understand anything.
i love you too.{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: It's ok, maybe 1 day you will learn English. Should have went to school instead of playing video games. Gl.
i love you too. But im not silver xD
: So if I build full AD sion, I am still a tank, gotcha.
youre not smart dont you xD?? Its ok 1 day youll understand how lol works.Gl.
: Not asking to be boosted, I'm asking for someone that isn't like the majority of this community and can actually keep their toxicity to themselves. Clearly the people commenting on this post are not what I'm looking for. Making assumptions and being sexist aren't positive things to be doing. But hey ho, these are the kind of people that Riot want playing their game so who am I to complain.
sexist?????????Wtf a feminist...Im out.
: Thank you Riot for another wasted day
The truth is that losing streak happens..And i dont know why and how to stop it.Even if you play like a god you still lose those games..Win streak then be prepare to lose streak.. But i dont think the games are planned honestly..Thats stupid.
: So if you build full tank you are not a tank? If I build full AD leblanc, I will still be an AP assasin? If sion goes full AD he is still a tank? If maokai goes full AP he is still a tank?
wth lel...GNAR IS BRUISER.TANK IS MAOKAI.iF YOU Build full ap maokai is ap maokai but is a tank..thats his role.. Gnar is bruiser..Thats how it is..youre cute {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Yeah, because tanks are dominating most of the times. In my game enemy gnar won the lane, easily outdamaged everyone while being unkillable. Because fed tanks are doing too much damage while soaking up damage like it's nothing
gnar is bruiser not tank..
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Its rigged was you PLAT1 before or close about? S7/pre
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: Experienced Support LF +P5 ADC for s8 climb
That name lol{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Looking for a non toxic duo partner!
neh...Boost isnt legal.Carry yourself.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Sympton (EUW)
: wow 10 guys said its not a bad idea to play on the first day? are you guys delusional??
why is bad lel???if youre good you climb..youre bad you dont..Simple as that.You think that if you que later youre gonna get chalenger or what?
: Massive Communication and Punishment Flaw
You dont get punishment only for flaming...but for spamming too.Even tryng to laugh a bit it can be a ban. I got once punishment because i only tryed to carry lel and telling my team what to do . Now i just dont type at all.
: Reduce the snowball please
Truth.Now who wins early can easy win the game.You dont even have the chance to comeback.Its like you get lucky first blood is more probably that your midlaner that got it will snowball the game pretty easy if is not too dumb. Win early win game kinda sucks right now.
Smerk (EUW)
: > I believe i get a lot of ppl who say"if you dont gank im out" You can already report that as negative attitude > Or the guy that lose hardly his lane and ragequit..Cant be a dc that seriously. It can be, you have no way to prove that it was intentional leave > Rito just need to focus more on that.With flame is easy to deal with...mute all simple. I think current punishments are fine
you realise they focus more on flame then ragequit-script-boosting ...And thats definetly not good.
Smerk (EUW)
: How would you distinguish ragequit from dc?
tilt.I believe i get a lot of ppl who say"if you dont gank im out"Or the guy that lose hardly his lane and ragequit..Cant be a dc that seriously. Rito just need to focus more on that.With flame is easy to deal with...mute all simple.
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CalmN (EUNE)
: Evelynn Quotes, it needs something to be done.
You sound like a feminist LOL.
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: Which sites do you watch them on? Can you recommend some good ones?
you should go youtube and type"infamous player rat irl".It gives you evrything..
FunnyNeko (EUW)
: Autism of Legends
Actually if you say someone "dude play safe" its toxicity xDDDDD.Meh only 5% out of 6 miliards use their brain rest are stupid people. They find evrything toxic.Even if you give them a tip to buy a different item etc..Dont bother dont type at all.
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Miniswim (EUW)
: What has this game become....
what i dont understand is why they buffed kayn lel.LOGIC{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} And zoe needs nerf..she will always be 1 shot champ.And very annoyng with that sleep.
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: hi i am kittyrawrx LF duo or flex
Friends drag you down .-.
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Maluber (EUW)
: They have some counter play. Its called control ward. 75g. You ever seen it in shop? As in your last 20 games you've not brought 1....
you know control ward dont see vayne anymore.And dunno if shaco can be seen too..
Hydnoras (EUW)
: top jungle mid in that order and it will always be in that order. EDIT: this is for a good player so if you are low elo and want to carry low elo, play top or mid. Low elo junglers don't carry games.
jgl is always first..Jgl was and it will always be best role to carry.And ill say 2 mid then top.You can roam as midlaner bot top and even help your jgl.As toplaner you can mostly tp.
