Hansiman (EUNE)
: FWotD is still a thing, you're just getting more xp from it. That hasn't changed. You're still claiming you're getting close to 150ip per game, which wasn't happening. You could do that once with the FWotD, but not more. The longest victory in your recent match history is 44 minutes which would grant you 102ip. So most of your wins weren't giving you over 100ip with the old system, making it very unlikely you were getting 1500ip with 10 games, unless you were using ip boosts.
What lol.You didnt play last season??Or any other season??? 25 min game won is more then 90+ ip.So a 44 minutes game even lose is still 90+. Me with 10+games a day in 5 days i could reach 1 champ 6300.Its truth.And i dont lie.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: But then you played 10 games per day in the old system and you weren't really making much more either.
actually yes.With bonus daily and wining more games then loses i do.I could reach 1500+with 10 games+ so..
: Only if you grind it on one day. If you add first win of the day to the equation it's more like 5-6 games. That's why it matters how many games you play per day on avrg. The new XP first win has way more impact compared to the old IP first win 8 is the point of break even here
lel dude..another person with no LOGIC.If you play less then 10 games a day or 7 whatever.You wont do lvl in that day.So you gain no be for 7 games that you played.Cuz you didnt lv up.LOGIC. If i play 10 games more then you obviouslyl i gain 700be or how mutch can i get.Next day you do lvl and i do another 1.YOu gain 800 i gain another 800.. Its %%%%ing logic that who play more gain more be.What you sayng makes no sense.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Hesha178 (EUW)
: BP & Capsules for real ?!
Be is really garbage.You play 10+games a day to do lv then you get 810 be...Maybe more if youre lucky.Practically its based on luck to gain be so you have a chance to buy champs 4800+.BALLSHIT. Luck is not funny seriously.Im gonna play 70 games and maybe..but maybe i will buy a champ of 6300 be..SAD.
WeAreDeath (EUNE)
: You downvoted me for being right? Boots do not help lol. Deal with it, ADCs are almost as bursty as Assassins, the problem is that assassins should be butsty, not ADCs. Adcs are supposed to be sustained damage dealers.
Boots dont help lel...{{item:3047}} got nerf long time ago cuz was too op.And is still a very good item vs adc.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Removing Victorious Graves Skin
"Ungrateful Bish"Smart people say,{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: The thing is I don't try to win when I go supp...I just don't like...is easier than other lanes...but I don't like to not take kills, farm is just %%%%ing annoying!
Support easy lol???????Most of supports have skillshot especially the aggresive supports.{{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} etc.Support isnt easy at all.You dont like it something else.But we all get autofill.
: How people don't find boring playing supp?
If you lose youre bad lel.Support carry ADC in lane..And autofill seriously...I dont play mid or whatever so???if i get autofilled i dont mind.I try my best.
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Durfain (EUW)
: Can we change nullifying orb to also block physical damage?
{{item:2419}} not enough??early game especially.{{item:3047}} still op.{{item:3157}} Really..how more you want against ad ???{{item:3027}} its good you know.
: Masterie 6 & 7 BE Cost
Not worth it at all.I cant even buy some champs immagine doing mastery 6-7..This system sucks and gain so low be..Lets hope they change it.
goodboy2 (EUW)
: does fizz E remove zed R still ?
When the mark is on you-Prepare to die slowly.You have 3 secs to pray{{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: people really need to stop using cancer as a joke its a deadly disease but whatever just here to give you some advice You can avoid it if it makes you so pissed off just stop? What if I played Janna jungle and carried? I also seriously doubt you even understand what a troll really is its become so dulled down in recent years its almost like if you click play you are a troll now its pathetic Also hello you can mute people thats a cool feature I really doubt you have had a inting player or a REAL troll in at least the last 8 games as for "flaming" (I still really %%%%ing hate that term) I am almost sure that your not innocent yourself by this post alone {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
You do realise trolers exist???And cant be avoided??This is a team game.Not 1v1 game.If you wanna play janna jgl "to carry" go normals. But ranked is try harding and most of people know that. With flame is easy to deal with sure MUTE.But trolls will always exist to ruin your day and if i go lulu jgl no 1 is gonna ban me..cuz rito will say"BAD GAME". And those people should be banned especially if you troll in ranked.
tako001 (EUW)
: My Loot for lvl UP
Is a shitty sistem honestly.I really dont like it neither..Playng 15 games+ just for 810 be...And you dont get it evry day eh..you can do 1 lv in 2 days so..Even worst.I wonder people that play like 3 4 games a day and do 1 lv each 3 days how mutch be they get in 1 month lol.
