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: awkward and very predictable combo, useless passive without any synergy, ult can destroy your own team,...
haahhahaahahahahhah ulti can destroy ur own team hhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah fuck i have been in that awkward situation...
: Still broken. Build him full tank and kill enemy adc in few hits.You can chase him easily because olaf cant be stunned and has perma slow.
so i understand that his purpose is to shut down the cool:)
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Olaf's Level 1 is the strongest in game in my opinion, this bs combo is really good, take Q, {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:14}} And start {{item:1036}} {{item:2003}} x 3 . No matter WHO it is from {{champion:122}} to {{champion:85}}, you can just wait in the bush (preferably second one) wait for the opponent to go and last hit the 1st minion, as he does this, pop {{summoner:6}} and throw your Q, you might want to save {{summoner:6}} if youre not confident youll hit the Q. Now youve done this, run at the opponent and keep throwin your axe and auto him to death, during this use {{summoner:14}}, through all of this, the opponent will 100% use {{summoner:4}} or {{summoner:6}}. Just back off if theyre under tower, and wait till theyre pushed to execute it again. You will also get jungle attention {{summoner:11}}, I tend to back off straight away after level 2/3 or so, get a {{item:1028}} or another {{item:1036}}. From here, you need to either roam, or split push, should you be fed, i mean 3/0 then you can rush more damage, OR go tank, your job in team fights is to run at the ADC and kill them, OR be a complete nusciance to the team you are against, try the level 1 cheese and enjoy your day :D
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: Even without the pros opinion, Jhin's mindset is something the player has to adopt if they want to do well with him and use his kit effectively. Imagine you're making sick plays, except instead of a kill its the entire game. Everything needs to go to your planning with him if you want to pull it off effectively. Do they hide in bush alot? Exploit that with your Lotus traps. They get to close? Use your 4th auto / Q on minions into his W for the snare. Need to assist your team from afar? Ult, ult, ult! You have to plan entirely ahead when playing as Jhin. Having tonnes of damage won't be of any use if you can't even use it.
Thank u for the tip it was reeally helpful:)
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yoshi2790 (EUW)
: Short answer : Yes, it's strong. Long answer: First of all, his early is good, not OP. it all depends how the enemy plays, if you dodge Q and avoid his E + W you'll win it probaly. But that's hard to do... His late game comes down to 2 things: 1. Positioning You have good poke (Q+E), so you'll have to poke before a fights starts, but don't get caught! You have no mobility. Also, your ult is very good to lock a target down who can change a fight completely ( Orianna R, Gnar R, Riven Q+W, etc...) or someone who deals extreme much damage (Kayle, Vayne, Kog, Azir, Ryze, etc..) --> high priority targets So you need to try and do that Simply put: Poke before a fight, get to safety when the fight starts, When someone engages, ult the one with powerfull CC or loads of damage (whoever is more important) when the fight is about to start or when someone engages, get to the backline, or to safety and ult a high priority target. 2. Items Depending on your build, Here's a good late game build, {{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} You bring a lot of utlity since E and Q apply rylais easy, and Liandry's make the slow last long, you'll still do much damage because of 30+35%magic penetration and loads of AP. he has really nice scaling With these things he's a MONSTER late game. But this is very difficult to pull off, mostly the positioning. I'm sorry if this was not so helpfull, I'm not a Malzahar main. If you need more information, watch some Youtube video's . Bjergsen versus Yasuo 34 minute game . A unknown player to me, But it's a good Korean Master game, unfortunatly no commentary 36 minutes I hope this helped!
thnx for that information it was really helpful:)
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Larry (EUNE)
: it's coming from the front. Not the back
are you sure? {{champion:119}}
: it's a serious condition. she has multiple regrowing rudimentary hearts which are connected to her damaged digestive tract. some people literally lose their shit when they are scared (evolutionary advantage to be able to run faster when in danger). so if a shark comes jumping out of the bush, you see miss fortune start shitting hearts and running instead because of her condition. nature is cruel.
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: Well it's not obvious that it's a joke at all. It's not weird that Riot made her like that. Since all females are different and not the Stereotype model looks. You find them ugly others find them cute.
i havent met a female with such big eyebrows..its not sexy at all
Strigina (EUNE)
: Silly boy, eyebrows are not what determine gender. Wait till 6 grade, they might explain it to you in school.
this is a funny post..understand that bro before you call names...i just find it weird that riot made this kind of design for a female character...its obvious that i make a joke and i know that taliyah is supposed to be a female character but her eyebrows are ulgy..they didnt succeed in her creation.
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: Hecarim mainly, although the current meta does not favor him as a steady safe pick he is by far my favourite.
Aww that's really sad:/ I hope you find another champion to carry your road to success <3
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: While I like what you're saying, please, add some spaces. This wall of text is incredibly hard to read.
Thanks a lot for your advice! I'll take it into consideration for my next thread :D
: I do like jungle, you can have an effect on each lane, and if your team is doing plain poor, always go get a kill from their lane and use your new gold to annihilate another.. :) In a duo queue situation it's really nice to have a Jungle/Support as combined you can really lay down the foundations for the team.
I agree with you my friend what champion do you main in jungle? :*
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