: Yo, is there any place to find people to play with? Took a year off league due to uni but i'm ready to take my free win as long as I have a team :^)
Aside from the boards page for Team Recruitment, I know a lot of people have success posting on their countries facebook group, so in your case it would be: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoLSverige
ogremagis (EUW)
: Are you allowed to have multiple people on the team & swap them around whenever you with as long as you always play with 3/5 nordic? Also do the players need to be born there or is it okay to be a resident and be born somewhere else? (A player I know is german but studies in denmark) Is there a cap on the amount of people who can join?
You can have 9 people on a team, but once signup is closed the teams are locked. As long as all players in each game are old enough, are not participating in another European Regional League (a league that awards a CS qual spot), and 3/5's of them are either Nordic Citizens or Permanent Residents then you're good to go. Teams will have to select a team of 5 to represent them in the semifinals and finals, but other than that you can play with any mix of players, as long as it's a valid roster. You can find the full rules [here](https://battlegrounds.s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/pdfs/en/nordic/rules.pdf)
: If you get to the finals, does the traveling expences get paid for?
Yup, Riot will reimburse travel from your nearest major Nordic airport or train station. Or if that isn't feasible, we can book the travel for you.
: Do the teamroles (sup,adc,jungle etc) have to be predetermined before the tournament starts or can you swap before each game?
You can swap roles each game. For the final we'll be asking you to let us know in advance so that we can setup graphics and seating pattern for the stage and broadcast, but that will be kept secret between the team and Riot.
LeagueUK (EUW)
: What are you all most excited about for this tournament? Are there any particular players or teams we should lookout for?
I lived in Iceland for two years, so there's a small part of me always rooting for the underdog country to do well. There's an Icelandic ADC called HyperActive. Some people say that when the Danish Queen goes to sleep at night, she checks under her bed for HyperActive.
ESA Ferios (EUNE)
: Can teams from bulgaria participate ?
This tournament is for the Nordic Countries - Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, & Iceland (and their autonomous regions like Greenland and the Faroe Islands). You must have at least 3 people who are either citizens or permanent residents of those 5 countries play in each game of the tournament. Teams who don't have at least 3/5 Nordic players will be disqualified. So if the whole team is made up of Bulgarian Citizens/Permanent Residents, then no they can't participate, but Bulgarians are free to join a nordic team as one of the 2 players that don't have to be Nordic. Sorry, I know that's a bit confusing, does that help answer your question?
xCillion (EUW)
: Wow, this sounds really awesome! Good Job everyone who worked on this. I think Riot Bro is in for a big Suprise :p Sweden and Denmark are going to do really well! ^_^ I do have one question right now, will there be live coverage (a stream or such) of the Ragnarök Finals at **The Gathering**?
Yup, we'll be streaming the whole thing! We'll have two Bo3 semifinals on the Wednesday and a Bo5 Final on the Thursday. We'll have more information on casters, and broadcast times early next month. You'll be able to watch the stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/riotgameseu
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Poxbabs (EUW)
: [Nordic Open] RIOT Miss managing disqualifiers
Greetings, Sorry for the late response. It's actually a bank holiday here in Dublin, and I can only access the backend of the tournament tool from inside the office. I'm gonna head in to the office and give this a look, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, but I'll give it a look. I'll send you an email with updated information.

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