Manevră (EUNE)
: yes but still it was big because got against high rank players and still faced them but got low LP,what influences my LP? i also played with a friend that got around 12-14 LP per win and after winning with him my LP started to drop .Might this be the reason?
Your LP is based on your MMR, your MMR is based on how much games you lose. Say you have normal MMR and you lose 5 games, your MMR drops and you'll gain less LP. Why do you gain less LP and lose more? Well that's because the system matches you up against people with a lower rank than yours and EXPECTS you to win. If you don't win this will hit you even harder and drop you lower and lower, you are supposed to win the matches but you aren't and you (apparently) don't deserve the rank you have so you lose more LP. If you play with a friend who has a lower rank you will also gain less LP in those matches most of the time, yes.
Manevră (EUNE)
: really that unlucky?
Yep, I lost 8 ranked games in a row a week or 2 ago, I was playing fine. It happens to all of us, you're really no exception :D
Eodin (EUW)
: Again and again
It's the natural environment of Solo Queue tbh, this happens every other game, it doesn't even mean you have to lose. Some people are just toxic and you can't do anything about that. The mute button is your best friend in these situations.
: I don't know any official numbers, but I assume its very very low. I can not remember a single one in the last few months. A few DCs and a few people who never connected, sure. A guy who got called to dinner by his mom, yeah, I remember that. But an actual ragequitter? I remember 2 guys who threatened to do that and one of them actually disconnected but came back after a minute or two. But other than that I can't remember any ragequitters in my last few hundred games.
+1 for the guy who got called to dinner by his mom.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: how about this, finish your promos and lets play a game together and then after the game rate me so i can see if am good or bad(iF YOU WANT OF COURSE)
I sent you a friend request
Eratos (EUW)
: Whats the % to get ragequiters as premade???
I'd say 1 in 100 from experience
House x33 (EUW)
: I don't see why "trolls" would be the reason that you can't climb higher than you currently are. Why are you playing Elise if you have 37% win rate in 30 games? Play Hecarim(61%,18 games)/Rengar(53%,34 games) instead, you seem to have more success with them.
Yep, great point.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks Yeah the mute button is a life saver and the ping mute do you know how annoying it is when the top feeds and starts pinging you because thats my only job at the game ......farming isnt allowed as a jungler xD
Because RIOT is amazing, they added the feature to mute pings now! It's next to the original mute button, love it. Farming in the jungle is always tricky, you need to help your team out often and you might time your camps wrong. Just look at pro matches or watch some Jungle guides/ youtubers (IWD, LS9, maybe some old Rush videos, tarzaned, they're all good jg's check em out) U can add me in-game if u would like that. I'm currently close to promos for P4 and have 5 years of game experience.
Manevră (EUNE)
: had gold 4 MMR in a while till i got a lose streak because 6 matches in a row i got inters and im sick of it,ok gold 4 mmr why i get 20LP per match and lose 15? whats this shit
If u lose 6 matches in a row because of inters (we all have those games, trust me) your MMR will drop dramatically and you'll have to win games to get your MMR back up. It's how the game works for everyone, not just you. We all get unlucky sometimes.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: low mmr
1. Use the mute button. 2. Win games. Your MMR will gradually increase as long as you're winning the majority of your games. You get matched with/against silvers because your MMR is low, the game expects you to win these games because they're a lower rank than you and you should be able to carry them. Ranked has, and always will be hard, but keep trying and you'll achieve your goal. ~Ryog
Manevră (EUNE)
: When will riot start to give players their real skill
If you really deserve a rank, you'll get there. There have been various of players in challenger that made smurf accounts to see if they could rank up and yes, they could. Everyone deals with soloQ struggles (AFK'ers, int'ers, Flamers etc.) it's not just you. You play against plats because your MMR is high, you get more LP per win and you rank up faster (so you can get to your actual skill level!) Good luck in ranked. ~Ryoh
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: Doesn't mean riot shouldn't get rid of these people. Riot totally doesnt pay attention to them i dont know why if they simply shit on riot. They don't want to play the game, they get in and troll lol.
Report and move on. The system will take care of it.
KFCinternet (EUNE)
It will change soon enough. You can't do anything to change it manually. Just play more >:3
Vekhh (EUNE)
: Duo? Let's improve! (EUNE)
I'm P5 almost in promos for P4. HMU if you're interested.
