: Gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes into you. You flaming people being assholes won't help the game. It won't make them magically change their minds, it's only an excuse you make so you can get your sick satisfaction while throwing and tilting more. Flaming won't make people play better. I admit I've said some fighting words before too but I also realized it wasn't for anything other than my own kick. Mute, report, move on, they'll derank, you'll climb.
its not m8 about who will climb who wont.Its about the fact those players rarely get punished and they get with it.Flaming wont help indeed no1 but why would you take others shitalk cuz they are tilted already from something and now flame you?You have right to defend yourself but muting wont help cuz only thing that will help is getting rid of this type of ppl from the start and Rito isnt doing much when they are in sentance.But when some1 gives answer by "flaming" pop you get eaither ban or punishment.Flaming is indeed bad,but so is playing bad on purpose cuz you dont care when others do care.Every elo has this more or less but prob is this is increasing in numbers rapidly and rito isnt doing anything about it.Im not going to act saint cuz im far from one but I still have higher chance of getting banned cuz I defended myself and told some1 to "shut up etc"
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