Hansiman (EUW)
: Majority of balance is done for low->mid diamond. Some balance is done with consideration of the pro-scene, and some balance is done with consideration of low elo.
Shut the up. Aphelious and Senna were op for a long time. Now pros are playing them almost every game. I'm not gonna get suprised if they start nerfing them both after pros abusing them. You will see.
: This game isn't enjoyable
I feel ya. I had 1 game with 3 people so bad I can't describe it. We were losing (it happens like 9/10 games where in a losing game I play more safely and don't go to unwarded areas, and I try scaling) but my team was just facechecking everywhere and dying every second they're alive. It was more like intentional feeding. They didn't stop for a second to farm, they just went from fight to fight and as adc i can't follow them cuz enemy team was focusing me because i had bounty and i was potential carry to my team. The second game I got the same team, the same story. Bad jungler, toplaner, mid was fed but inted later and my support who was just flashing and using every abillity in a calm farming state in lane where i can't react to follow her (basically another inter). In the end of the game they called me trash and one of them send me a friend request and flamed me, made fun of my rank even tho I intentioanlly got low rank to play with lower ra m and less toxic players (which didn't work cuz i continued playing with toxic and dumb plat/diamond players, sometimes even grandmaster which are on the enemy team). Everyone just getting on my nerve when talking about my rank. Every elo they make fun of ranks. I was bronze - trash player; i was silver; trash player; i carried against challenger player in draft normal game; he lost but still made fun on my rank, how stupid is this community. So i got tilted for that one player who made fun of me after the game and even after carrying the next game, in which i got 1 good player, 3 so bad players, i won but i was not happy.
: Can someone explain this to me ?
Tip: Stop climbing. I'm now gold 2 and I regret that I even started climbing. Now I can't play against normal silver/gold/ even platinium players cuz I'm always facing dumb diamond players tryharding in normals and freezing the wave of minions the whole time, instead just trying to have fun and show some plays (they literally don't have any skills, they just waiting for ganks the whole game). Stay in silver and enjoy your games. The more you climb, the less fun.
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Infernape (EUW)
: Why? Because Diana is an AP fighter and rather than introduce actual AP fighter itemisation and reworking AP champs's ratios/items around that fact, they'd rather make them all into assassins. Riot just did the same with Sylas.
Playing Diana was fun to me. I was just farming and telling to myself "zone me from cs, attack me, burn my flash but when i get 6 lvl i wil make you regret for trying to bully me in lane". Now i just dropped Diana after my first game as the new reworked one. All I can say now is "I will Q+E+W+R and kill 3 people or if i don't have R I will just auto attack them to death" since everybody goes for hp+ap build to survive. It's just boring now. Before was hitting 1 champion like a truck, with risking to get caught so you have to flash or outplay them somehow - it was fun. Now just press all buttons and stay there auto attacking them to death.
: Balance???
They did nothing this patch. Aphelious got a little nerf so he won't oneshot an entire team with just 1 abillity. What about his laning phase??? He heals so much that he doesn't need to ever reset, he will just heal with minions. (there is more to discuss about him but whatever) Asol - nothing; Azir got a little nerf but in a week he would be forgotten again, just his mains are testing his buffs. Corki - same as Asol; Jax - nothing; Jayce - nothing; Kalista - I don't know this champion; Kassasdin - not sure if they didn't overnerfed him lol; Mordekaiser - nothing; Nami - kinda something; Sejuani - still the same; Shyvana - still the same; Varus can't be even adc anymore, he's more like fun to play champion for smurfing players with letahlity build; Vi - something fixed finally; What really needs nerf is Vladimir, he keeps winning games as 1v9-ing. Ekko and Caitlyn too.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: my last placement game
All I see is Vladimir. I can't blame that Urgot. And after getting fed is easy for Vladimir to carry the game. He's broken.
Quimsi (EUW)
: People are MONSTERS in ranked
I don't know either cuz i play all muted and at some point of the game i see my team just doing nothing but stealing jungler's camps and minions. Or someone going afk. They just take ranked too seriously while I'm the opposite cuz in normals I face diamonds/master/challenger being gold 2 player (now i'm silver III cuz i tried to get lower rank to face normal gold or plat players atleast in normal games but that didn't work) and in ranked i just enjoy the game. Lose is lose, win is win. Ranked is easier than normals actually. The normal games is the problem for people who does not climb. I can't have fun there cuz the games are - me trying to carry but unfortunately even if i have challenger player in my team he would feed with score like 3/14 while on the enemy team they just can't stop grouping perfectly and smashing us; and games like 1 or 2 players hard carrying the game while i'm struggling to even farm cuz enemy mid and jg camping bot and don't give a frick about winning, they somehow feel the needing to make my game not enjoyable even tho that cost them the game; in situation where the 10/0 on my team is with 100 hp and me 2/10 with 100 hp they would choose to kill me and get an ace to their team. It's so annoying.
