Stevvan (EUNE)
Tbh its near impossible to get any info from any1's acc from Riot's servers. Theres 2 possibilities, either u have logged in to somekinda phishing site, or some1 has access to ur email.
kevin13 (EUW)
: Exact ! And they face a diamond and a silver 5. Honestly, look at what I brought as evidence. You cannot, honestly, say this matchmaking is fair without knowing, deep down, that you're lying. It's impossible.
They could face any1 from bronze to challenger. If that wouldnt be possible, there would not be any way to play with ur friends in lower elo.
RoadCoaster (EUNE)
: Im completely with Hansiman here. Normal games have separate mmr from ranked que's. Lets take an example, if ur friend is silver 5 and lets say you are diamond, u cant play duoqueue together. Instead you can queue up for a normal (blind, draft, aram, rgm etc.) to play together. Imo its not that bad to play against higher ranked players in normals, as u can learn something from them!
Still tbh if ur saying that normal queue is broken, look up flexque. I'm silver 1 in flexqueue and plat 3 in soloq, so this happened. Got matched **with** flexque challenger, in flex 5v5. You can look up my last jhin game in flexque, and that tryndamere from my team. Edit:
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Hold it there.Ranked games' matchmaking is not based on "our performance".It is based on "our" wins and losses no?When you speak about performance,you mean kills,deaths,assists and everything else. Not quite. It's still based on your performance, since your performance has a direct impact on your win/loss ratio. Perform bad, and you'll be sure to lose more games. Perform well, and you'll win more.
Im completely with Hansiman here. Normal games have separate mmr from ranked que's. Lets take an example, if ur friend is silver 5 and lets say you are diamond, u cant play duoqueue together. Instead you can queue up for a normal (blind, draft, aram, rgm etc.) to play together. Imo its not that bad to play against higher ranked players in normals, as u can learn something from them!
Nestoro (EUW)
: Remove chat (and surrender) from Ranked & Ranked Queue access rework
That level 5 restri wouldnt work. AS there's so many onetricks atm.
Bazzo (EUW)
: How long does it take to learn how to do the fast riven q consistently
Riven in general does take a lot of time to master, Look up [This]( As a riven main myself (400k in total) it took so many games for me to master her.
r1thmLV (EUW)
: Losing every single game after new update
From my pov u have lost 3 games today what isnt even much.
: Chick confirmed. Only chicks still use skype.
Febos (EUW)
: I want to believe that this is a joke, but I'm skeptical. Regardless, if you cheat you are punished. There're no second chances (actually there are, but still).
Can you tell me an example of second chance, always thought riot wont lift ur ban if u got it from scripting.
: Scripting
1. This isnt the right place to post this. 2. Riot doesnt care if you script in customs with other guys who know you are doing it, and accept it. It is still punishable offense.
Tarolock (EUW)
: dont ask for stuff you wouldnt pass, like the IQ test, and i guess you are talking about bronze/silver so i have news for you: they are there for the reasons you mentioned, if you are any better youll be out from there in no time
Imo if he has over 600 games in ranked and hes still in bronze, i would say that bronze is the rank he deserves. And oh boi, ur here to complain about riots matchmaking,. U do realize that ppl in bronze/braindead section are there for a reason.
: Possible Provisional Preventative Solution to Black Client Bug
Or then just wait till riot releases fix and use legacy client while it isnt fixed.
: League of Legend, doesn't start
Have you tried to reboot ur pc? If u have and it didnt work, would recommend to try reinstalling the game.
: Massive FPS spikes after patching to 7.4
Actually i had a fps spike too today, having 300-400 fps normally, then all suddenly when we take baron, it dropped to 25-45 for 10 seconds.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: FlexQand soloq have separate MMR. challenger in soloq can be bronze in flex.
Imean the guy was challenger in flex 5v5. Diamond 1 in soloq. I dont think thats healthy at all to queue a flex s1 with flex challenger.
Rioter Comments
Midna922 (EUW)
: i agree , screw Autofill " autofill enabled to shorten Q times" , im Still in Q for over 2 Minutes in Bronze 5 with ADC & Supp as my Roles ( ended up as Supp now ) this is a Competetive mode why should you be able to select roles in the first place ? learn to play all ffs {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
The queue times used to be even 30 minutes in silver/gold before they made 24/7 autofill.
: Silver elo games are probably the most messed up. Sometimes team rotates and shotcalls like diamond+ elo guys, not staying up in enemy base and rotating to drag/nash/side tower instead. Sometimes we all get caught late. Silver elo is a giant pendulum, really. Mechanics is also variable. Today I played with Ashe who had 20 cs/10min and vs Jhin who had 95 cs/10min. Silver has also ton of boosters with variable difficulty(today I happenned to stomp a diamond elo Akali player, in lane and in game, despite her VERY frequent roams to bot, she roamed and racked kills left and right like crazy, but she seems to be a worse version of Master Yi or Diana now, kinda({{item:3033}} cuts her heal hard)). It's really messed up...
karolmo (EUW)
: Low elo games are messed up. (TLDR: Autofill and Placements need a fix)
p5 player here, so this kinda happened on my recent game, got matched with golds (g5-1) and got versus 3 plats and 2 gold 1's. The thing is that some gold players just cant deal with the fact that we cant fight a team who has a huge gold advantage etc. Told them to focus on objectives but no, our darius and maokai decided to throw a bit and dive 3 ppl from tier 2. And this didnt happen only once, it happened 3 times in 10 minutes. What made me most tilted is the fact that darius told that he himself is bad. But never listened any1. I guess most silvers play better than gold 5's
: The 13 year old is responsible and the only one who is allowed to have access to your account. The parents have to approve you having an account, but they are not allowed to play on it, legally. If they want to play a game, they will have to create their own account. You can let your parents play on your account, but legally it's not allowed.
