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prololmatek (EUNE)
: I can't stop being toxic. Help
Simple. Quit the game for a few months, and practice behaviour in another game. Worked for me, didn't get banned for 2 years and honor 5 atm.
: You are not entitled to ganks
I dunno man on EUNE I just recently got into g5 (now I'm g4) but I don't see people blaming junglers that much anymore. But damn they sometimes make me mad for not getting dragons(especially infernals) and heralds.
: Fight With Honor VS Be Friendly
Hello my fellow player, i have leveled up a honor, which most players did too. But i am pretty sure its not cause i was friendly, it was cause i was good at the game and stacked up a lot of honors. But i haven't gotten any restriction in like, 2 years, cause i never start any argument. Sure i do say some mean stuff, but only when i'm provoked. Now, i am not saying that you should say anything, even when provoked, but you should try to keep your cool, mute people you don't want to hear... etc...
: Banned. Why?
Dude the information about everything is on the email. But since your email is not in your hands, i guess rioters could help you out a bit.
Famous22 (EUW)
: i dont know if i can call it daily i play like 15 games a day xD ... thnx btw
Well what i mean't to say is that if you play at least 1 game daily, you will always have a chance to get it. Don't know if playing more games will increase it.
: Dont know whats new in arcade but urf is boring... Since the first time It was launched they were boring after few games. They just promote certain gameplay style like shaco in ascesion or spammy champions become even more spammy in urf. I remember riven with perma shield, zed making clones every few seconds, kogmaw spamming skills trough whole lane and etc. Op champions just become more op there.
Oh, i dont know about urf, but let me explain the arcade for you. Its a loot box based type missions, like the yasuo-riven type, but now you have 1 type of tokens and they are used to craft different items.
: Greetings! Nice to hear that you've changed your behavior for the better, I hope you'll get rid of those small outbursts too ;) >will i get a warning like usual, will i get a 1 day ban, or does my ban history continue and i get the permanent ban? Warnings and 1 day bans don't exist, the punishment system consists of 4 stages: - 10 Game Chat Restriction - 25 Game Chat Restriction - 14 Day Ban - Permanent Ban If players continue to break the rules after they've been hit with one of these penalties, the higher stage will hit them, even if they aren't _that_ toxic anymore. However, if players show signs of reform, and don't flame for a long time, they can drop down stages. Nobody can tell you what stage you're at right now, so don't push your luck, but if you're considered reformed, you would get a milder punishment than a permaban.
That was completely what i was looking for! Thank you man! (i'm not sarcastic)
: By daily you mean play this game 24/7 :D Got that lvl3 and have to play 99 games to get anything.
Not quite. If i could make an approximate, it would be about 1/10 daily games. For an example, i didnt get keys for like 6 days, then i got 2 keys in one drop. Completely random. Don't worry tho, arcade mission and urf will soon arrive citizen!
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iKayos (EUNE)
: My account was permanently banned
Go and tell your parents what your brother did! It's absolutely barbaric!
: Searching for a duo partner. Silver I/Gold.
I am Interested. Although i'm Silver II currently, i was Gold V last season(Just started playing ranked again). I got tilted last 2 ranked games. I am not toxic, but i can say some mean stuff if somebody blames me for something i clearly couldn't change(I never blame the jungler as a former jungle main). I can play any lane, as i have mained support, top, jungle for quite some time(So autofilling isn't a problem). Feel free to add me if you are interested.
: Because euw is better.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Well to be honest, EUNE does kinda have better players, but EUW has more players.
Holten (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Angelica, the Infiltrator
Needs a bit tweaking, but good concept.
Famous22 (EUW)
: About the honor rewards
Its similar to the keys drops. You just have to be patient. Play games daily and you will have a chance to get one.
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: league matchmakin is complete bullshit, some games are determinated allready, cause matchmakin forces you to win or lose sometimes.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: It's impossible to play with bronzes in ranked unless your mmr is utter trash or you have premades. getting bronzes in normals in fine but shouldn't be getting them in ranked.
Ranked is completely fine, i'm just confused over normals... I get Bronze players even though i'm not playing with my friends, And i get one fucking Plat 3! Its kind of unballanced
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: I'm _pretty_ sure it'll work as last year - if you got restricted in last 3 months (before the end of the season) but cleared and reformed before the deadline, you'll be eligible. If you were too toxic you'll be stopped from getting rewards. Leaverbuster has no impact on this (AFAIK) BUT, since details haven't been released yet, this is honest speculation. I have no idea what'll happen this year.
