: Likewise :) I love people like you, you always somehow manage to make me laugh, appreciate it <3
No problem man. I will be chilling with big brother for two weeks than I will come back and get Challenger.
: Implying I care enough to check. Should have been a perma IMO
: It was actually 2 words. On in an abreviation for telling someone to end his life and the other one is a homophobic slur. Be happy that its only a 14 day ban.
It's not that I care that much for League of Legends but it's just awful to see people like you taking it that seriously.
Mada (EUW)
: good
I was sure someone will understand me. Bless you!!
: K.Y.S could mean kill your scuttle you know ? You cant ban him for 3 letters!
Or Keep Yourself Straight.
: Have fun on your second account! Must sting, 2 seasons of work thrown away together with the money from your skins and all
You know I am not permanently banned right? Does it hurt that much to take a good look on the post I wrote before you comment?
: RIght. Because of course you age is definetely with two digits and you are such a big man with you insulting random strangers with homophobic slurs on a videogame. Come back when you grow. Probably, and possibly, never. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Oh you are such a innocent lill boi. I bet you are proud of yourself for keeping the community pure. Good luck on becoming a pro League of Legends player. Disgusting...
GLurch (EUW)
: Yes, cyber bullying is real and yes, just a few letters can impact ones life very hard. The point is, you don't do anything like wishing death to people just like that. It's just a no-go and a large majority of the community doesn't tolerate death wishes either, just like homophobia, racism, sexism and all of that. You shouldn't say something you don't really mean either, else people will misunderstand you. If you write someone should commit suicide, it's obvious they'll think you genuinely want them to do that, which is just not acceptable. Sure, you can think it, noone can restrict you from thinking what you want to think, but saying it to a persons face is something else. Also, this is about your punishment and it has nothing to do with what someone else did. Someone else breaking the rules doesn't allow you to do the same.
So if I tell someone to kill himself he will actually do it???? Going to test it in real life. I am sure people are stupid enough to do what I tell them.
: Yep, from what I understand your ban was rightful and completely legal :) Please, don't come back untill you learn common human decency.
You are actually right. I had no human decency at all , but now I can go and rehabilitate with Tyler1. Internet games are not a place for such words. And Earth is flat. I am actually disgusted of people like you...
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