WaNomi (EUW)
: Hello there, Did you fix your problem ? I have the same one..
Yeah fixed.. Use different browser like MS EDGE or Firefox not Chrome it has problems with the site.
: I got hacked and perma banned what can I do?
Contact support, but there is low chance to get the acc back. They will send you probably ticket that you need to fill with info about the acc like when its created and etc.... You sure you didnt use 3rd party website? to check skins you have or try to play the old matches by 3rd party soft?
: I bet you're "this guy" lol.
How much are willing to bet on this??? xDDD
: The banned player is 52% win-rate 355 games deep in plat 4. > his prime is d1 so its not going to hurt him much I highly doubt that.
he has smurfs accs so yeah xD
CJXander (EUNE)
: Justice is sweet
lol you know this is his Smurf Acc he has over 10 accs xDDD his prime is d1 so its not going to hurt him much xDDD
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: > [{quoted}](name=RooneR,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9bzAzBaE,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-10-19T12:42:43.933+0000) > > Go on twitter and you will see ppl ARE not happy about Akali and Yasou getting new skins. This two didnt deserv skin so soon. I agree on Akali she has 10 Skins excluding the KDA one.. but Yasuo?
I will gladly see Taliyah in this skin then Akali. There are champs who waits far way long then Akali/Yasuo he get Battleboss like 4 months ago+/-? Is sad that Riot is not continue in KDA stuff mean like new music from them yeah is Kpop, but whatever POPSTAR was good. What they do COMPLETLY new music group AGAIN with AKALI wth???
: New Skins?
Go on twitter and you will see ppl ARE not happy about Akali and Yasou getting new skins. This two didnt deserv skin so soon.
Scruffy (EUW)
: I might try updating my graphics card to see if that fixes it. Other than that a fresh install maybe?
Nah waist off time and it not going to fix this its in game problem and TFT is still in beta so thinks like this will continue.
SebuPeba (EUNE)
: Neeko has health/mana bar bug - please fix
They know about this and work on fix for this, but hard to tell when it be out.
Scruffy (EUW)
: Teamfight Tactics - First Carousel Bug
This is old bug that just reappered nothing new.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Serious Neeko bugs
Its not bug they remove it and now neeko CANT turn back to herself. here is the Tweet. https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1182117524533436416
Rioter Comments
: Pyke needs a SEVERE ASAP nerf now!!!
Tbh Qiyana need little nerf or rework of her kit. she has 2 stuns and thats little over powered on AD champ like her.
: You literally have the iq of a %%%%ing ceiling fan.
: Please reply in your native language. It's poisonous to read this terrible attempt at a english sentence.
yeah same like read your comments xDDD
: If yi gets his main build nerfed so hard that he switches to something else and becomes 'overpowered', then the items he switched to are the problem. Yi has to play full crit now. Everything else is trash. Quit crying and ban him like all the other babies on this server.
LUL. Talking about crying baby on this server PLZ kid.....
: why is promos like this???
Same me mate. It was troll on full main champ team on enemy side.
: Hell no dude. He got nerfed this patch xD. The q got a quality of life change, but the change makes his q more predictable and his dps slower. The e got nerfed. The R movement speed got nerfes Rageblade got nerfed Conqueror got nerfed Whicht of fhese changes that effected him are making him broken this patch? Can you not handle a crit master Yi? A crit master yi is much squishier than on hit, and is much easier to kill. Do you not play cc champs? Yi gets hard nerfed and all the players who couldn't handle him last patch think hes stronger now because his q bounces 4 times and deals less damage over time to single targets. Play any champ with cc and you counter yi. L2p
lol if yi have atleast 5 working brain cells then he waits for the CC and pop Q and you are screwed. Crit YI is onehit. the Q changes are broken af or the nerf he need to remove his power way down or rework the Q. Yis ban rate goes up of 4% last 2 hours after the patch was update.
: Will Riot EVER fix the replay critical error crash? Ever?
Riot and FIX somethink?? lol xDDDD Thx for this joke xDDD
: That's a video card issue update the driver
Do that and the problem is still there. :/
Suptra (EUW)
: Error code 3l
Is on my acc as well. GG riot. Your Balance team sucks, but you client sucks even harder. xDDD and now this??? LOL
: They did exactly what they shouldn't have done to Riven. They nerfed her and left the runes and items COMPLETELY untouched. Now RIven's a shit-tier laner unless she directly counters someone - 14 seconds cooldown on an essential trading spell. But she still gets to one-shot ADCs with 2 items, and out-heal tanks, fighters, juggernauts etc. in direct combat. Conqueror's cancer healing and true damage left untouched Death's Dance out-tanking tanks still left untouched. They did that with countless number of champs. Release %%%%%%ed runes & items, then nerf the champ itself.