BSNT 1994 (EUNE)
: Smurfing as a support does work
Support can carry.But not the best role to carry.Especially lower elo.Thats why smart people play support {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} in silver-gold even plat.And support influence is not high as jgl or midlane.Neither as toplaner.Its way far behind from this roles. You can climb if youre good but luck is important too..I dont believe 90% of players are stucked in silver cuz they all bad..some of them have the skills and knowledge but not enough luck to move forward.Thats reality.And support will always be harder role to carry.If you watch chalenger most of top 3 are always midlaners-junglers maybe toplaners too.
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Heavy Riven (EUNE)
: New Runes !! [ **Riven Still Can One Shot At Season 8** ] New Runes OP
"that butt"{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} But anyway riven was always broken..Best champ to 1 trick pony.Why dont you try Press the atack too..Is amazing with her skills.
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: That stat (although you probably just made it up) is probably about right. That is why 90% of the player base are stuck in the bottom 2 ranks. If there was a 50% chance of success then the playerbase would be evenly distributed across the ranks.
i swear i didnt made it up at all.I gain nothing to lie.This game where my panth got destroyed by kata mid and we couldnt do nothing..The game was over in 10 mins already.She could 1v5 easily evryone.And it happens nowadays who wins early wins game..Its really rare to comeback.I got another game where my aurelion feed azir in 5 mins died like 4 times and start raging and flaming the jgl..AMAZING.
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: Could I have done any better? guide with gameplay
If you cant win lane doesnt mean you lose game..Roam.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} If you have a hard time always roam.
Shauna Bot (EUNE)
: I can help you out by supporting you and we can climb some duo Q. Add me ingame - Shauna Bot
or getting boosted u.o
Hansiman (EUNE)
: According to Riot the lowest number you should be able to get is 810 atm. --- > In 1 week i still cant get a champ of 6300. Honestly, I've never been able to do that in one week.
the problem is that even if is 800 is not enoug...More lv you do more games you need right.. If i do 3 lvl a week...i get 800 be evry lv..i get 2400 be weekly ok...In 2 weeks i still cant get 1 champ of 6300.. Old system you could get ip for each game.Longer the game more ip +bonus.So from 7 8 games you could reach 900+ ip daily.In 1 week??????Ez to buy 1 champ 6300. And remember more levels you do more games you need...so 800 if is 800..is still not enough.Cuz is gonna be harder and harder to lvl up.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Considering the math shows us that we do, unless you play far more games than average; care to show us the math that it's wrong?
At lv 31 i got 600 be..Doing lv isnt easy.In 1 week i still cant get a champ of 6300.
Smerk (EUW)
: "Most players get more" is what I said. Not all, and apparently you're one of those who gets less than with old system, you need to play no more than 8 games per day to get more than before. But even then you can't get 600 or less from level up, 810 is absolute minimum. That's why I call people like you ignorant, you can't even count properly to back up your claims
{{champion:15}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:78}} how mutch be "ignorant".You should work at your brain a bit.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, first of all there is no lack of BE, most players get more than before, they are just too ignorant to realise that. Although I would like to get more mission, but not daily, weekly missions would be better, so you can choose when you want to finish them
i wanna see how people get more.Me 1 that played a lot these days couldnt even reach 6300 be..Like in some levels got less then 600..How you get more.. Evryone is complaining about BE "but they ignorant to realise that"..Seriously.
: Please Fix Champion Shards Prices
Truth.And i hope they do so.But i dont think they will change it.Some "smart" players think they get more be then ip thats just stupid..Its not truth at all.And to level up is harder and harder and you can get like 600 be for lv..Less if youre unlucky too. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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Luniya (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-jinx}} Nice...
im nice too {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: I find it actually easier to carry as adc in higher elo. You can rely much more on your support.
not really.Support always carry botlane.So low elo its out of discussion.Higher elo they play better still you cant rely them so hard.I saw a lot of brain dead people even higher elo trust me.Its not going well.Better take some1 you know.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The lowest amount of essence you should get from a loot box is 810. On average, you'll be making more with the new system than with the old, unless you're extremely unlucky and always low-roll the shard you get from a box. However, that is in itself highly unlikely to occur.
It should..but is not.At some lv i got 500 be even less from 3 champs.+Doing lv is heavy and some people can tdo it evry day.So you can do 1 lv evry 2 days and get less then 810 be.. And believe me that i got less then 810 be at some levels.
