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Samuzlzr (EUW)
: I'd rather say make a "special game mode" in which you get the patch from 1.0 and the following patch every week until we reach season 6 so we can live through the old times again
Now THAT, is an idea that can work and is awesome, good job.
Emillie (EUW)
: I have completed League of Legends.
: Its not racism tho...we need another word for that... Championism? Champisms? Champsn? Champagne? Come on guys, I am not gonna do that all by myself, ideas, ideas!
Definitely Champagne.
: Braum's mustace should scale in size with his maximum HP.
The cooler one was in the comments in the na post as well: The number of a's in draven's name should scale with his kda.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Riven players are ridiculous
Champion-based racism lol
Black Baron (EUNE)
: Your principals are correct but there is a greater cause to shaming a flamer, than winning the game; {{summoner:1}} -ing the community from toxic summoners, that is! Sacrifice your game in the name of toxic-free Fields of Justice! Just saying there's a reason to do that. EG If an opponent gives me info about a teamate of his flaming I'll stay in end-game to report that toxic summoner. If the said opponent keeps that in _the family_ and tries to write it post-game lobby, I'll propably be already in Q when he finishes typing. :\
I think its my duty to say: You mean principle, not principal.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Nop-- the last few days I haven't been the most motivated to play - but I still feel like having a game or two. God forbid me unlocking a couple new chars and go try them on PvP - very little patience for what happens if I fail miserably ( which is most likely to happen. ) So, a couple bot games with buddies still leveling or new to the game are good enough - not the same thrill, but still very enjoyable.
Once i played a bot game with veigar. Let's just say it was "over 3000". 90 minutes. Anyway, my friends all say that i like it for being easy, which is just not the reason. I like it for not being stressful at all, and not having to try very hard, as well as knowing it'd still be ok if i fail.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Done -- some options don't really cater for non-competitive players Some of us rather skip going even on solo-q normals and just enjoy playing bot games-- very little patience for AFF ( AFKs, flamers and feeders ) It doesn't look like you get much relevant data from the type of questions you're asking -- is that really a survey ?
>Some of us rather skip going even on solo-q normals and just enjoy playing bot games I thought i... was the only one ;_;
: I learned a valuable lesson
On behalf of... everyone... Thank you.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Well then. Fill in the form. Try it. :D
: i want my last words to be.......
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey, Well, the instructors will be there mostly for new people. They'll teach mostly basic stuff like champs, where they can find the shop, items to buy for ap/ad/tank/supp/jungle, basic strategies, etc. Also [but this is just my personal opinion] they will organize games with newbies in order to teach them basic stuff in a friendly environment, not queuing solo and possibly get toxic players who flame them because they don't know how to put a ward down and where to put it. Now, about the pro things, I really have no idea. But if there are Diamond/Master/Challenger instructors, they'll probably know what to suggest to you in order to improve your gameplay. :)
Instructing newbies seems like it'll be fun, might consider joining :P
: Volunteer Update: New Role!
The problem i have with this is the whole "instruction" thing (off to a bad start). Since generally im not entirely sure how easy it is to teach things in LoL, especially because i have "no clear skill level" (I've played LoL since s3 but im unranked - also i've been pretty bad lately). My question is "how good do you have to be"?
AutoQAuto (EUW)
: So many negative voices unable to embrace change :(
"Unable to embrace change" is almost never a valid criticism. Putting shit in your cake is change, yet most people seem to prefer chocolate.
: Who runs corporations? People. What do people have? Brains. What do brains do? They think.
Compare the way you act as an individual in a game of league and the way your team acts.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Honestly, in Coop it's fine I think. Just annoying to the people who already want it to be over. But please, don't do this in PvP when/if you start playing it because it can cost you the game.
I do play pvp, just not often, because fuck human beings. Just, all of them. I occasionally do coop vs ai to get first win of the day, and i generally play custom (9 bots) games. Btw i don't play less pvp because people are toxic, i just dont feel like playing with people and "starting a game" if you get what i mean - for me starting a bot game takes less effort (not talking about difficulty).
