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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: I will give you my example: My account is 5 years old and I achieved golden rank in 4 seasons already. This year I end up being gold 3. My placement games in Flex went pretty badly, 3 wins, 7 losses I think. I achieved Gold 4. You just dont get everything for free. You have to work hard for that. I dont even want to see your account to be matched with or against me in Gold MMR games. I Love this system for putting you to Bronze 5. It consider the experience aswell. (And no, it cannot consider your main account if you are smurfing, since they are not linked together.) Edit: It also depends on who are you matched with or against when you finish the game and you gain or lose MMR. If you are bronze and you beat up diamond team, you will most likely grant higher MMR for that match than bronze vs bronze.
Well i didn't ask for bronze enemies, in the first games i played with 2 gold premades, and the other half of games i played solo. I would prefer to play against diamonds and lose, and get bronze 5, than to play against bronzers and win and still get bronze 5!
: first u r unranked that means that u need to play more ranked games and to prove. in 1 month u cant ask for silver and gold or somthing. i am gold and when i will ranked for the new season i will hit silver again and trying to get gold. the bronze is a start there u can prove that u can go forward. try to play more ranked games to prove. need time and patience. i am not a pro but know the basic needs of the game. i know players that play 2 or 3 years and they still r bronze. so try to prove and u will hit ur goals.
Well the first time u play provisional the game usually puts u between gold 3 to bronze 5 based on ur 10 games and your performance. The next seasons u mostly are ranked based on the ranking of your last season. so it just seems unfair in the Flex system.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Performance in the matches dont matter, what matters is winning and your mmr aswell as the mmr of the people you face. That being said flex queue is bugged, Riot even confirmed that. It will be reset very soon anyway so it shouldnt be a big deal.
Well i think that they said that it is going to have some effect on the season 7. moreover, it just feels bad, that losing 10 games =winning 10 games =Bronze 5! Seems unfair!
: why is unafair? u would like to have a new 30lvl on ur division, on ur games. solo Ranked0 games, normal wins 62 and he can play on higher divisions? pls ppl be logic make sense to be in B5 cuz he need time to learn more.
I dont need to learn more:-D in troll bronze league, i just made a new account in this server, and i'm not new!
: My one friend, who won 7 matches got placed in bronze 1, the other friend won 7 matches also, he was placed in silver 3
Well i don't know about them, but imagine i truelly carried my games, i got around 6 S, then B5! Feels Bad Man:!
: Ranks will be reset in 2 weeks anyway.
It might reset, but it will still have some impact on my solo dou!
1iMusic1 (EUW)
: Were your premades by any chance really low-elo, if you had any premades? This is weird, especially since your account hadn't been ranked yet. That means your (standard) MMR should be around silver. It's probably just Flex Queue and I'm sure your Solo/DuoQ will be fine
Well no i played 5 games with 2 premades which are both gold, the last 5 games i played solo, so it's not the case. Well I think that it is going to have some impact on my solo dou because i'm already B5 in flex system!
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