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: Supp LF adc to duo
Lol name:greekworrioralex Favorite picks:Lucian,Sivir,Caitlyn,Jhin,Ashe,Corki Division:Siver 4 this account (last season gold 1 with another account) Age:16 Skype:yes Add me if you want,and we can try and see if we can have good synergy
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: Snakes on a Lane looking for any elo members! EUNE!
Username: greekworrioralex Most Played Champion(s): ADC: Lucian,Corki,Tristana SUPPORT: Thresh,Morgana,Tahm Kench Most Played Lane: Main adc,secondary support Current elo: Bronze II Last elo: SilverIII with 99 points


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