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jacktjong (EUW)
: If Yasuo is missing particles that are supposed to be there, use the Hextech Repair tool. But Wooxy is safe to use if you're scared of being banned for it. Wooxy doesn't interfere with the gameplay of others because they just see the base skins if you're using a custom skin, so it shouldn't be a problem. I used it myself for a little while and didn't get any penalty, so you should really be fine.
Thank you so much, one more question, some people are saying that Wooxy is a password grabber so is that true? I guess it's not 'cause you've been using it but still just to be sure.
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: Yes. He got tagged as using a third party program and got his account permanently suspended
All right, won't use it until someone from Riot responds here or on my ticket. Thank you.
: Don't use it. Friend got banned for using it. As a matter of fact don't use any third party software
Was he using it for custom skins or?
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Yet there is LL Stylish, who is a Zed OTP in Masters popping off. At least check what i've said before commenting.
: That is true, but that doesn't mean the champion is weak. Riot should find a way to make Zed less efficient in higher elo who play him perfectly, and buff him in a way to make him somewhat easier to learn for those who play him.
I agree!
: If you say so...
You really sc'd Yanni's profile LOL. He's one of the few, if not the only one who can play Zed perfectly, also it's high elo. In plat elo/low elo Zed's shit. Period.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: EDEN (or: The Eden Project) is pretty good. His music is very emotional though.
I'll be sure to check it out, thank you!
RageSquid (EUW)
: I like to listen to Monstercat. They make very great podcasts, which are an hour a piece and they also have albums with nice collections of music. Specific artists I'm really into, that make music great for listening during league: Aero Chord, Stonebank, Razihel, Pegboard Nerds, Goblins from Mars.
I'll check it out, thank you!
Fathands (EUW)
Thank you!I see this is the tobias's playlist, but i wanted something more dubstepish
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Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DSG Riven,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4RKNO8Ev,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-08-03T18:13:00.274+0000) > > Since you can't use Spotify if you're outside of US/UK i installed tunnelbear so it changes my VPN to look like im from UK so i can download Spotify You don't have to constantly use TunnelBear. You just use it to create your account for Spotify so it can think you made it and are from US or UK. Once you create an account you log into the Spotify program and can disconnect from TunnelBear and delete it. I did that a few days ago.
Thank you! I thought i needed to have it on so i can listen to music, thanks again
Rille (EUNE)
: Can i get banned for using Tunnelbear?
Thanks for helping me guys!
Treycos (EUW)
: What is it ?
Since you can't use Spotify if you're outside of US/UK i installed tunnelbear so it changes my VPN to look like im from UK so i can download Spotify
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: Riven would be ashamed {{summoner:3}}
Yeah, my girl Riven is mad at me now
: Yasuo main? pfft. You have Riven in your name....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I said im ashamed >.<.Forgot to say that im looking for Eune clubs....
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Skins are very rarely released at the exact same time as the patch itself. Exactly when it's released isn't something we know, it's just released when it is. Quite often it's made available to the store later the same day as the patch, and sometimes it's a few days later.
The only thing what's confusing to me is that other events got released as soon as the patch hit?Correct me if im wrong.Thanks for helping-
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tortsY (EUNE)
: Who is shitposting here? I just said my own opinion... So if you don't want to see other people's opinion then you can talk to yourself in your room tho...
your opinion doesnt have to do anything with this thread.All i asked is if there is someone willing to gift US not only me but other people who want new champs.If you wanna help you're welcome if not io dont see a reason for you to be here.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Yes, they are. "To beg" is to ask for something without giving something in return. > Again i said a willing person if you're not one of them there is no reason for you to be here. I'm here to educate you on the meaning of the word "to beg". There's nothing really wrong with asking for anything, but it's still begging.
Listen,think what do you want.I never wanted for you to educate me.I made this board for people who want to help, not others who will get mad and then talk trash.
tortsY (EUNE)
: Of course you say "A willing person" cause you can't really force them tho...
Well i can be rude,and that's not the way how things work.I just dont get why people get mad just because someone asked something.If you don't want to help,why are you here then?
Viavarian (EUW)
: Out of thousands of beggars I've met, not one mentioned they were poor (it's obvious), nor did they ever mention anything about their daddy (unless mentioning they have no parents counts).
Well then they're not beggers.They just ask and you get triggered,smh.Again i said a willing person if you're not one of them there is no reason for you to be here.
tortsY (EUNE)
: But why would anybody with high amount of IP gift you anything? ;) I got big amounts of IP but I don't feel like I would want to give new champs for free to some stranger? xD
i said and i quote:'A willing person'
tortsY (EUNE)
: Yes, you are begging. You beg and if someone with big amount of IP gifts you Rakan and/or Xayah then he is helping others. But you are begging ;)
When someone is begging they will include:'GIVE ME RAKAN OR XAYAH IM POOR I HAVE DADDY ISSUES'.In this case it's asking, nothing else bud.
: Everyones begging for these 2 champions for free .__.
It's not begging,it's called helping others.People with high amountof ip dont have anything to lose.
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Wex0r (EUW)
: Lee sin will be released during a weekend event. such as easter
So Lee won't be released this weekend?
Infernape (EUW)
: During 7.7. So anywhere up to two weeks from now.
Feelsbadman,well thanks i guess.
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