Morrhen (EUW)
: So... your complaint is against Diana. As someone who played Diana a fair bit, I have to say that she's very easy to kill. This change just nerfed her damage in exchange for allowing her to be relevant before lvl 6. Thus, you can play her as jungler and do quite well. No changes have been made against her mobility. She's still very easy to kill if you catch her. On the other hand, if you like playing squishy champions and like to be alone, Diana will murder you. Since what she's good at is chasing down people. :) You got likely beaten up really bad to write something about champion who was barely played and who will likely remain barely played :D
I would prefer to kill in 1v1 someone before 6 lvl, instead trying to survive before 6 lvl. The mobility nerfed her kit's damage. I dealt more damage with just Q+W than QWER now, no joke.
: Really ? not one shotting after level 6 ??? Are you trying to kill tanks or something ? She has more dmg than ever before because she has 1 more dmg ability which does a ton of dmg with a pretty low cd. Her passive got buffed aswell. Q is more poke since they lowered her mana cost and w is pretty much the same.
Idk in what elo do you play. I'm gold 3 but often playing in low diamond elo. Today i tried the new Diana too against Diamond II leblanc. Her Q+W+E combo deals like 30% damage, while Q+W+R was atlest 45% of squishy's hp at lvl 6. I feel her abillities like paper. I mained Diana for maybe 1 year and now i'm not really sure what to build cuz she sucks. Her ap is not enough, and for some reason you have a lot of attack speed in late game and does not do any damage. Like 8 lvl yi with 1 item vs full build qiyana 15 lvl, thats how it feels.
moonborn (EUW)
: You can do one thing: at the start of match mute everyone or just remove the chat altogether. Some people play like that, it's weird - as sometimes nice people try to communicate and you are silent, but it will help you mentally to still play the game :) For the rest, i've been playing league on and off since closed beta in 2008-2009. And the toxicity has sort of stayed the same always. people just don't mean to say those terrible things sometimes, but as they are safe behind the screen, they do it. I'm quite strong in that and i literally never flame, although it does rarely but does get to me. A couple of days back i had a game where everyone was super friendly in chat select and in the beginning, then i did a couple of mistakes and they did a couple of mistakes as well and started blaming me and each other, which got to me - because first they give an impression of being friendly and then are unaccepting of somebody's mistakes. but then next day i had games where i did very well and people loved playing with me. so in the end it doesn't matter. there are many people on this planet and all of them have different opinion. every time you play a game you meet 9 of them, with different opinions and backgrounds, all 9 hiding behind a screen, safely and securely able to tell whatever nasty things they can :P
I found people who does not respond to any jokes or questions. Then in some point of the game they start flaming after we start losing and they going afk. Suprisingly, once I had 12 streak loses, I had enough and I said to myself, maybe if I start trolling they will start thinking and start carrying, not just blaming me for trying to carry 2v5. And in this game when I trolled there were so kind, so nice poeple that I felt guilty for trolling and even if they knew I did it on purpose they said "gg, thanks for the game every1, we will win next time". So to get people so kind and not caring so much that some1 makes mistakes, you have to lose 12 times?
: Is it bad luck or something?
Same happens to me. Losing 5 games in a row. Then I play my main, going 12/0 and 4 premades (combined 2 premades and another 2 premades, they combine together just to make me tilted) on my team surrender when we are winning. The more funny thing is that tryharding I almost never win, "my team" as everyone saying always finds a way to get the enemy fed by fighning in pointless fights instead catching up someone farming alone or just pushing lines without any risks. I win games where i just afk-farm because of tilt.
: This game has became UNBEARABLE
I recently watched League of Legends compilation. I enjoyed it somehow and i was wondering how league compilation can be so fun, then i checked the description, it was before season 9 - the old league, not so old but it's before it get trash. The new champions and new mechincs, the new metas, the new runes ruined it all. And i recently played Udyr (never played him before), while im playing onetrick Kayn. Playing Kayn even after level 10 I still use a lot of mana and i lose a little hp farming in the jungle but with Udyr I farm so fast, not losing any hp or mana (his mana cost and cooldowns are so stupid) and just spamming QWQW and its so boring and stupid playing so outdated champion, so simple... i cant even call it mechanics... i just gave up watching myself playing him. Why they don't rework champions that are so outdated instead of making so many new champions?

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