olpasa (EUW)
: 7:3 and b5...
Cry more please, if you complain about bronze you dont deserve highter division ///
Kkochmu (EUNE)
: "Elo hell" - different views
I dont even know ... i think people including me and you maybe, say that elo hell is that moment of games when everything goes wrong, or where you meet some not verry experienced players in your team. For example, people say that bronze is elo hell becouse they cant get out of this division, but for me was izi and my elo hell is silver ... :)
: You will have to [submit a request](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and ask the support to deactivate your account.
Deactivation and Delete are two different things ... Here you can find more information about it: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202647784-Account-Deletion-FAQ#h2
: > The thing is that rito must delet and disable the ALL CHAT feature, this is the reason of maroj toxicity in league ... It really isn't. Flame in all chat is a symptom, not the cause. The cause is frustration....and you are right when you say that "toxicity is part of league of legends". Because the frustration that causes all this toxicity is basically part of the game. It's a teambased competetive PvP game, so you will always lose and you will always be able to blame your teammates for it. This is just a very (potentially) toxic environment, which makes it hard to get rid of toxicity completely.
When a player is toxic he wants to express his feelings to eveyone, ingluding enemy team and riot give him this oportunity..
: Keep in mind that toxic behavior and trolling are not the same thing. They have some overlap (some of the toxic players are trolls), but it's a small one.
Exactly, i remember an conferince with Rito Lyte when he explain theyr plans to reduce the players toxicity, the plan is great he have same ideea like i did and like i suggested but they dont apply becouse toxicity is part of league of legends. The thing is that rito must delet and disable the ALL CHAT feature, this is the reason of maroj toxicity in league ... When i see my team speaking to enemy team like my team get killed and they say, nice gg you are good ... i feel like im on war and enemy kill my partener with a head shot and i have to get out and yell, omg nice aim bro ... Summoners Rift is a battlefield place, you dont have to speak to enemy, you have to kill theyr base ... Ps: F**k, that weed if good ... didnt write that mutch since i was in school ...
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: How does behaviour of some toxic players work (Science Clarification)
You make a mistake, if i blame the s**t out of you for engaging 1v3/4/5 it does not mean that im troll, it means that you have to go and play aram and quit ranked forever! Please ... that video is stupid.
: My friend is playing a ranked match, but its not even available for me :/
he was in match before they disable it :P
: EUW Ranked Gone?
MST Mihoz (EUNE)
: You have been placed on the clan list. -You will be a good support in MST.You can chose the lane you would like to play: Top Middle Bottom Additional: Jungle P.S Games in Friday / Saturday / Sunday
MST Mihoz (EUNE)
: MST [CLAN] Needs Members (UP TO 15)
Username: im not allowed to give you my username but you can add me in game, Rito Falcon v2 Level: 30 Most Played Champion: Leona / Braum Most Played Lane: Botlane (Support) Won Games: http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=rito+falcon+v2
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Eiriikr (EUNE)
: I can't log in EUNE
Queue Position, 20.000 http://i.epvpimg.com/XvuEh.jpg
NamelessD (EUNE)
: http://s2.favim.com/610/140530/funny-hahaha-star-wars-stupid-people-Favim.com-1804002.jpg If you don't like something you are free to dodge. Nobody is ruining your games except you yourself with your fail builds. Gauntlet on Leona!!! Oh man, I have to link this thread to my friends, they will laugh so hard :)
Yeah i know, the match was lost anyways so why not ... :P
: It probably wouldn't make too much of a difference in the end - like you said, some people will play a champion first time in Ranked - but _in theory_, those 2-3 days would allow for some players to get practice time with a new Champion and others to develop strategies to counteract them.
Do you think 70 milion players will have time to practice the champion in 2-3 days? There is need at last 2-3 weeks man ...
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FNC Krepo (EUNE)
: Cum pot face rost de un cont de PBE?
Poti incerca sa te inregistrezi pe adresa de mai jos, dar va dura mult timp pana te accepta ... You can try to register on link bellow, but will take time untill they accept you ... PBE: https://pbesignup.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe
PointDreck (EUNE)
: I dont want to mute the game music, only the champ select one, and only when i want to watch a video
PointDreck (EUNE)
: mute music in champ select
You have settings in client, top right corner ... :P
Don Wrong (EUW)
: Yea I also loved to follow the botlane, but if you want to improve don't watch LCS, watch LCS for entertainment. Sadly professional league of legends has nothing to do with regular league.
OFC I watch for enterteiment, but i specially watch the supports and theyr builds ... im not that guy who wana make lcs plays, i just want to do my best to win every game.!
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Don Wrong (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rito Falcon v2,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=08bKnFIA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-31T17:59:04.659+0000) > > I`m just curious, why the LCS meta isn`t adopted to the games from the live servers, i dont talk about lower divisions like gold, silver and bronze ... i talk about challanger and master, why they dont play after that kind of meta! In Master and Challenger, are people who are mostly pretty good at the game, but still in solo queue they are ALONE with 4 random people. In LCS all 10 people are nearly gods at playing league and they know each other, they trained it hundreds of times. In LCS the tactic is about winning or shutting down the enemies hypercarry. In solo queue it's all about getting yourself (or somebody in your team) to solo carry the game. [If one lane is ahead, they snowwball other lanes, so solo queue games are rarely close].
