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TY for fast reply! Yeah I know it is a team game I just don't have anyone interested in learning more and climbing the right way. Most people think they will climb over night (people in low elo). And one more thing. I have to many peeps that wanna try out new champ in ranked games. I droped 4 sure wins in a row last week cause of that... TNX again and see you on the rift :D
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: The only way to climb from bronze to gold is mechanical skill. Once you can beat lane pretty easily in your elo, you will climb. It's not just about your lane but to also roam and get your team ahead. It's a team game and you can't win entirely by yourself. After gold it's more about decision making and it's expected for everyone to be mechanically adept. Past diamond it's almost purely decision making and outplaying on the map.
TY for your reply and advice as well. I will try to become better, and that was my plan all along. See you at the rift :D{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: I have no mains which means I can play almost every champ decent and some mastered. And yes I have been playing league since I was 11
Well i believe you used to feed in your beginings too, no?
: I always do, but I have a low chance of winning a 1v5
Playing for 6 years? By now you should've mastered most champions in your main lane and 4-8 in your secondary. I have a feeling that 1999 in your name represents the year of your birth, and if that is true then you played lol since you were 11 years old and if that is the case, this post smells like a big lie...


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