CJXander (EUNE)
: I don't feel any kind of compassion for banned people
I can agree but most of the times it depends from your mmr.Higher mmr people tend to be more cooperative,skilled,less trash talk and more paying attentiom to the map.Low mmr is like disease spreading across the rift.
Soumaxer (EUNE)
: I have a question for all of you and i need a honest answer
Rito doesnt care too much about banned accounts.I dont care too much if someone is raging and being negative as long as they play well.Im used to hear a lot of bad spoken words,it doesnt get to me,at the end we can mute those individuals.The thing which anoys me the most are inters/afk/trolling.There is nothing to stop them from ruining your day.This comes from a guy who got banned because he was insulting Morgana troller who intentionaly fed enemy team on promos.Ye i got banned because i was thrash talking in last 3 games.Yes i was gilty and got punished with 14 days ban which ended the last day of the 2017 season.After 16 wins in a row on euw "Gondorian" i have been matched with true trolls on my 3 final games to diamond 5.Now i ask you,how would you have felt if you had 16 wins in a row to lose next 3 just because system gave you those trolls cause promos are allways staged.I ended up with punishment and had no time to get to diamond while those inters were free to roam on summoners rift and ruin someone else day.Riot kept punishing me next whole season with delayed honors.
lelfgt1 (EUNE)
: Add a Balkan languages in league
Hi im from Serbia.I dont think our language is bad and im not ashamed of it.The thing i dont like are the phrases and words taken from english and used on regular daily base by our players.Sincerely this idea is bad because every country exluding:Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia and Montenegro have its own language.Everyone would want to see their language used in league.Lets be real we are too small of a comunity to have that prestige and it puts pressure on riot company to do everything corectly which is hard due to lack of unique words in our language.I have lost 90% games with serbs in my team.Id rather to get any other nationality in my team just because my people are stuborn and selfish.^.^ The truth has been spoken
: Evo ja cu da prevodim Phase Rush - Fazno Žurenje Trinity Force - Sila Trojstva Executoners Calling - Zov Pogubljivaca Ne bih igrao na Srpskom (Hrvatskom ili sta god vec) ni da mi platis. Jednostavno je krindz. Nauci Engleski, koristice ti i van igrice.
Bas takvi kao ti se stide naseg jezika.Umesto da ga unapredjujemo mi uzimamo iz engleskom pozajmljenice.
: You still wanna do it?
I have acc on euw but did not manage to finish it on time.
: That still wouldn’t fix the problem and would just create more problems. The issue are ARAM only accounts... players who only buy champions who are good in ARAM, thus your almost guarenteed one of them every game... allowing mirror match ups doesn’t solve this at all. Only true solution... unlock every champion for everyone in ARAM... no more ARAM only accounts and every champion has around a 1/140 chance of appearing.... also prevents the bias of free week champions in ARAM as that’s caused by more players owning them.
Yep completely agree.All champions should have been unlocked on Aram mode.
Ao Ji (EUW)
: Make Aram really Random and not only 15 Champions for 4 Weeks
FINALY A WORD OF A WISDOM. Im tired of Nasus,Sona,Nami every game...Im starting to think this is all staged.
King Lego (EUNE)
: What defines bad design, unhealthy, and broken?
I agree that no one should be able to free dive turrets.
: Matchmaking
Lately i have been noticing the same patterns when it comes to promos.Ussualy when i get to promos no matter which stage my team has lower mmr then enemy team.It all comes down to am i gona get fed before the 3 enemies on my level get fed...
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Climbing seems to be full of luck
The thing which iritates me the most is murphys law.Everything goes well till i get to promo.Last season on euw Gondorian i had 16 win in a row,got to Diamond 5 promos just to be matched with Morgana troll.That was the last day of the season and i ended up losing all 3 games because enemy team had superior players and mine team had like 5+ lower league mid/bot lane facing against enemy diamonds.This is not the only case.I have been playing this for 5 years and everytime i get to promos i notice bad players in game.
Akarisuu (EUW)
: [Odyssey] Matchmaking by quest
Today i had day full of remaking because of the "new comes" who want me to bend to their will.I dont want to be matched with people who want 4 augs.Give me a 4 people who struggle to finish 2 aug mission.I do not play offen since im really bussy person thats why i cant make a 5 man premade.Riot should stop forcing socialisation in their enviroment. +1
Rioter Comments
: Riot, I think the Patch notes is broken. I dont see Guinsoo´s rageblade anywhere.