I`m so sad ... becose i loved the old duo botlane moments on LCS, now they are toplane ... farming the jungle and getting 1st towers in min 3 ... im sad ...
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Kakapo 2 (EUW)
: Why the new champ selection was a step back
Do you want to get back to this... becouse i dont really want... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPdt3JzSJOs
: Ranked What is this
I won 4 games and got bronze 3, is easy to get out of bronze ... true hell is silver ... people are worst then in bronze ...
: Please Riot help me i'm toxic
I "falame" all the time, and i never get muted or baned ...is called constructive criticism .. :P sometimes im mean to players but is only becouse i try to teach them stuff, if anyone get an insulf from me, he also get good advice in the same time :P Hope anyone understand what i sayd ...
: Trollers, flamers, salty players? Problem solved!
This is s**t bro, if a player is bad thats it ... and u cant do nothing to change that ...
: Does anyone have a solution?
Hello ! We pushed out a fix that may resolve your patcher issues! Delete your lol_air_client project folder located at: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\ and patch up again. As a heads up, this will delete your custom item sets if you have any so I would suggest to back them up before deleting the air client folder. Here is how: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/21743560-Getting-Started-with-Item-Sets-#backing Let me know if you were able to patch. Thank you ^^~
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: Dear Riot employees, can I please get 1 LP to get to my series?
: Getting secondary role in new champ select to often.
I ont get it 3 times untill now, put people were kind and let me switch to main ! :D Yea, hard to belive ...
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Right?How dare they make us think and pay attention in champ select and even worse CLICK, who wants to do that...
Yes man this is so anoying, this rito want to make us lose games .. like wtf... report this noob rito company
: Adc+Supp . Help
You must figure out yourself, i love Jinx and Leona combo ... but even so, you can get fked up ... :P {{champion:222}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:15}} There are a lot of combinations and posibilityes ...
: In which chat did you experience this exactly? It's just a notification that a player disconnected from the chat services. He afterwards reconnencted again so to me it seems like a little hiccup.
We was in champ select, i forget that there is a different server for chat and game :)
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Attix (EUW)
: If you loose it's your fault, no matter what
i usualy blame just one guy, maximum 2 .. but rly, that TF that was my adc rly lose the game ... wasn`t my fault that he troll... or it was?
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: what is this? is Riot trolling me or wat
This season riot think that eveyone should get 1 division bellow, if you are good player and you play like a platinum will be easy to get back there, if not you stay in gold or silver :)
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, at least you change it red all the time, there are games where I still had yellow one at the end
Yea, i usually get it when i buy sight stone ...
: You forget to change your trinket a lot dont ya.
Yes, working on that ... usually when i get lv9 things get intense and i forget ...
Zedaroh (EUW)
: Placements ELO are stupidly bad!!!!!!!!
Every time i win a match i think at what i did bad/good and how i could improve the decisions i made, do same ... i dont care u have 36 kills ... 10 deaths is a lot :P so you did mistaked too ... think what you could have done better
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Roff (EUNE)
: How Riot ruined social aspect of the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Roff,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=EzOMa64v,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-25T20:12:34.442+0000) > > Hey all, > > I wanted to share my opinion regarding the new 3-4-5 man 'soloque'. I believe that introduction of this system killed communication in this game effectively doing what LFR did to WoW - making people interact less. > > **How and why?** > What I noticed over past games is that people speak **WAY LESS** than before. Of course this is regarding plat - diamond level of play, I'm aware of the fact that in lower brackets it was very difficult to communicate since so few people cared enough to actually talk. > > **So why do people communicate less now in higher brackets? ** > I think the reason is very basic - if you can queue up with 2 or 3 of your friends you are way more focused on how you and your teammates are going to carry the game and less concerned about randoms that join you. So solo queue is not so solo anymore. > > **How is that bad? ** > I'm not saying it's bad, I have tons of friends to play with and I actually quite enjoy it... but what was great for me as well was going into the solo queue alone and actually making an effort to communicate with people. Now the incentive just isn't there, it's vastly more imporatnt to make sure that you and your friends that you que'd up with talk with eachother and make proper plays in orded to win. **I REALLY, HONESTLY enjoyed** meeting new people in the solo queue. I don't think it's possible now or at least not as possible as it was before. > Now everyone just picks position they want to play and champion and there's no discussion whether maybe it would be better if player X played Y or if someone exchanged positions etc. etc. > > Again I'm very aware that below certain level of play it was just as impossible before as it is now, since even in diamond sometimes communication just wasn't there, but I still think it was better before when at least SOME people tried to talk. > > /rant off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPdt3JzSJOs
Goremaw (EUNE)
: New tool for trolls and toxic players
Somehow i feel sorry, but i do same thing when people say dont ban zed ... in silver or bronze elo! :D They suck :D
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: Riot.
I never get any kind of ban during my 1year+ of league, your post is invalid to me!
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