: Main ADC need a friendly support Duo partner and friend (gold 5 to plat 5) elo
Add me if you feel like it, my goal is high dia / master. -350K+ on Thresh -Can play all healing/shielding supps
: Question Needs an Answer :)
Since it is not a _Spell_ I am pretty sure it doesn't work.
: wait wait wait this gets me to another question, can you get banned for running a program that can alter your skin? as a darius i always use my self bought dunkmaster darius skin but recently (about a week ago or something) i downloaded this program that can let me use dreadnova darius, only for my sight obviously. I googled if i could get banned for it and the only results i got were that i wouldn't get banned for it but maybe i would get a warning because its still not allowed but it doesnt give you advantages.
I assume you're using MK LOL? Every 3rd party program I know that alters a classic skin without having to actually pay is not allowed. They have features like having a full sentence tied to a hotkey ( u can spam the shit out of it)
TreeFall (EUNE)
: We want you to play with us
Any required division?
IG Rena (EUNE)
: Need 3 guys GOLD/PLAT to flex as 5!!
I main top but can play supp or jg as well, currently plat 5. If interested u can add me. cheers - Ryoh
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: LF gold+ players EUNE to farm ip :)
CakeMix (EUW)
: lol, you are so full of shit. Everyone knows at this point that Matchmaking is pretty much a coinflip. No matter what optimistic nonsense you try to take on board, whatever it is will never change or help the person who is trying to climb. A few seasons ago these statements were true, but this season is pretty much a "pray to the dark lord Cthulthu that your team does not have the 2-3 useless toxic players who got boosted or carried way out of the bracket they deserve to be"
Right, I'll talk to you once you get to G5.
: I also can't hear that _it's your fault; look at yourself_ any more. I played support in low ELO, had constant stats, and since a couple of weeks only lost games. Not only because of trolls, but because of people who don't care.... That sentence is valid when everyone tries his best; support is much team-reliant in low ELO, and myself being the constant factor in all my games still brought me from almost B2 straight back down to B5 ZERO LP. That shall be my fault? Never ever. I now change roles, as I don't see a chance to carry as support. It's just not possible. And I suspoect (like LowBird said) it's because of the matchmaking. At least more like because of your own skill.
If you're in Bronze, those things don't apply. You're right, my apologies.
CakeMix (EUW)
: What a load of shit.
I know, it's called the truth. No one likes it. I could also let him cry on my shoulder, but he won't improve like that. I advise you to do the same as I told him to do if you're struggling. Good luck :3
Ryoh (EUNE)
: LF Team Slumber Party ~Plat (I'm lonely, the EUNE server seems so cold please join :c)
You can also comment here if you don't like biting. I'll add you first instead (no biting, I promise.)
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Xetian (EUNE)
: thank you riot
Don't watch YouTube videos, problem solved. Sherlock out.
mirmaris (EUW)
: Permaban
If you understand your ban, why are you making this discussion? Ofcourse you can't have your money back, you screwed up and you have to pay for it.
: Got trolled in ranked for last promo game
We all have those games buddy, even the pro's have them. You just gotta deal with it! And also, you wouldn't have lost your promos if you won the other 2! Don't blame others, blame yourself so you can analyze your games and figure out what you're doing wrong. Good luck ~Ryoh
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Ranked idea to solve all problems
If you're a support, you can still carry. I don't know where people heard that you can't carry as a support. Everyone has games with AFK'ers, you just have to git gud. Good luck.
: But still if they get banned shouldn't they see that they are toxic themselves? Same for the 'noobs' don't they ever wonder why thy are bronze 5 and other players can climb out but they can't?
If they would ask themselves why others can climb out and they can't, eventually they'll find out why and be able to climb out themselves. The majority is just _unable_ to and believe that they _are_ in fact really good players.
Fłayboy (EUW)
: Hello, we're a team and are currently looking for a toplaner. I'll add you ingame and ask you some questions :)
I play on EUNE :/ unless you have a spare account on EUW I'm afraid this is impossible.