From the start of season i was raging because Irelia one shoted me with that item.Its realy unhealty.
: Just a little low elo bot lane advice
Happened to me countless time.I feel im solo in lane.My support goes far back and provides no zoning.
Cosmick (EUW)
: We're 9 players in the same game all having the same issue, we're not from the same countries therefore we don't have the same IPS, and it's ONLY related to League of Laggings, 1 player left the game because the lag is so retarded. Every single action is delayed immensely, and yes, I've heard about Riot direct in NA, but no where else.
Its happening on eune too
Cosmick (EUW)
: EuW on a tilt again?
EUNE went 80+ from 40....CMON i paid for this...im so cursed...
: i play allot of morgana, and never have i seen a Q bug. not even when lagging. i do know that if u dodge with like an ability she can still hit you and u just get snared @ the spot you own ab puts you. Like i play vs zed allot, he will shadow, i Q him at the same time, he is then snared but still changes position. same go's for all dashers and tp'ers hopes this makes sense.
Litteraly this hapened to me too but i was more positioned to side,but please pause at 2 sec at very end of Q travel to see it truly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDQvF7ASA_I
: i play allot of morgana, and never have i seen a Q bug. not even when lagging. i do know that if u dodge with like an ability she can still hit you and u just get snared @ the spot you own ab puts you. Like i play vs zed allot, he will shadow, i Q him at the same time, he is then snared but still changes position. same go's for all dashers and tp'ers hopes this makes sense.
Thanx for reply.I do understand that.She fired Q from from bush on bottom lane and i was facing the walls down there.Skill was traveling all way trough max range.I was on the edge of range and i moved my character to left side to dodge it.I though it will pass by but it scratched me like 1 mm and i got stuned.... :( i wish i had video...
Rioter Comments
Super147 (EUW)
: Game crashes 30% of the time after champions selecting screen
: To you, junglers across every elo
Dear Mid laners and Attack damage carries. 1.Cover buffs in early game 2.Do not take my blues if yuo are energy user 3.Please adc stop taking my red buff in 8 minute of game,i need xp from something,i cant give 2 buffs 4.Stop bitching
SoulBawz (EUW)
: great, even more tryhards in a gamemode thats only stays for a limited amount of time so we can have fun
Im having fun only when i tryhard.Why would i be selfish and play apc/adc/assasins as other 90% of players.No im ELITE,im the man,im the carry from any position.
Rioter Comments
Wazzabis (EUW)
: Is guinsoo good now ?
I just had game(euw) as GP against Irelia.Everything was 50-50 till she got Guinsoo and started to two shoting me.Item is just overpowered,it gives a lot of benefits.Game became unhealthy and not fun at all.She dived me when i was 100% hp.I did hit R-E-Q but still she deleted me in 2.5 secs and lived ... From that point everything was NOOB plays flashing R-Q me (no skill plays) and deleting me instantly. Im Irelia player too and i can say this is just ridiculous.
: Riot on drugs again
Smol Roll (EUW)
: Essence Reaver is damn strong so adcs don't care about spamming, plus MF's insane damage. Also AP champions have been killed of by Riot so i wouldn't recommend playing them, TF and Brand are the few that are in a good spot.
Thanx for reply,i just lost a game as GP against Irelia and im shocked how Irelia with Guinsoo can 2 shot me..She even dived me.Im not bad at all just that item gives too much...
Rioter Comments
: Give Towers some Armor
Realy what is this change........It feels like im playing dominion 20 mins game.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Why wouldnt it be legal? U are allowed to have multiple accounts and u need lvl 15 to send gift and its not worth the effort since there are few skins that go on sale for under 400.
Thats kinda stupid....Riot said "first 400 RP is not giftable"
: Alot of effort just to get a 375 skin xD
They are doing it mostly for icons and wards....
Rioter Comments
: a good friend of mine from platnum 3 quit whane the map visual update was released earlier this year, he hated the look of it, and said a quote that i will never forget: "Change is necassary to a certain degree" Meaning small changes is good, but not extrvagant changes like this pre-season, in which im also not sure if i should continue playing, and im pretty much half-assed in hoping into games each time im of work these past days :/ I honestly cannot force myself to play solo anymore, i only play if friends want me to play sad really..