Conqueror getting nerf from 10% >> 8% convert, but is not much.
TheJoseski (EUNE)
: Missions wont complete!
This bug is annoying. For me worked just to shut down the launcher and relog and missions work normaly. 3-4 days? mate this sucks. :(
CJXander (EUNE)
: Not to mention that Soraka literally doesn't heal in ARAM xD
Thats true, but if you build right then she is still good. xDD Tbh is more problematic on aram is the rotation system. Happened a lot of times. That enemy get 4 tanks and ADC x your team with 1 tank or 0 and all melee. This system need little check up xDD
: Happened to me too, not sure how high I was but I dropped down to 8/20 after I re-logged. Unlocked the reward at 12, hope it's just a visual bug and that we didn't lose our progress...
Yeah do that befor you write and have them. xD
Nopenguin (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=PdYOWjET,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-12T17:05:13.716+0000) > > Try relogging, usually fixes any mission related issues I did, multiple times. Nothing changed.
Same for me the missions are bugged.
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Insanityy (EUW)
: Katarina Revert
This is one of the things that not gonna happened. Tbh she is not so hard to play. thx to her W and cooldown rewarding on kills + the HGB buffing is annoying to play against her bcs of this. Glad that Riot going to nerf her on 9.10 if its true.
Riot know about this and working on fixes.
: This does have a point. to nerf mage items. This nerf wont be a disaster for mage items because i said in my post to buff mages that are hit too hard. but i dont really %%%%ing think you've even read my post in the first instance. I've done research and checked through alot of items and champions when i made this post. so no. i did in fact think making this post. which ad items. not denying there arent any but just wanna know which. oh and would you please fix the damn grammar its kinda hard understanding what you mean.
For first leave the vulgarity kid. buff mages that are hit too hard. This is from your post and this is what i mean is MAKE 0 SENS. So little math here : nerfs of the items -1 +1 buffs of the mages =? Second Riot try this in past and mages get wrecked mean they try with messing with the mana items and it was TOTAL DISASTER. So they must to re-change that. AP Caster/supports type champs where out of the meta bcs of this changes. (not Akali or Katarina). Thb Azir is still good pick and fun to play. Mages and there items are i good spot now. BUT i do agree with the Hextech revolver need nerfs > Hextech Gunblade needs nerf on the active bcs the scalling with the AP is liitle absurd. For example if you play ADC and katarina or whoever use the HGB on you lost over 60% of your HP with the active from HGB + slow and befor you have time to react you are death.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: I'll take the offensive: Skillshots, especially the short ones; will always have the "Luck" range. Luck range is the additional range given to the skillshot since it's normal range would be... not that great. A really REALLY good example is Thresh's Death Sentence. ( Q. ) I'm sure everyone has had a moment in time they thought that range was broken. And they're kinda right, because the range is basically a circular projectile. Same as Blitzcrank's Q, but much bigger. Many people sidestep Thresh's Q but still seem to get hit because of this. Zoe's Q has this factor as well, as it almost goes one third farther than the Q's indicator. There's also the negative luck factor. Blitzcrank's fist during his Q WILL go over the indication by a lot, but doesn't grab anything. Don't forget hit'*box*'es. Poppy's Q indication is curved, her Q imprint is a rounded square while the hitbox is a box. Ahri's Q goes out, then goes around 5-8 units ahead before redirecting back. Mini Gnar E is a box, and thus almost never misses a hop.
Agree the Thresh's Q hitboxes and animation are the worst in the game Blitz is not so far behind.
: This community is so great!
I think the bot have cancer in or not???
: are you an adc main ? dud talon mana consumption is very low, even eurly game, and in a full combo he deal more damage then zed even tho he is ezer to play, leblanc is safer and have beter mobility than zed, and yet deal more damage, and finaly katarina, the one whom playing difficulty kinda aproche zed, deal almost 2 times his damage with equal gold, and let's not talk about akali since riot themselfs don't realy know why they reworked her anymore...and fizz, oh God plz no!!! the reason why zed is hated is becos he is like yasuo, a popular cood edgy weeb champ, and was the spark to faker's spotlight, now here is why peaple hate him: - he is cool. - the feaing of hopelessness of dying to death mark while zed is BMing u. - his point and click ult that make you flash panick when you should wait for him to finfish the r animetion befor flashing. - his passive that make you lose all 50% auto attach trades. now then again, zed is an assassin, and eve as an assassin, he can't 1v5 like katarina, he have no stelth or invis like akali and talon, he dosen't have ez to prok damaginc combos like leblanc, aside from his R he is all skillshots, the adc is solopuching a lane, no one complain when kha zix one shot them, but if it's zed, oooh pog champ!! he can jouke and go in and out with his W and R? dud that's a one way trip, leblanc can do that 2x more, oce you get into a mele fight you lose becos of his passive? fizz do you beter...if you play a low mobility mage, eat all skills, and buy no resistances, sorry even soraka full support can kill you by lvl 2. So man (or girl idk), Zed IS the weaker assassin at the moment, and one of the hardest to play, wich doesn't make sence, he needs buffs, and if low ello complayne, then tell them to buy armore, all i wan't is that hiting a double/triple Q feel rewarding insted of it being nessessary to deal as much damage as a talon W...