: Before this incident happened, I had no idea who this Dunkey was, so I consider my opinion to be very neutral and unbiased. After watching the video of why he's quitting the game, I don't understand why he had to be so toxic against that intentionally feeding Malphite. Was he doing it for the giggles? If so, he could have said it on youtube instead I believe. I don't see how one bad thing justify another bad thing. About the part where you say that it's not ok for everyone to hate him, I agree with that. He has received the punishment he sadly brought upon himself, we should just leave it at that. Instead we should all strive for an awesome community! :)
Thanks for the genuinely neutral, positive comment :P
: >Organisations and individuals are incomparable. Why? Both want to make money.
A corporation isn't human, a person is. The brain makes the difference. It can't be said that apple cares, because apple can't think.
: >when the only reason he was playing is for his fans. He played for clicks and income, like everyone else who professionally maintains a youtube and streaming channel. Saying that youtubers play only for their fans, is like saying Apple only produces iPods for the good of mankind. Trying to make money with what one likes to do is not automatically a bad thing by any means, everyone has to eat and we all like to make decent money. But please, don't try to talk the "business" out of showbusiness.
I do see your point. I'd just like to point out that apple is a corporation, while dunkey is a person. Organisations and individuals are incomparable.
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: >It makes it much more understandable, playing league without enjoying it makes you feel extremely bitter, If he played the game without enjoying it, there is only one person he can justifieably blame, and that's himself. If I don't enjoy fish, I don't eat fish. If I eat it anyway, and then yell at the waiter that my meal tastes awful and the cook should be fired, and throw a tantrum in the middle of the restaurant, then the chief waiter and his colleagues would justifiably escort me off the premises. The fact that I don't like fish wouldn't make my behavior more understandable, if anything it would make everyone shake his head and ask me: "If you don't like fish, why on earth did you order fish?".
> Because he made himself keep playing for his fans. That's in the post... Also dont quote half sentences. > It makes it much more understandable, playing league without enjoying it makes you feel extremely bitter, but that doesn't mean it justifies it. I don't think people should say "dunkey is a saint and rito is evil!!1", but all this hate towards him i feel is unjustified when the only reason he was playing is for his fans.
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: QQ in solo Queue
I dont care about the post, but the title is beautiful, 10/10
: After game ended he said something like _I finally beat my friends feeding record_
: 18 assists OP 57 deats out of the 65 sounds legit Thanks for sharing League of Feed lol
That's wrong actually, it's not 57 deaths out of 65, if you calculate you'll see the team has more than 65 deaths combined, because 65 isn't the team's deaths, but the enemy's kills, and rammus ran into turrets, giving nobody a kill several times.
: Lux, Q E = kill (if late game is achieved) Or the usual QER insta death combo. Plus low cooldowns, once you get a mana regen item you can spam abilities like no tomorrow. She wins every single trade with E, you can zone people awey with E and if you get ganked, you can Q. And that Q is more then easy because the jungler will be in your face, so landing the skillshots are prety simple. A friend of mine got to gold only using Lux midlane as a way of freelo.
Q-e with lux is never a kill, not even in late game o.o Q-e-r kills them about 80% of the time, still not 100, and thats only during late game. E wins every trade? hardly, try comparing it with viktor's e, and lux's e is easier to dodge as well. If you get ganked as lux you are dead, you can't snare both the zed coming at you from the front and the vi coming at you from the back (but then again, you cant snare vi anyway with her ult). "The jungler will be in your face so landing skillshots will be easy", wrong, because say, a vi would just jump at you and, by the time that she's "in your face", you're already being cc'd by vi, half your health is probably already down because of her q and maybe one aa, not to mention the damage of the enemy mid laner who also probably has cc and damage. It's not "if you let the jungler get near you it'll be easy to land skillshots", it's "if you let anyone get near you you die instantly". That's because lux is strong. She ain't weak, but she ain't that easy as well.
: Those are faceroll champs. Once you get two items, you are god.
