: Plat 2 last season.. Flex Queue(Plat 5- 8 win 2 lose)-- lost the one placement game today after reset and i am silver 1. I guess its a great "soft" reset. Just admit you guys have fucked up once again and stop making excuses for the fuck up you cant logically explain.
Riot booo, major thumbs down You give hope when I get placed PLAT I (8 win 2 lose) then take it all away with this one placemnet game and put me into silver I Respect all the people here and dont do this shit ever again. you make money from us
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Yeah I got all of them. Yellow one is shown :3
Yeah, I've got red honor crest strait for 2 years (ever since they came out). But how about that lame sh*t that they are not shown at ranked lobby?! It gives you an advantage cause people know you are good and generally are more positive. I Hope crests will return to ranked. http://s32.postimg.org/enozpbzet/taunt.png


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