Yea i wanted to quit back then but game was geting better so i stayed.
yoricksIV (EUW)
: Broken yasuo 2 item with 100% critical
He allways was bull shit champion.One of my most hated champions of all time.
Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
Everyone dealt tons of damage.Rengar one shoting people,Jax gunblade build did tons of damage with new masteries.I was squishy {{champion:122}} .Geting first item took so long even i had 2/0/0.It feels like i have no more impact to the game as solo player.Everything depends on team and i dont like it. Snowball became real.Mages are nerfed to ground.I dont even know the match ups for my mains {{champion:58}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} .Everything is new and its like im playing league for the first time.I dont like those changes especialy adc items.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVL62dSkT64&list=PLsL7hqZ-1QGRWvCyxEkMCWmmk2jd1Yh92&index=6
I remember i watched that video :/
Rioter Comments
: what are Brand pants made of?
He is Pyromancer that means he is fire magician. The fire magicaly cast will not burn anything on him.The same is with outfits in dbz.(surounded by energy)
: Jax Devourer + Rageblade = permaban?
I wanna see him back to meta.
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: elise is hard to even pick up. I'm not mentioning rene here, cause rene vs darius is a) who gets fb and b) you need to hit fury w when he pulls you in.
Elise is not viable laner.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Riot Plz Nerf Darius
Darius is hell broken champion.I got quadra kill so easy.I say he is broken cuz i played a lot of old Darius and i own Dunkmaster Darius. He needs just some slight nerft.Fiora needs nerf too. The new items are so much Darius oriented.His passive bonus AD + NEW MASTERIES ON LEVEL 18 BONUS 80 AD + seraks GAGE.
: Nidalee is an entirely different case. She can easily get away with maxing Q even though it being skillshot for several reasons: -more damage -better execution -she has an escape with her Human Q -> Cougar W -> Cougar Q -> Cougar W away, as proccing her passive resets the Cougar W -ranged farming and harrass with AA's Pls dont compare them. You cant, if you dont consider the entire champion, but only single abilities.
More damage on Panth Q- can criticaly strike IF he would have the same mechanism like Nidalee hit Q + jump with W from longer distance than i dont see why you woudnt max Q first.
bs17 (EUNE)
: Need a good name for Brand main
Never ending fire Burn in agony Eternal fire Apocalypso Thousand suns Fire death approaches Indian fire Funeral pile Pyromaniac Bonfire Darknight lighter Zombie on a fire I spit flames The world on fire hehehehe Last Pyromancer Blaze it Pyroclasm Pillar of flame The death bringer {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: Only visuals, if they dont ruin him. As for rest of his kit, only thing that is annoying about him is the fact that short cd and some flasks will make him quite hard to outplay when you get hard countered by him. otherwise...alot of toplaners can beat pantheon and most of them are ad/ap casters with mid-long range or built in escape/defence
Flask will get deleted in season 6.He is not strong indeed but i want his rework to fit new style of champions.He is realy old design.
: Why would it be too OP? In lane, its SIGNIFICANTLY harder to harrass the enemy, up to the point where maxing his E first may be more viable. Tiamat pretty much would be first item to clear enemy minions to enable Q harrass. He becomes way more susceptible to ganks because he cant harrass the enemy without shoving the wave. The change would be so drastic that lane Pantheon may be reduced to a mere shadow of his former self and Jungle Pantheon would rise even more.
Maxing e?Do you max E on Nidalee? I dont think so.Yep he would be jungler.
duckarp (EUNE)
: You can write to support and ask them kindly, but they usually agree to it only as a one-time thing. I personally wouldn't waste it on getting a champion I can get without paying at all anyway...
Its a trick,he will buy skin :D
kogtro (EUNE)
: Giving some RP
I HATE FIORA.SHE NEEDS NERF AND DARIUS TOO{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Contant Riot support and send them artwork.They gave me twice small amount of RP.
DiiMarko (EUW)
: Any Higher Elo Players Willing to Help a Bronzie Improve?
Here is my guide http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/pxzE4urW-jungle?comment=0004
: Each attack does less damage so unless it's a full build koggie he isn't going to do much more damage than a normal adc (just more on hit effects). Plus he is a sitting duck which is laughably easy to kill unless you have amazing coordination with your team or amazing positioning. There is a reason koggie is rarely seen out side pro play, he sucks in solo Q, and this change inflates this, he is likely worse in solo Q as he takes longer to turn on and requires more protection.
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