With irelia i could see the point (and honestly i dont really care about her at the moment because i haven't played her for a few months), but lux and kassadin? o.o Kassadin's explanation is easy. He's just weak. He cant be easy because he does no damage o.o (lol) Let me fix that. He is hard to win with, but that isn't what we're talking about. Kassadin isn't a faceroll champ because he can't get in, kill, get out without taking any damage, plus his combo isnt the easiest to pull off safely. An example of a faceroll champ would be katarina, who just picks a moment and qewrqewqewrqewqew and no enemy team, while kassadin has to q, e, wait, r to reposition, q, wait, q, e, qrwe, try to run the fuck away, repeat. That's it for kassadin, and lux is a different case. Lux has skillshots, which people can dodge. ... ? Need anything else? Well, lux has to aim her skillshots, unlike somebody like, say, katarina, or master yi, or trynd. You can't randomly do things to score kills, since you'll just miss your shit and die, because lux dies easier than a dynasty warriors character whose name you dont know.
: If you main Riven, then I can speak for 90% of the League of Legends community that she is indeed a complete faceroll. That 10% includes Diamonds, Masters, Challengers and LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS, etc (across all regions world wide)
Lux, irelia, (sorta kassadin as of late) They aren't particularly hard but D: faceroll? me? no :(
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Medieval Twitch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=r1kKYr4H,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-17T14:49:59.724+0000) > > I thought you were a wrenchie but it seems like you are just a casual again huehuehue. Got fired because i consistently trolled Riot Eambo ;( [j/k ofc, our yellow does not show on PB boards ^_^]
A weak point then... Thats... Good to know...
: He called my main a faceroll champ. He called Yi a hard champ. I didn't know what should I do.
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Zavion (EUW)
: I think i mean his Barrel. I guess it's his E.
: ah.. i meant more of a "Me gusta" face.. looks like kappa ... xD
I think you mean lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
no scam (EUW)
: riot are u okay?
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: What should my built path be, as a tank?
Zavion (EUW)
: Are you kidding? He can chunk you to half hp with a W. Even if you're a tank, and he doesn't even require many damage items to do so.
W?.. you mean his heal..?
: Irelia, if played right, is THE hypertank. You only need an Irelia in your team, while the enemy needs at least another tank to get the same result. She might not be OP but she is one of the more powerful picks, especially in lower elo.
A hypertank? Are you for real? Irelia is hardly even a tank, she's more of a bruiser assassin, but a hypertank? Hypertanks are like mundo, or rammus, people who legitimately just cannot be killed because they soak up damage like crazy. Irelia isn't even as tanky as darius, which hasn't really ever been referred to as a hypertank (because he isnt).
: Last champion you played is now your best friend for life.
: very funny :P its kata.. would be great as all hell.. think about dat ass i would look at all the time .. Kappa
leonhiro (EUW)
: {{champion:15}} Gonna sit in front of a mirror all day... Naked... <3
Looks cool, but she should probably have the scar on one eye and one of her "hair things" (dunno what its called in english o.o) should be red. Also i think she should have one knife that looks like pow pow and one that looks like... the other one x_x
TTekkers (EUW)
: {{champion:29}} Best ult ever, end of discussion {{champion:33}} Worst, it does nothing
Rammus ult in a 1v1 is op.
: Yea, when you say "thats horrific" I mostly interperate it as "its horrific/horrible for the enemy".
Its really weird that terrific is like terrible but good, (more or less) and horrific is like horrible but sorta still bad o.o Get your shit together.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
> who is actually from the DBZ universe. It would be more accurate to say that in comparison to darius, everybody else is krillin.
: Since when?
Sorry, might have gotten confused with terrific (though im pretty sure i've heard horrific used in positive ways before)>
: The major mistake Rito made ever, is reworing fine champions. I still miss old Karma, but what they done to Jaggernauts and my Morde is horrific.
Do you mean horrific or horrible? horrific generally refers to good things :P
Padoµch (EUNE)
: League is starting to be boring, and almost Anti-fun now.
I do find LoL to be much less fun right now x_x About runes... I made a thread about it a while ago:
Clloster (EUW)
: Thank you for your support my firend !
Just felt like this needed a bump.
Clloster (EUW)
: Can the official website look more official?
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