Account sharing is against riots ToS.
So if you feel that you don't deserve lower priority queue, then stop calling open mid and play. There's no such thing as ''open mid'' in bronze 5. We all know how frustrating it may be if your teammate is feeding or something close related to that, but it wont give you any special reason/rights to afk, as there's 4 other players in your team, and 5 others in enemy team. So stop complaining about punishments you didn't ''deserve'', and start behaving like a normal person would behave, stop caring if the enemy midlaner is 5/0 in 4 mins, and try to carry the game instead.
NiuLogic (EUW)
: Pressing accepting button in ranked causing sometimes freezes
Having that too atm. Was fine with this till i got lower priority queue, so it made me sit another 20mins.
Rioter Comments
: well the easy way to get elo without being caught is scripting :))) but u will get caught ebentually right riot ,, he will right ? :D {{summoner:3}}
Its easy to climb elo when scripting but a scripter will be banned kinda fast, in like 1 or 2 months.
RoadCoaster (EUNE)
: Theres no point to take Riot to this. I bet you know already, riot wont increase your elo by any means. The only way to get out of bronze is improve your play,. Go ahead and google how to get out of bronze and watch some of those videos.
Also dont play hard champions like bard thresh etc in bronze,.
: same thing was happening to me and am feed up trying to point this out to Riot. They just reply back with excuses. That why I feel my only option is to leave
Theres no point to take Riot to this. I bet you know already, riot wont increase your elo by any means. The only way to get out of bronze is improve your play,. Go ahead and google how to get out of bronze and watch some of those videos.
: There is literally No point arguing with you. You have all the possible information you can get to actually improve if you wanted to on internet :D instead you are here bashing your head at the wall and crying that your teammates suck just kill me already XD im sry duude but this is over the edge
If he wont take any advise whatsoever here, he prob wont learn anything out of the videos either.
: ***
So you are here to ask advise but you dont take improving as one? Anyways there's internet full of videos how to get out of bronze. If its too hard cause u dont take any feedback whatsoever, fine, stay in bronze.
: ***
Whatabout u go and improve, instead of crying here at boards.
Mętąn3x (EUW)
: New Client Lobby Bug
That actually happened to me once too. Its kinda funny tho.
: Is this euw board? Did I confused the?
Theres no such thing like euw and eune boards. Theres eu and na boards etc.
: Ehm yes one of my friends.....
Has used your account? Anyways account sharing is a reason to be punished, its also your fault if he has used any kind of 3rd party programs, as you are responsible of your account and what happens on it.
voidplaya (EUNE)
: but im the only one playing
Its still not your account, So it counts as account sharing. Your own fault bud.
: Thanks riot :)
Isnt this kinda wrong place to post this anyways. Try help & support/player behaviour. Anyways your responsible of your acc even if it gets hacked.
: Banned for using a ''modified client''
Theres prettymuch nothing to do, Riot rarely unbans you if you got banned for using 3rd party programs to modify the game.
V Hope2k (EUNE)
: 14 day suspension without a 25 Game restriction?
That 10 game chat restri shouldbe a warning to stop flaming in games,. If i understood this correctly, ur relaying on the punishment ladder to continue flaming, instead of stopping it and being friendly or atleast behaving better than before.
: "input not supported"
Leaverbuster triggers automaticly when a player leaves/afks in a game. Riot cant lift your lower prio que, you should contact riots technical support about that problem. The only thing i can do here is to link an article posted by riot, theres a download link at the bottom of the page called game.cfg. Try to download that and replace ur config with that.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Feel free to look at boards for half a second before making a new topic about something that already has loads of them + the explanation.
Did this before that post so.
QuietFocus (EUNE)
: Same thing happened to me few minutes ago, luckily I was playing vs bots.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Oh, then try support. Don't even have to tell it's your ex. Just tell them someone hacked your acc and get u banned by flaming
> [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fZK05kRt,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-01-18T11:47:18.664+0000) > > Your account will not be unbanned. Your account, thus your responsability. If it got "hacked" because someone figured out your password, then that is still your fault. > I'm sorry, but I doubt there's anything that can be done to recover it. > > You can try [Riot's Support](, but don't be hopeful. So yeah, riot support wont lift permabans if your ex figured out your password.
Rioter Comments
Morkaskog (EUW)
: Well it was unranked before, so you probably played bronze fives
Wob, not so fast boi. First 3-4 games were vs high silvers and from that golds. Even am at b1 atm im getting versus ex platinums/golds so.,
: I finished at gold 5, climbed to gold 4 in preseason - won 7 out of 10 placement matches (with very reasonable stats in my opinion, quality games for once) and got placed bronze 1. This is total and complete garbage, I00% agree with the OP. This is a repeat of last season, everyone who played their placement matches in the first week got placed unfairly (I also finished in gold 4, won 9 out of 10 placements and got silver 5). Then a later riot said they fixed whatever was causing the problem and everyone who played their placements after that moment got placed very reasonably. This is total garbo, all the way. I wasn't expecting to get placed back in gold 5, but at least silver 2-3. Not bronze 1.. the sad part is Riot won't compensate for the ones like us, though they should. Add one more placement match and let our rank reset to the one it should be.
We can hope that riot releases same kinda fix like in flexque.
This was unranked acc no rankeds done before this season, won 8 lost 2 with kda of around 15/6 or smthng in almost every game. Got placed to b1.


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