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: My pc is not that bad. I can normally play lol with 60-80 fps, and that hasn't changed, something even more annoying changed... Now when I play, I randomly get 2-second complete freezes (not hearing sound, no mouse cursor moving). This has cost me my promo game since I discovered it in ranked... My specs: (pls don't laugh its very old) Amd A-6 4400 APU with Radeon HD 7520g graphics 4gb ddr3 ram. windows 8.0
hm your problem seems to be diffrent, try to update every driver to its newest form, try to see if you have any windows updates that needs to be fixed, even sound drivers can be the issue for you. And if your entier pc freezes, try scaning it for virus or something, i recomend downloading CC cleaner and Advanced Systemcare. if not just try downloading hextech repair tool from league of legends, and see it that will solve anything for you ^^
: Sorry, I kind of regret the wording. But I was talking from experience. Maybe there is something helpful in the thread I linked - just don't do anything to your system like flashing your bios if you are not experienced and need your pc to work!
hehe its alright mate, i will look arround in the thread you linked ty for the thread btw :) i'l hope i find something
: The link would be old so there is no point. A browser, antivir, even modern drivers etc is also additional software... maybe I should have written processes. And windows is causing more and more problems nowadays. The problem with links or possible reasons is that people just tend to answer that wasn't their problem but in case your google does not work: [here you go]( Probably you will then blame their "anti-cheat-software" (which probably does not exist, there was a dev blog on their approach to the problem).
Okey.. the only software running in my background while league is on is my Roccat swarm and my Discord. and i dont blame anything, was just corious on why i get fps drops when a new patch is realised :)
: fluctuates 200-300. saw go down to 150 occasionally. at very high settings its ~100fps stable
can ypu please link your ingame settings? like i did above, and have you overclocked your CPU?
: Same problem. Last patch solid 80 FPS, today, after patch around 30. I hope they will hot fix it soon. It's unplayable right now.
:/ sorry bro, trying to find an answer, and trying to configure my ingame settings and so on, if a solution comes up, i will tell you :)
: 8gb ddr3 fx-6350 geforce-750ti win7 64bit 21" 1080p LG monitor fullscreen samsung SSD 240gb i have no clue what my fps is, but i never have ANY lag or noticible fps drops. i figured i post this, since we have similar specs. I have no clue what is causing your issues, but maybe this will help. medium-high settings btw
hm, can you check what your FPS is? in game?
: Do you use OBS or other software (ofc you do)? And AMD FX are causing problems, btw, not sure if a fix was found.
no i dont use OBS, dont record anything yet, tought about it tough, but its kinda hard when i have FPS drops without any software on, where did you read that AMD FX are causing problems, any links?
sohu (EUNE)
: Yep, I suffer from it too, maybe it is not that tragic (i have 70-100 fps), but it dropped from 200. I have RX 570 8GB vRAM OC version GPU with G4600 CPU. It dropped drasticly, I heard that game is unplayable for others. Rito pls fix.
yeah i also heard that the game is unplayable for others, even people with " Monster Pcs " i have a friend who just bought a new PC titan as a GPU a solid intelcore i7 CPU, cant even play the game almost.. and he just blew alot of money on a new PC just because his old one had FPS problems, so he tought " lets buy a better PC"..
: Yep same for me, last patch I had everything fine with my fps, barely any lag. This patch came out played aram there were no lags, but as soon as I jumped into SR my fps has been dropping from 150 upmost to 30-20 and the game sometimes even freezes in teamfights.
:/ that sucks, mine isnt freezing yet..
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