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Mada (EUW)
: I think random adcs are much more annoying
not really..is the support who carry adc in lane..So you can deal with it.
: Alot of counterplay / Game is balanced
League is always inbalanced.And wukong full lethality...i still dunno why that guy is never nerfed lel.But its probably because no 1 plays it.. In evry patch there are some champs that need a really op nerf.
: I'm main support. I played and got from bronze 4 to silver 2, so I don't know if it will work, but I know how to play {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} .. and many other supports I understand how some ppl dont poke or play passive support but I believe I'm pretty decent. If you want we can play one,two Normal to see the synergy.
we can try.ill add you.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Well I kinda agree after all you picked up better words now. The fact you don't see is that riot can make it way more balanced. And I'm nut stuck in plat III i got there just this day, but climbing once again to diamond when I already was there and got out of it not by my bad plays made me tilted enough to re-discuss the LP system.
they can but they wont.If they could focus more on banning boosted people it could be easier to climb. To deny losing lp when you get afk rage quit.Its still something. And d5 probably 80% of players there...are all boosted.So thats why is even harder to get out of there.I was d3 somehow succed to get there but then i didnt play mutch got demoted inactivity+some loses.And then i could get way back there. I have many games where i tryhard to carry 1v5 still not winnable. Many people think this is a skilled game only.In this game matters more your picks abusing meta playng some broken champs that you can always find in evry patch.Skills is the last think to climb the ladder.
Rioter Comments
: You have overall same KDA as me so don't act like you deserve challenger then and I deserve plat. And luck does not exist. Everything has it's reasons. Getting 4v5 game means : 1. Somebody can do that, because it appears. 2. Every game you have 45% to 4v5 game if you always play tryhard. 45% Chance is overall less than 55% so on RIOT they think probably it doesn' need to be translated into LP but on the other hand. You can end in the group of people who have more games 4v5 then 5v4 even if you tryhard everyone. (Probability laws). Even if it was not me (if I try to be selfless) but somebody has to have it ! (once again probability laws)
Dude.As a smart person once said"League of legends is inbalanced game"We all get afk and a lot of ppl know to play this game still they dont climb.Luck have its own way but that doesnt mean that because you are not lucky youre not gonna climb. There are a lot of boosted losers in this game so they bring you down.This is a team game.And solo que is no team is just you. Or you go jgl and gank all lanes to be sure you win...or you go mid and roam all day long to win..Or you lose. If i could get carried then obviously me and many other ppl could be wayy higher elo. And yes luck is important no deny about it.But if you play more then 500 games and still stuck that elo...then maybe is your fault. You cant call luck 4ever.
: ? To who you write ? Have you seen that games, so you can call it is my problem ? I was diamond, dropped to plat because of 4v5 games rotating. Now I have 3.24 KDA in my last games 20 guess how many I won ? 6! and it was even worse I was supertryharding at 5.0 KDA per 20 games and get 8/12. And please say KDA is not everything so I can spam you woth my great other stats too, and pelase say that all stats doesn't matter so I can spam you with my video outplays, whitch leaded to lost games. Because somebody was afk or trolling or whatever.
LOL.I deserve chalenger then.And no kda is not evrything.You can be 0 10 and still win games if you know what youre doing. And afk we all get them..Luck is something in this game in the end is team game..that doesnt mean you cant climb. This game is all about how hard you can carry alone.Team game or not solo que is all about how harsh can you destroy enemy team so you can win the game. Luck 100 games...but 500 just NO.
: Why downvoted, you need luck to keep you in your elo ? It is abnormal to loose same amount of LP on 4v5 game. And if you say sthg I should carry 4v5 there are some champs with whom you can't and I should not be supposed to play only fiora if I want to climb.
luck??sure...but for how long.100 games still stuck gold..you can say luck.Its truth.But when you reach more then 400 games you cant call luck anymore.10 games you can be unlucky.Other 10 games something can be done. Climb is luck.You cant always carry "that noob botlane 0 10".But this doesnt happen evry game.So if you play 500 games but still stuck gold then its your problem.Not "luck".
NE Crave (EUW)
: Hey mate ive added you in game, got a serious team offer and i come from an upcoming community called New England. Add me in game id like to discuss more :)
: Disconnects from rankeds...
I want pizza with ketchup.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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