Biuvoc (EUW)
: New shen op.It looks better more realistic..More fun.Cmon dude.New its always better.Lets not go back to the past but embrace the future.Flyng cars coming soon.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Economic can't grow infinitely neither.
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bleksmith (EUNE)
: Disconnect from chat
same here im glad im not alone
Tet2 (EUW)
: nami and sona plus their adc would bully the wukong/voli out of the lane
I have encountered lots of bad Sona's then :)
: So imagine a solo bot lane. Where would we put the 5th player? If you put him top you'll give up dragon instantly. if you put him mid your mid will be underleveld and underfarmed. if you put him jungle there wouldn't be enough farm for both junglers. Also some champions need a duo lane to function.
Ain't talking about solo bot. I'm talking about duo lane where supports are not necessary. Take such a Wukong with a marksman - wukong can E in Q adc and W out. Take such a Voli with a marksman - you throw him over to your adc and bite him with a huge damage. What would be the point of taking Nami/Sona and this sort of supports against these champions?
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Raentwo (EUW)
: Everyone has a hard time against darius. Only counter I can really think of is vayne due to being able to easily disengage and get away when he pulls. And melt his hp.
I'm pretty much sure there must be a thing he is being countered with, because if it wouldn't be, you could basically start to play him on every lane and still win I guess :)
: If he pulls you in, stun him and auto a couple of times and run away.
He doesn't even have to pull me in, i don't know how to sustain in lane since he heals himself with Q while dealing damage. Insane.
eemmbbeerr (EUNE)
: Accept the fact that you won't. TBH right now Darius feels a bit overtuned in many respects and melee champions don't really stand much of a chance (maybe except Garen for known reasons). I may be wrong but I haven't been able to beat him but when I played him (RIP the skin I had is now for an OP champ and I feel bad about using it) I beat everyone. In lane, at least.
Yeah, Darius is really an awful champion since his Q heals him and does damage, not to mention he starts stacking his passive, while his W does extra damage and E is an sort of reverse gap-closer while lowering the armor of the enemy. Pls nerf {{champion:122}} !
: Farm under turret with your q and crystalline flask, if he tries to touch you, quack him fast with e (he will get stunned under turret) and whack him with some w. Also, ask for ganks, there is no other way around.
Thanks for the hints anyway. I guess there won't be other way :/
Emillie (EUW)
: Short answer: you can't Long answer: get your jungler to babysit you and after the laning phase never try to 1v1 him.
Oh, is it really so hard to face him with Irelia? I thought there could be some fine tips & tricks which aren't known to me and aren't generally known at my elo (gold V) :)
: Its quite alarming that Irelia's only problems are Juggernauts and Fiora... What about the other 30 Top laners?
Well, everyone has got their own counters I guess. There comes a sudden question to my mind - who counters juggernauts in general?
brijmohan (EUW)
: Simple, you bait out his Q then go back in and chunk him out - but don't let him proc the 5th or 6th attack. Basically q in on a low minion, e darius, get a few autos with w off then back right out. Rinse and repeat, until he's low enough and you can all in him with ulti. Don't look to fight him until level 4-5 though, you're weak vs him until then. If it means you have to miss the odd few cs, do so - try to bait his q out as much as possible though, it will help push the wave so you loose less cs, and at the same time lower his mana to make it easier for you. Lets put you to the test. How do you play Irelia vs Fiora? ^^ My personal matchup problem.
First, let me thank you for those few tips, I'll try to think about it and I'll think about them when facing Darius :) Now to the Fiora thing - to be honest, I haven't been playing against Fiora lately, but if I'm supposed to create some theories, I guess I'd go with baiting her W out, close the gap with Q, stun her, get some autoattacks but idk how I'd fall back then. The only way I can think about is Q on another low hp minion behind me ?
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