RN Lilith (EUW)
: 930 BE for lvl 31, 810 for 32
They put new mission 50 be GG {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} . If they dont change this we will buy champs with rp only .
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's also so low that it shouldn't be possible, because it's less than what you'll get at the lowest rolls possible. So I guess OP is exaggerating slightly.
the truth is that i got at lv 31 500 be...and lv 35 900be..just because i disenchant ahri... At lv 33 or 34 i got x2 udyr x2 sivir x1 fiddle...like 500 be max...even less actually.So i believe the rewards for lv are very low.
: >look i put another example my english is bad .. Yes, that's likely the problem here, and you're not exactly trying hard to make your point understandable. If you just wrote normally maybe you'd get your point across quicker. --- >who gets more????????????????????? More of **what**? You never even specify what the hell you're talking about here. Of course you're going to reach the next level faster, but I get more of my time's worth, because **I NEED FEWER GAMES TO LEVEL UP**. _This is not about time, nobody is talking about time._ I simply get **MORE BE PER GAME** If I play less.
omg dude. 1.My english is bad but if youre not dumb you understand my point. 2..or you try to cover something or you just dont care and troll. 3.You said you get more IP THEN BE.Thats huge lie.In 1 day with 6 7 games you could reach with bonus win daily more then 900+.Now per level you can get 400 be like i did at lv 31. So i dont see how you gain more BE then you used to gain IP. "Actually, it's the other way around!"Thats what you said.And this is where i say youre wrong.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Loonsteer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wnZBE5qt,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-12T18:24:59.741+0000) > > so almost 2 days of my time and I cant even but a champ that 3150? I use to be able to get 3000k in a day.... You are lying so much that isn't even funny. First 3000k = 3.000.000 or 3 million IP. That's obviously false, but even 3000 IP is impossible, without boosts or unless you play for 24 hours straight. Assume average game length to be 35 minutes and average win-rate to be 50%. ~100 IP per win and ~70 IP per loss in Summoner's Rift, which is ~85 IP per game played. Let's say you play 16 hours per day, which is way above the recommended, but still. That's ~24 games, already including the 5 minutes per queue search + champion select. We can agree that it'd be somewhere in between 20 and 24 games per day. That's the same as saying 1700 IP to 2040 IP per day. No where near those 3000. I'm not going to bother calculating that with boosts. *** I really dislike liars: - You played a total of 21 games, starting from 9th of November to today (last game I counted Kassadin 4/5/9, 25:31 minutes). I ignored the two games that were remade. 21 games is enough to level up 3 or 4 times, but let's say you only did level up twice. - The average game lenght of those games is 26 minutes and 41 seconds. - 57% win-rate (12 wins out of 21) - 3 of those 21 games were in Howling Abyss, that I'll count them as Summoner's Rift regardless (just to make your side of the argument stronger) - Per win it'd be 80 IP and per loss it would be 54 IP, so on average you earned 69 IP per game. Over 21 games that's 1449 IP. I can include 1 win-rate for each of those days (4 days) so it would be ~2049 IP in total. As you can see, you said that you won 1500 BE (which most likely isn't the actual number), but in the old system you would, at best, win 2049 IP. That's a substancial difference, sure, but I'm not being very meticulous in my calculations as, if I wanted, I could calculate how much XP you actually earned and how much level ups that would translate to. Heck, you aren't even level 30 on that account, which furthers my point. Who are you trying to fool? The rest of us or yourself? Think about it buddy. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
3mil lel .Truth.But jokes aside 1500 be for 2 lv is very low..Cuz in 2 days if you was playng more then 6 7 games a day with bonus win you could reach more then 1500.
: Of course it makes sense... Think about it! You are not taking the First Win of the Day into consideration, like I said, it plays a big role! --- Let's say you want to gain 1 whole level in a day, that's going to take you about 10+ games! I on the other hand only play till I win 1 game every day, this way I'll only need 3-4 games to level up! --- I receive more BE per game, because I'm using the FWotD bonus much more efficiently!
omg i dunno maybe rito washed your brain..look i put another example my english is bad maybe you dont get it.. ex:I do 3 lv 1 day.....you do 1 lv 1 day...who gets more????????????????????? If i do 1 lv evry day and you do 1 lv evry 2 days you get less..only if your enot lucky and gain 6+champs for each lv.and me just 1 or 2. You gain BE per lv not per game...Do you understand???????????????? Lets say 1 lv 600 be...I do 1 lv today 1 tommorow 1200 be...You do 1 lv in these too days you get 600 be...Do you get it?????????? Because if you play 4 5 gamers a day you wont do lv neither with bonus...Cuz i do the same.And i play more.