Mate stop using Faker as excuse i dont care about him. so 1. Armor is reduced by lethality it help little but not much. 2. Soraka lvl 2 kill Zed ??? You must be EXTREME BAD PLAYER to let this happened (this is means for every champs) xDDDDD Full AP soraka or AD maybe but in the lategame NOT EARLY GAME AND SUPPORT SORAKA xDDDDDD 3. AGAIN KATARINA IS PROBLEM I AGREE WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Mages have different scalling then AD -.- 5. kha zix have passiv like this: ISOLATION TARGET DMG 6. On lvl 2 OFC u can get killed bcs you dont have item so yeah.... think a little 7. Zed is not hard to play and its not weak as you trying to write here. Dont need buffs
: is he as strong as talon, katarina or leblanc? no, is he harder to play? yes. So sry but he need buffs, Faker and RIOT both said that he was the weakest assassin, they buffed him last patch and now neurfed him worst than what he was, becos he is hard to balance and peaple just tend to rage at him coz geting the fade away death mark is just tilting, but no one complain when talon or fizz does it (just coz there is no fade away here) my idea is just so that Zed players that miss there Qs get even less, but thows that hit Qs (...scripters...) get rewarded!! as for the passive rework, it's just a weard idea i had coz i love %missing hp damage, if they add it to blue kayn R then maybe he would see more plays than now, the E buffs are cool thoo.
Nope he didnt need them... Zed is not weak at all if you know how to play him proparly. hard to play not so much. Why are you using 2 mana champs and manaless and energiless champion??? Talon is on the same lvl of strong as Zed. Kata and LB are AP asssassins so they have different scalling. kata is problematic i agree with this, but LB you can juke her with zed easilly. Zeds stats telling different story he needs nerfs. Balancing is not hard if the balance team doing things right.
: nope. guinsoos and bloodrazor.
He has conqueror? or normaly press the attack? if conqueror i understands why he give so much dmg.
: If I've understood right, the only ban they removed him was when the person himself had a permaban, not just his accounts.
He has IP ban. He cannot use other or make new accs
SunSpire (EUW)
: How do I get unbanned?
Make new acc. Lvling is faster also getting champs. U get unban only if you are influencer like Tyler1 he is still toxic on his stream and chat after the unban and have the same message as all of us, but RIOT didnt going to permaban him. Riot using double meter on players.
: I just don't get why I got banned I didn't say anything like hope you die, I only said die like in die in game because he was getting away with low health. How should I normally say he should be dead in game?
Well you did. You CANNOT write DIE to someone even if its mean in game.
: Why is it not a chat bann then? I only did wrong things in the chat.
U have beffore this 14 day suspension? If you have then for toxic behaver then all need is one report for the samething and permaban
: I got perm banned and I don't get why it's not only a chat restriction
10000% deserved ban, bcs you are using forbidden words. %%%g.. t, f..... ing wh. ore, noob etc.
StaFF123 (EUNE)
: Banned Account
Rip mate you run it to this two xDDD bcs they are Dia troll smurfs. I met them in game and sh.. they are toxic af. Tbh Riot need to start doing with smurfing something.
Zidestep (EUW)
: Buff zed
If its true hes going to get more nerfs on 9.11/9.12.
: Master yi being such an bullshi champ
I agree Yi needs nerfs or rework. He has better lategame scalling then Jax has very good lategame.
Rioter Comments
: Stun combo champions are unhealthy for the game
TBH the unhealthy cc i assume is {{champion:412}} Q the hit boxes and animations are fu...d also the duration is too long.
: Akali is still too overpowered
Riven is TOP akali counter same for Jax.
: Idea to Reworking/Ballancing ZED
Zed didnt need this his already strong.
AleksKartes (EUNE)
: Please restore my account
Write to support about acc restoration. They will send you artical to fill out. It is really banned? Then when youbtry to log there be some popup windows with suspension.
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