Well, This was useful! Thanks!
duckarp (EUNE)
: How are we supposed to know for sure? :) Ranked rewards haven't been even announced yet.
Well probably it will be the same as last year... and besides if you don't know the answer i don't know why you even opened this board lol.
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: please explain why ? what's wrong with selling your account if you don't want it anymore and somebody else does why not don't see anything wrong here at all
Wow is that you'r e-bay account so you're with selling accounts? there is so much wrong. You never even read a little bit of Terms Of Service
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey The party ip weekend ends on May 23 at 08:59 CEST.
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: I can hoestly say current ranked is a huge pile of steaming crap.
Everyone has bad games, and if you use caps like that in-game and blame your team for everything you are toxic.
xDirtýBöy (EUNE)
: Why always on the EUNE platform ? I mean EUNE had always much more issues than other platforms . I'm kinda upset :( ...
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Slow response from the server
Cryoshadow (EUNE)
: hah i cant login at all
: mmr is a rly big battle with the system , cause once the mmr goes negative the system will think that you are not worth of your division (putting you into worse teams and making games hellish , that's pretty much what elo hell is ) hopefuly you'll never get to be there.....,winning more games b4 ranking up is the safe way to stay out of that place , cause if you get there , there is no turning back D:
Oh my god... Thanks for explaining! I never knew that! I heard of elo hell but i didn't know what it is, now i know!
: are you to league ? cause winning is gaining mmr , you should be worried about mmr rather than gaining lp
why is mmr more important than my rank?
: well it's damn fine . it's just 1 more win before getting to series NOTHING MUCH!
it takes me 5-6 wins in a row to get into promos, it would be more helpful if i got 25 lp Feelsbadman
Mìmo (EUNE)
: If you're winning more than you're losing, the amount of lp you gain will increase (and the amount you lose will decrease). If you lose more, it will be the opposite. If you want to ensure you get more, then win a whole ton of games in a row
my highest win streak was 9 wins in a row, i really didn't see diffrence...
: You reached a place where you are supposed to be, if you want to climb more it will be a little harder than with +25 per win, but still possible if you are skilled enough... thats basicly it.... We all reach that at some point...
I always had been getting 18-21 lp even in bronze...
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Eambo (EUW)
: To the EUNE/EUW Boards community
Was planing to go out with my friends but one of my douche friend literally fucking said no and i'm here playing league for Christmas.{{champion:32}} .anyways **HAPPY HOLIDAYS!**
candoodle (EUW)
: I cant take credit for this one, but it gets me right in the feels Braum santa is best santa
Its really nice! But in reality she would probably summon Tibbers on him and let him suffer. That little devil.
: Fake reporting.
Thanks for all the support! I have read all of your messages and now i know that as long as i do not really do anything wrong i will be fine. Thanks so much again! Love ya guys!
: Fake reports do nothing. Right now, people who do fake reports just lose credibility in the future. Riot plans eventually to punish people who fake report more harshly when they're more comfortable with their current report system.
Thanks, good to know! ^^
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Eambo (EUW)
: Made it to gold! :-)
I Just Got into Silver V And its even worse than Bronze.Lost about 41 lp in 1 day
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: ***
Dude Not nice, I never even watched sky... I just heard of him From Jason's Videos. If I'm Butthurt then why did You Read my Thread? You were Bronze Last Season and Somehow Silver Now... If you didn't notice this is my first season to play Ranked. You Main {{champion:5}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} Wich Are most Easy CHamps if you ask me And last game you just Bought 2 Unfinished MR Items vs 2 AD 2 A. **Please First Think Of What Are You Tipeing**.
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: me too, but luckily only a normalgame
Had luck i was in ranked... i concider not playing ranked games until fixed.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
This isn't only happening in _EUW_ it is happening on _EUNE_ cause i just saw this and i'm not sure about it... What player i found suspicious is this guy named Multyfaced unpausing and pausing the game. Is this it?
OhCrxne (EUW)
: TL;DR reading this right after being drophacked makes me laugh
yeah me too.... i thought Riot servers were lagging{{summoner:12}}

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