: > the BE would be pretty hard to collect, unless you play the game very often. Actually, it's the other way around! If you only rarely play the game, you will get more First Win of the Day bonuses per game! Since these now play a major role in leveling up, people who play less earn quite a bit more BE per game on average! Overall, nearly everyone will earn more BE now, only players who play more than 8+ games a day will see a **slight** decrease in BE gains!
that doesnt make sense seriously..wtf.There is no logic in that seriously. EX:1 WEEK 7 LVL 7000 BE. ME:7 DAYS 7 LVL 7000 BE Someone that plays less :7 days 4 levels.Is gonna get less.Thats %%%%ing logic lel. Only if not rito sayd--"who play less gain more champs from lv".
: op is lying...you can't get that low amount at level 30:)..u only get that amount at level 10
the only 1 that is lyng is RIOT.LV 31 i got 400 be total.Now at 35 lv i got ahri 900be...So for 1 day 900 if you get a champ...yes i got only 1. Thats stupid af.You will buy a champ 6300 in 1 month if you play 3 4 games a day..
AngmarPT (EUW)
: Guess what... BLUE ESSENCE AGAIN
Ye.You gain less be for some reason..It looks that they try to change maybe into a p2win game..who knows. I hope they change if not..there is no point to play it anymore.I like to grind but this is just too mutch stupid.{{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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: You get more than you used to get so why are you even complaining?
i dont lol.wtf..Its more luck if you get more or less.Last season 3 days i could buy 4800+champ.Now 3 days cant even reach 3100 champ.. How do i get more???
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Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Do you want only support champions to be played or can it be that anything goes as long as it is played as support role?
MinchSko (EUW)
: ADC Role this preseason.
lol play {{champion:67}} or {{champion:51}} ...Op right now.I dont see no weak role with new runes seriously.
: > [{quoted}](name=Renold,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MRAmdftX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-10T17:05:21.269+0000) > > new be is shit.In 3 days playng like crazy i got 2000+be...Ballshits lel.In 3 days i could get more then 4000+ip. > Its just less rewarded and yes to buy champions you need a really long time to do so.{{sticker:sg-shisa}} FIrst win of the day seems more effective then what it used to be so not spamming games but playing everyday should actually get you more essence then before
there is no logic in that lel. me:do 1 lv a day get 600 be. you:playng each day 3 4 games doing lv once in 2-3 days get 600 be. No logic.You gain even less then me.
Rioter Comments
: Who is this dominant tank that kills everyone in one hit
tanks cant carry solo que that easily..Its hard to play tanks.Yes with new runes they pretty tank but..adc will always destroy them easily.You got no dmg and all you hope is that you can peel your adc and in the end he/she does 0 dmg.. Botlane like always.A good botlane wins games.A lot.
Rioter Comments
: I just want to delate this game with the new BE system
new be is shit.In 3 days playng like crazy i got 2000+be...Ballshits lel.In 3 days i could get more then 4000+ip. Its just less rewarded and yes to buy champions you need a really long time to do so.{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Mark Sama (EUW)
: I played this game for 3,5 seasons for around 2-3k games, i unlocked exactly 74 champs outta 138, around half of the all champs, which most of them are 450/1350/3100 ip champs, i only unlocked only 4 6300ip champ. Even then in the best scenario playing 2000 games for 74 champs, i unlocked basically 1 champ every 27 games idk how many games you play per day.. but taking a crazy number like 7-8 games per day = it'd take 3-4 days per champ... so no difference.
hm..maybe we...i give an example Season 7 like 10+games a day you could reach 1500+ip with bonus ip.Ofc if you could win more then you lose. Now doing lv is the same right 10+games.And you get 3 maybe 4 champs depends all on luck and thats dumb..And you gain mostly champions that you own and champs of 450. If you disenchant 4 champs you will gain maybe 1000 be if you get at least a champ of 4800...So its less.Especially taht most of the time youll drop low champs taht give 90be.. Do you get it??????1 day you can make 1000 if youre lucky...With ip you could make 1500+more.So its not the same.
Mark Sama (EUW)
: Like in the old system you bought champs soo often... almost every week 1 champ right? i see no difference between the 2 system, actually now i have fk ton of BE and now i'll get lots of champ shard
cuz you have full champs maybe??????but me in 2 days could already buy at least a champ 3100 ip..right now i need 4-5 days to buy 1..No difference?????
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