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Quendix (EUNE)
: Darius
I think high damage dealing ultimate's should indeed take skill! Imagine a Veigar/Syndra ult (tilts me everytime) being a skillshot. It would be much more rewarding to the player (You hit a skillshot! Here have a shitload of damage!) And there would be more counterplay to it. Regarding the Darius ult, it could indeed be a skillshot. But if you want it to have an AOE slow they'll have to tweak the damage because it'd be way too powerful. TL;DR High damage ults should be skillshots -Ryoh
Gojiraw (EUW)
: It would be really helpful, making his ult an AOE. Now he does not have to press R key 5 times for a penta, he can press it just once.
%%%%ing made me snort
ZartarUK (EUW)
: What is with people in the game
You just gotta get used to it if you really want to climb. Teammates are a thing you just get, can't pick 'em yourself. That's why you need to learn how to _carry_ ! Be independent. Always win your lane. Try pressuring all lanes as much as you can. Good luck ^^ ~Ryoh
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: MMR works only for the enemy team
Shit like this just happens occasionally, no one likes it but everyone has experienced it a few times. You just gotta deal with it brother.
Shazare (EUW)
: [Patch 7.5] - Sion q undocumented change
I'm a Sion main 80% winrate and I'm unhappy about his :c
4b1 (EUW)
: I hear you. I guess it's less the off-meta picks. It is the meta-picks transforming more and more into being **broken op**.
Most meta-picks that are "broken" were broken to begin with but either not played correctly or played _at all_ If you nerf said champions, there will be other champions that will _suddenly_ be broken op ~Ryoh
: Tanks and this game...
First of all, I agree tanks can deal alot of damage and/or oneshot squishies. _BUT_ here's the deal, if you don't know how to dodge a Sion Q, then you will be punished by the damage it does, it's just how the game works. -Don't know how to dodge? -> take the damage As a Sion main with an 83% winrate I can say that Sion is very strong _if_ you land your Q and ult. As the guy below me stated, an AP Malphite will be just as squishy as a mage, shouldn't be a problem. ~Ryoh.
4b1 (EUW)
: Yes, that is indeed a valid option. But to be honest I don't really want to main these champs because their gameplay is as appealing to me as being on fire. I don't want to be forced to do that. I want RITO to balance the champs. That was the point of my post. Also lately the gap between meta and off-meta seems bigger than ever before and widening, to me at least.
Thanks for the quick smile you gave me, being on fire doesn't sound great. I finished a match earlier against a Gragas top, and another game with an AP Kog'Maw mid. Off-meta champs aren't bad, the people that play them just don't master them. I think most of these champs are very _strong_ in the most scenarios, but not _overpowered_ I know how frustrating it is to play against those champs though. ~Ryoh P.S. The Kog'Maw carried his team and went 15/3 or something, we lost big time.
InvaIid (EUW)
: Yeah that enables you to beat the player (that does not know how to play around his weaknesses as good as you do) but does not allow you to beat the champion in an equal matchup
Papi Chulö (EUNE)
: What is life?
A beautiful lie, while death is the ugly truth. If you're looking for a way to give it a meaning, infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. Lots of love from a person in an existantial crisis <3 ~Ryoh
: To all ranked supports mains out there, I feel for you ;)
If your adc feeds you should ask yourself what you could've done to save them. Unfortunately, you can't decide what teammates you're going to get. (So you might have to carry, even as a support!) -If they died to a jungler gank -> was everything warded? -If they died to your lane opponents -> could you have saved them by pinging/chatting? Remember to always communicate well with your ADC even if they're toxic, just let them know what you're up to. -You can also try to gank mid, it surprises most of the midlaners. If you have some more questions, feel free to ask some, I mained Thresh for a while (300K points) and have mained support for about a year. Not saying I'm a support god, but I know some stuff. Good Luck! ~Ryoh
4b1 (EUW)
: Yasuo, Kata, Singed, Illaoi and Darius 0% couterplay in league FTW - THX RITO!!!!!
Try mastering the champions yourself, you'll get to know their weaknesses! I personally do this alot, if a champion just shits on me over and over, I'll main that specific champion (for a certain time ofcourse). Also I bet there are alot of videos and guides on how to beat these guys in lane, try searching for some of those. I hope this helps a bit ~Ryoh
JustVan (EUNE)
: Loking for duo partner (pref support)
I main supp, and have sent you a friend request. I'm currently S1, was G2 last season.
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